Who is Megan Nutt? Untold Facts And Details About The Social Media Star

By Yubesh Koirala | Updated on October 19, 2022
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    Megan Nutt also known as Megnutt is a social media personality, TikTok star, Twitch streamer, and a well-known face on social media platforms. Megan Nutt uploads dazzling photos and videos of herself on her social media handles. She also has an official Instagram account where she posts comedic videos and other related stuff to entertain her followers.

    While Megan is a famous social media influencer and star, her personal life is a total mystery. Most of her fans are eager to know about her parents and siblings. Similarly, talking about relationships, is the social media influencer dating someone? What is she doing nowadays?

    Likewise, did you know that Megan Nutt was the subject of controversy? What really happened? Stay with us till the end to find out everything about the social media superstar Megan Nutt. Let’s get started!

    About Megan Nutt, Details About Her Childhood and Age

    Megan Nutt is officially identified by the name Megan Guthrie. She was born in Miami, Florida on St. Valentine’s day, 14th February 2002. However, she hasn’t shared any information regarding her parents. Talking about her age she is currently 20 years old as of 2022.

    Similarly, when talking about her ethnicity, she has Caucasian ancestry and holds an American nationality.

    Megan Butt and her father
    The Instagrammer with her dad.

    As we said earlier she hasn’t spoken about her parents. The TikTok star, however, shared a photo of herself with her dad on the occasion of her 18th birthday where she thanked each and every one of her fans. Likewise, Megan also mentioned that she had never expected her life to take a turn for the better.

    She Has A Brother Named Christian

    The social media influencer is blessed with a little brother Christain who is 16 years younger born on December 20. 2018.  Similarly, to commemorate his third birthday she shared a post thanking him for being in her life and also mentioned him as her best friend,

    “To my best friend and little brother, HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN!!!! Three years ago today you joined the family. I want to encourage all your goals and dreams!!! Your journey is just beginning… I can’t wait to watch you grow into the amazing man you are!!!!”

    Megan Nutt celebrating her brothers birthday
    The social media influencer celebrating her brother’s 3rd birthday.

    Despite the age difference both of the siblings seem to have a great bond and we hope that they keep on sharing the same kind of love and understanding for years to come.

    TikTok Sensation: Megan Nutt

    Megan Nutt started her career as a TikToker where she posted multiple dance and lip-syncing videos. Apart from that she also began to gain fame for posting funny videos and bold content on several streaming platforms.

    Social Media Influencer, Megan Nutt
    She has over 11 million followers on TikTok

    Likewise, after gaining some popularity the social media influencer was also given the opportunity to appear in a music video. She was featured in one of Johnny Valentine’s videos named Incompatible released back on February 19th, 2021 which has gathered over 131k views as of this writing.

    The social media star has a huge following on TikTok with over 11 million followers which is why she is also regarded as the queen of TikTok.

    The Social Media Star Is Also Into Modeling And Has Over A Million Followers On Instagram

    Apart from being famous in TikTok Megan has also pursued her career in the field of modeling. She has had the privilege of working with multiple huge brands and fashion companies some of which include Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tarte, and Chanel.

    Similarly, Nutt has also gained a lot of popularity on Instagram (@megnutt02). She has gained over 1.2 million followers in a span of a couple of years. She mainly posts erotic pictures on her Instagram profile. Likewise, she was also the topic of controversy back in 2019 because of her leaked photos.

    Controversy: Megan Nutt Disclosed That She Gained Millions of Followers Due To Her Sizzling Images Being Leaked

    Megan Nutt, once became the topic of controversy when her nude pictures were leaked. She was still a high school student back then and reportedly, one of her friends leaked the pictures online. Many eyebrows were raised and people had a ton of questions regarding her.

    Likewise, in an interview with Podcast TheSync Clips in 2020, Megan disclosed all facts about her nude photos being leaked saying,

    “Everyone saying why are you happy? you should be sad.. like why should I be sad. Everyone commenting it’s your fault for sending them, I am like that’s true. Okay, Let’s move on!”

    Despite all of the ruckus, the social media sensation took the matter positively and said that she didn’t receive any hate for the photos but instead gained two million followers because of the incident.

    Megan Promotes Nut Milk Over Cow Milk

    The social media influencer is promoting the use of Nut milk over cow milk on her Instagram since 2020. She captioned the post talking about the health and environmental benefits of Nut milk saying.

    Dairy is one of America’s largest industries. I have found many nut-based milk substitutes (almond, cashew, coconut, oat, macadamia, etc.) that I prefer because of the health and environmental benefits associated with it.”

    Megan Nutt Promotes Nut Milk
    TikTok Sensation, Megan Nutt Promotes Nut Milk

    Similarly, she also stated that she hasn’t drunk cow milk for the last 8 years or so and asked people to stop consuming dairy products  Likewise, she also talks about how the dairy industry has been taking advantage of customers using multiple tactics like sponsors, lying, and many more.

    Does Megan Nutt have a Boyfriend? Details Her Relationship

    Being a popular influencer with a huge fan following and a pretty face, everyone around the globe is browsing the web to find out about her boyfriend. So is she dating anyone as of 2022?

    Well to tell you the truth, despite all of the fame and popularity the TikTok star has been successful in hiding details about her love life. To date, there is no such information available regarding Megan’s relationship. Thus we are unable to say whether she is dating someone or is single. However, we hope that we will get to know who she is dating sooner rather than later.

    Megan Nutt’s Net Worth

    In 2022, Megan Nutt has an estimated net worth of $3.25 million. Nutt’s major sources of earnings are modeling, commercials, social media handles, promotions, advertisements, and endorsements.

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