March 21, 2023
Daniel Dae Kim wife Mia Dae Kim

Mia Dae Kim is the wife of popular Korean American actor and producer, Daniel Dae Kim. Daniel and Mia have been a couple since the early 90s. They further are also parents to two sons who now both are in their 20s.

While Daniel has been around the media’s interest for as long as one could remember in one way or the other, the affairs of his family especially of his wife couldn’t be more low-key. Then again, there always has been that occasional curiosity regarding the spouses of notable names like Daniel.

So what’s Mia’s story? Is she less famous than her husband by choice? Also, what does her life entail on its own? Unfold all of these in addition to a detailed recounting of her relationship with the actor, Daniel in the headings below. Read along to get to know about her personal, professional, and family life.

Mia Dae Kim’s Parents Are From Connecticut

Daniel’s wife, Mia, birth name, Mia Haeyoung Rahee was born on 15th March 1966 to Dr. Chong Heon Rhee and Youngsil Rhee. Her parents are from Easton Connecticut. Mia’s father, Heon Rhee was a pulmonary specialist at Bridgeport Hospital, in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The now 56 years old Mia, unfortunately, lost her mother before her marriage to Daniel. Although born to an Asian household, Mia belongs to the American nationality.

Mia Dae Kim Education And Profession

Mrs. Kim apparently is an Art graduate from Smith College, an art college in Northampton, Massachusetts. It is quite different from her husband, Daniel who graduated with a double bachelor’s in theater and political science from Haverford College.

Mia Dae Kim, Wife of Daniel Dae Kim
Young Mia Dae Kim, Source: Instagram

Kim spent most of her working life in Manhattan, New York. Although she is a graphic designer she previously worked for Springer-Verlag New York Inc., a production company of medical and science books. As for now, it is unclear what exactly Mia is doing in terms of her career.

Daniel And Kim Mia Have Been Married For 30 Years And Counting

The Kim couple got married on 12th June 1993. They will be celebrating their three decades together in the year 2023. Their wedding took place at the First Presbyterian Church in Fairfield.

Daniel Kim with his wife, The Kim couple, Mia Dae Kim
Mia Kim with her husband Daniel Dae Kim

According to some sources, Louis Lunardini, an Episcopal minister, conducted their wedding. Another Episcopal minister, Ki Chun Lee also attended their wedding ceremony.

Mia apparently was really supportive of her husband when he was about to kick off his acting journey. According to the Lost actor, when he first met Mia, he was going to become a lawyer or an engineer but later eventually chose acting.

A Bit About Mia Dae Kim Husband, Daniel Dae Kim’s Career

The handsome and versatile Korean American actor, Daniel Dae Kim was born on August 4, 1968, in Busan, South Korea. He was born to his father, Dr.Doo-tae Kim, and his mother Jung Kim. The family moved to the US when he was a year old.

He went to New York University’s Graduate Acting Program in 1996 for a Master of Fine Arts. The bright student did not take much time to flourish his name in the industry.

He played minor roles in Spider-Man 2, The Jackal, Hulk, and many more popular movies. He is widely famous for his roles as ‘Jin-Soo Kwon’ in Lost, Gavin Park’ in Angel, and his voice-over of ‘Jhonny Gat’ in Saints Row.

Daniel as Dr. Jackson Han, The Good Doctor,Series
Daniel Dae Kim in the Character of Dr. Jackson Han in ‘The Good Doctor.’ ABC

Kim also runs a production company 3AD, which famously produced the popular television series The Good Doctor. He has won several prestigious awards for his work. Some of them are, ‘the 12th Screen Actors Guild Awards, ‘The Asian Excellence Awards.’

How Is Kim Life After Marrying Daniel? Read Further To Know More

While not much about Kim’s earlier life is obvious, it is presumed she was living a simple life before getting married to Daniel. And now it seems, both of them are indeed very lucky to have the love and support of their partners.

From the looks of Daniel’s socials, Kim appears to be supporting her husband constantly and loving every interest of him.

Mia Is A Mom To Two Charming Sons

The Kim couple gave birth to their two sons in the year 1996 and 2002 respectively. The parents, Mia and Daniel have raised both of their children to become prominent on their own from a young age.

The elder son, Zander Kim studied English Nonfiction at Brown University. According to the recent update by his father, Zander is moving toward the field of acting.

Family of actor Daniel, Mia Kim, and their sons
Mia Kim with her sons, Zander and Jackson Source: Instagram

The younger son, Jackson Kim is a graduate of New York University. He is working as a model with “Wilhelmina Models” for a few years.

How is the Relationship between The Kim Family?

We can often notice, how celebrity kids are not so outspoken about appreciating their parents but it’s not the same with the Kim Brothers. The family is very openly loving towards each family member.

Danial with his sons
A recreated picture of Danial Dae Kim with his sons.

All four of the members are active on Instagram, Daniel with 744k followers, Zander with 4,511 followers, and Jackson with 14.7K followers. The odd one out here is the matriarch, Mia Dae Kim who apparently has chosen to keep her account private.

Nonetheless, if one is to take a few looks at the boys’ social media, they will definitely find several posts showing gratitude towards their mother, Mia.

Mia Dae Kim Sons Share A Lovely Bond

No doubt, both the brothers are talented and well-established on their own at a young age. They appreciate the presence of each other in their life.

Sons of Daniel and his partner, Mia, Zander and Jackson
A picture of The Kim brothers in the day of Graduation of Zander Source: Instagram

You can see them uploading pictures together with lovely captions. They are not shy to show how grateful they are for each other.

Mia Kim’s Net Income

Married to one of the prominent celebrities and being constantly involved in their productions the Kim Couple is well set financially. According to the majority of sources, Mia’s net is around $1 million as of 2022.

On the other hand, Daniel makes up to $12 million relying upon the source’s information.

The Kim family is living a healthy and wealthy life together. The Damon brothers are sure to reach the heights as their father did.

Mia Dae Kim Other Facts

  • While she never has been a full-time actress, IMDB reports Mia has one movie credit in the 1997 TV series, The Knickerbocker Gang as Diana Watanabe.


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