Who is Pamela Hilburger? The Untold Truth About Devon Aoki’s mother

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    Pamela Hilburger is a former jewelry designer and painter who is known as the ex-wife of Hiroaki Aoki, the late Olympic wrestler and the former owner of a Japanese cuisine chain, Benihana. She is also famous as the mother of the 2 Fast and 2 Furious actress and model Devon Aoki. Pamela had her celebrity daughter, Devon with her late ex-husband, Aoki in the early 80s.

    In fact, Hiroaki and his ex-wife, Pamela were together for about ten years from the early 80s to the early 90s. While the couple’s daughter, Devon has been in the media from her early years, her parents, especially her mother Pamela has always remained private.

    Hilburger’s daughter, Devon is still active in the movie industry and modeling but the actress has hardly mentioned her mother. Well, many queries might be going on your mind, so we will reveal all of Pamela’s facts and mysteries in this article like her relationship with Devon’s father, Hiroaki, her current whereabouts, and more.

    Pamela Hilburger’s Family: Parents, Siblings, And Others

    As mentioned above, Pamela Hilburger is an ex-wife of Hiroaki Aoki and became famous as the mother of actress Devon Aoki. Besides that, there is no information about her birthplace and date of birth. But, according to her daughter Devon, Pamela is of German and English descent.

    Sources say Pamela is the daughter of the late couple, Rosa D. Hilburger (mother) and Edwin Hilburger (father). Devon’s mother, Pamela is one of the six children of Rosa and Edwin. She has two sisters, Richard and Valerie, and three brothers, Derek, Larry, and Mark although one of her brothers, Mark died.

    Despite all the aforementioned information, Pamela’s birthdate has always remained a mystery. However, some records have listed her current age to be 71 with her birth year being 1951.

    Pamela Hilburger’s Relationship With Her Ex-Husband And Devon Aoki’s Father, Hiroaki Aoki; They Had An Affair  

    While it is unclear when or how Pamela and Hiroaki started their relationship, according to the New York Times, they initially began their togetherness by having an affair. Turns out, when Hilburger met Devon’s father, he, at the time was already the husband of his first wife, Chizuru Kobayashi. So, Devon’s mother was his mistress back then.

    Late Olympic westler and Devon Aoki Father
    Olympic wrestler and Devon Aoki’s Father, Hiroaki Aoki

    Although it is a bit unclear if Hiroaki divorced Kobayashi right after the news of his affair with Pamela, he did marry Hilburger in 1981 and made her his second wife. However, Hilburger and her husband’s marriage date and the place are a mystery to date.

    Nonetheless, when together, the couple became parents to two daughters, Echo and Devon Aoki. Interestingly, Hiroaki and Pamela welcomed Echo, during the same time, the former became the father of a son, Steven with his first wife, Chizuru.

    Pamela and her late ex-husband, Hiroaki remained husband and wife for a decade. They divorced in the year 1991. After separating from Hilburger, Devon’s father went on to marry another woman named Keiko Ono Aoki. She was his third and last wife. Keiko is a Japanese lecturer, businesswoman, and also a teacher of classical Japanese.

    Pamela’s Ex-Husband Hiroaki Died Shortly After A Boat Accident

    As mentioned above, Pamela’s husband, Hiroaki was born on October 9, 1938, in Tokyo, Japan. But, later he moved to United State with his family. He is a late Olympic wrestler and the former owner of a Japanese cuisine chain, Benihana. Sadly, Hilburger’s ex-husband, Hiroaki died on July 10, 2008, at the age of 69, in New York City, New York. The cause of his death was pneumonia.

    Furthermore, Devon’s father died shortly after he got into a Speed Boat accident under the Golden Gate Bridge because of which he sustained lacerated liver, ruptured aorta, and broken bones. His condition at the hospital worsened as he had other diseases like Diabetes, Hepatitis C, and cirrhosis.

    Late Hiroaki Aoki Boat Accident
    Late Olympic Wrestler Hiroaki Aoki Boat Accident

    But Hiroaki said his condition reached the point beyond repair after he mistakenly contracted hepatitis during a blood transfusion following his boat accident.

    Is Pamela Married Now; Who Is Her Current Husband?

    While there are no such facts about Hilburger’s marriage after her divorce from Hiroaki, some reports say that a man named, Elliot could be her new husband. Pamela’s rumored spouse, Elliot allegedly is from New Jersey.

    Although her daughter, Devon is active on social media, the Dead or Alive actress has not shared many details about Pamela. Likewise, we can conclude that Hilburger doesn’t want to publicly reveal any shorts of information about herself.

    Where Is Devon Aoki’s Mother, Pamela Hillburger Now?

    As of now, there are no details available about her life. But her sibling Richard Hilburger and Valerie are active on the social handle (Facebook). Although, there is no social media handle for Hillburger. Hilburger’s daughter, Devon also didn’t disclose any information about her mother’s life after her divorce. So, as of now, there is no information about her life.

    Pamela’s Daughter, Devon Aoki’s Career As An Actress/Model

    As mentioned, Pamela Hilburger has two kids one being Devon Aoki, who is an actress and fashion model. She was born on 1982 August 10 in New York City and grew up in Malibu, California. She started modeling at age 13 when she was still a high school student at The American School in London, Malibu.

    Pamela Hilburger's Daughter Actress Devon Aoki
    2 fast 2 furious actresses Devon Aoki

    In her career, Pamela’s daughter, Devon has been in different ad campaigns like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Hugo Boss, L’Oreal Lancome, and Tiffany. Likewise, she walked for designers including Versace, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Marc Jacobs.

    Aoki has also appeared in movies like Mutant Chronicles(2008), Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead(2009). However, 2 Fast 2 Furious(2003) is her most popular movie.

    Furthermore, she has also been in the Netflix series War(2007), Sin City(2005), and Jeremy Scott: The people’s Designer(2015). Although she has done many movies and series, she hasn’t won any awards but got nominated for Critics Choice Award in 2006.

    Pamela Hilburger Net Worth

    Hilburger has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has earned all capital through her career as a jewelry designer. Reportedly, she earns about $70,000 per year via jewelry works. Similarly, she has also gained some wealth as a divorce settlement from her late former hubby.

    In addition, her daughter is also a renowned actress and has an estimated net worth of $30 million. Her late husband, Hiroaki had an estimated net worth of $40 million. He had gained his wealth from his career as a restaurant owner and a former Olympic wrestler

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