Who Is Miki Yim? Details Regarding The Wife of Sung Kang

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    Miki Yim is best known as the wife of American actor, Sung Kang. Sung is an exceptional actor who grabbed the attention with his major roles in the Fast & Furious franchise and the movie, Better Luck Tomorrow as Han Lue. Sung also appeared in television series named Power.

    Miki and Sung have been husband and wife since the mid-2010s. But, the couple has hardly talked about their relationship in the years they have been together. The pair also do not share any children. However, Kang’s wife, Yim, is the most mysterious of all.

    Well, many queries might be going into your mind. So, we will unfold all the facts and mysteries about Miki in this article. In detail, we have gathered all the information regarding Miki Yim.

    Who Is Miki Yim? Details About Miki Yim’s Age And Wiki

    Interestingly, Miki hasn’t revealed her date of birth and place. She nonetheless is believed to be in her 50s. Likewise, falling in the mist are the details of her childhood and her parents.

    One could say that Kim is private and doesn’t want to share information about her private life.

    In the meantime, Yim is often mistaken for a woman who graduated from Meiji Gakuin University, in Japan. But turns out the two are very different people.

    Some sources have nevertheless assumed that much like her actor husband, Kim is also a Korean by birth.

    Talking of her husband, well, he was born on April 8th, 1972, in Gainesville, Georgia.

    Fast And Furious Actor Wife: Miki Yim Career

    Miki has always come across as one of those celebrity spouses who are quite good at shielding themselves from the tabloids’ interests, either deliberately or otherwise. Thus, it is unclear what she does for a living or what precisely is the line of her profession.

    Some, however, have gone on to claim that Yim is a Fashion Designer who works with the famous fashion brand Chanel (joined supposedly in 1995) and is also a General Manager of the widely famous fashion brand Prada. According to hearsay, she is also a professional designer who started her career in design back in 1991.

    Quite a lot of pointers have been thrown around Yim, which are based on speculations. Some of these range from Kim being a Louis Vuitton supervisor in Hawaii to working for brands like JTB, Sephora, and even Prada.

    Although, after some thorough research, we have concluded that the person mentioned above is not Sung Kang’s wife. She is a different person who just happens to have the same name as Yim. So, to date what Kang’s wife does has always been a huge mystery.

    Miki Yim And Sung Kang Relationship

    Much like talking about her early life and career, there isn’t much to say about Yim’s relationship with her actor husband, Kang.

    For all the love Sung has received over the years for being one of the integral parts of a person in the life blockbuster franchise, he is also often frowned upon for being so careful about his marital details and likes to have a personal lifestyle.

    Miki Yim And Sung Kang
    Miki with her husband, Sung Kang

    Though what has been definitive or agreed upon so far is that the actor and his wife, Yim tied the knot on 8th July 2014.

    How did Miki Yim And Sung Kang Met For The First Time

    The duo met each other for the first time at Koreatown Karaoke. At that time Miki’s soon-to-be husband Sung was singing at the Karaoke while Miki was among the audience. During their first meeting, Miki talked about his hairstyle, She reportedly said,

    “Where do you get your hair cut? You need to get your money back because you look like the Korean Dutch boy.”

    Later, they started seeing each other and soon the love was in the air and the couple got married in a private ceremony.

    Does Miki Yim And Sung Kang Share Any Children?

    Miki and Sung have been married for almost 8 years but have remained childless. Although Kang does appear for occasional interviews, he hasn’t been candid about his thoughts on kids or his wife’s thoughts about the issue.

    A Little Insight On Miki Yim’s Husband: Sung Kang

    As we know, Sung is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Han Lue in the Fast & Furious franchise. Sang Kung, real name, Sung-Ho Kang has also done a television show called, Power. He additionally was one of the stars of the film directed by Michael Kang, The Motel.

    Miki Yim's partner
    Actor and producer Sung Kang.

    To say a bit about his history, Kang’s parents were immigrants who settled in Gainesville, Georgia. Kang was raised by his Korean mother and his African American stepfather. He holds an American nationality and reportedly he belongs to Korean ethnicity,

    Yim’s partner, Kang attended and completed his high school in Barstow, California. Sung completed his graduation from the University of California, Riverside where he studied acting instead of going to law school. His parents were very disappointed by his choice to become an actor rather than a lawyer,

    Miki Yim’s husband Sung Kang Career Details, He Is An Actor

    Sung’s first role in the industry came in the movie, Better Luck Tomorrow released in 2002 and directed by Justin Lin, in which he portrayed Han Lue, a gang member.

    Likewise, he also portrayed the same role in another blockbuster movie, the Fast & Furious franchise, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift which was his second film, also directed by Justin Lin.

    Miki Yim Husband, Sung Kang
    The talented actor is famous for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise.

    Moreover, back in 2007,  Sung also got a chance to appear in Jet Li‘s movie, War where he was seen playing an FBI agent as well as in Forbidden Worrier in the role of Doran, son of Genghis Khan. Similarly, his other credits include Live Free or Die Hard, Bullet to the Head, and the Fast & Furious franchise.

    Furthermore, Sung also appeared in several television shows, like the role of narcissistic President Gin Kew Yun Chun Yew Nee in Korean drama (K-drama) in Tae Do along with Bobby Lee.

    The Misinformation about Sung Kang’s Wife

    When talking about Miki’s appearance, the celebrity spouse hasn’t been seen in public, and not even her husband has ever shared any images of her on his social media accounts.

    However, there are a lot of media outlets that are claiming the lady in the picture below to be his wife. But the truth is that she is one of Sung Kang’s greatest fans.

    Miki Yim's Husband with his fan
    The diehard fan was mistook for Sung Kang’s wife.

    The famous actor himself has posted on his Facebook account thanking her for the love and support she has given him all these years. Similarly, the post reads,

    “This pic was taken tonight at the 10th-anniversary screening of Tokyo Drift with both Sung and Justin Lin in attendance. Mari has been one of Sung’s greatest fans for longer than I can remember – which is a very, very long time!”

    Thus, this concludes that the lady is just one of his fans and nothing more. We hope that all of your doubts are cleared by now.

    Miki Yim Net-Worth

    The celebrity wife is very private when it comes to talking about her personal life. Similarly, we were unable to find out the details of her career making it quite difficult for us to know her net worth. However, multiple tabloids have assumed her total worth to be around $500,000.

    On the other hand, her husband, Sung, is a famous actor with an estimated net worth of $8 million. He has gathered all of his fortunes from his career as an actor and producer.

    Is Miki Yim In Social Media?

    Miki isn’t active on any of the social media platforms whether it be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. She prefers to live a low-key life far away from the limelight.

    On the other hand, her hubby is active on Instagram (@sungkangsta) with 3.2 million followers. Similarly, he is also active on Facebook (Sung Kang) with 14 million followers.

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