Who is Robert Sandberg? Is Robert Still Married To His Wife Mia Khalifa?

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    Robert Sandberg is a professional chef who has worked as a sous chef at Kong Hans Kaelder in Copenhagen. Besides, Sandberg is also popular as the ex-husband of the former Lebanese-American pornographic actress and webcam model Mia Khalifa.

    Sandberg has worked in multiple restaurants from the beginning of his career and shares pictures of his made meals on his Instagram. However, the skilled chef was more highlighted after his marriage to his now ex-wife Mia Khalifa. He was one of the romantic men, showering all his love on his partner.

    Initially, the couple was really happy together but unfortunately, their bright days of love turned into darkness. The former spouse of the chef decided to divorce him. Well, what was the reason behind their breakup? Did they try to save their marriage? Have the former husband-wife moved on?

    Here, in this article, you will find answers to all your questions about Robert Sandberg’s personal and professional life.

    Robert Sandberg’s Age and Education

    Born in 1993, Robert is 29 years old as of 2022. He celebrates his birthday on 17 January. He is a Sweden native and was born under the astrological sign Capricorn. Likewise, Sandberg holds Swedish nationality and belongs to the Sweden ethnicity.

    Robert cutting onions as a child
    Robert Sandberg’s first attempt at blindfolded chopping and the first sign of him in a kitchen.

    Now, talking about his education, Robert enrolled at Falkenberg Hotel and Restaurant School located in Falkenberg, Sweden. He was extremely fond of cooking since his early days.

    Robert Sandberg’s Parents and Siblings

    Sandberg comes from a normal Swedish background. He is the son of the father Hans Johan Sandberg and his mother Monia Sandberg. Since Robert is not so public about his home in the media, he hasn’t revealed much about his family.

    Having said that, we were able to find out he is not the only child of his parents. He has three more siblings namely Anna Sandberg, Fredrick Sandberg, and Julie Sandberg.

    Where Did Robert and His Then-Wife Mia Khalifa First Met?

    Robert first met a former adult film actress Khalifa in Copenhagen, Denmark. Robert used to work as a chef there at Michelin-star restaurant, “Kong Hans Kaelder” at that time.

    Mia Khalifa enjoying the dish made by her husband Robert
    Mia Khalifa enjoying the dish made by her Robert Sandberg

    As soon as Mia saw Robert, she fell for him and the couple soon started dating. The fun duo shared every stage of their relationship with their well-wishers through their social media platforms. The former pair dated for some time and engaged in March 2019. Eventually, the then-husband and wife decided to spend their life together.

    The Chef Robert and Former Pornstar Khalifa’s Marriage

    The one-time porn star broke millions of hearts and exchanged vows with her hubby Robert. The duo reportedly legally married on June 10, 2019, in the kitchen of their first house. They were planning to have an official ceremony in June 2020. However, it was later postponed due to the Covid pandemic.

    Prior to their wedding, the Sweden native proposed to his partner in the most romantic way. In fact, she couldn’t stop gushing about his proposal and felt the luckiest to be his partner. How did he propose to her? Let’s find out below.

    Robert Sandberg Proposed Mia in a Most Surprising Way

    Robert’s ex-wife was overwhelmed by how he surprised her in the most unexpected way. Robert proposed to his then-partner in a restaurant in Chicago. Mia shared some glimpse of her date night on her Instagram back then flaunting her diamond ring.

    “This dinner was supposed to celebrate him getting his visa! Robert has planted the seed so deep in my mind for so long that he hates restaurant proposals so I never, EVER, saw this coming,” said Mia Khalifa.

    Robert Sandberg's engagement with his then-girlfriend Mia Khalifa
    Robert Sandberg’s Insta post explaining how he proposed to his then-girlfriend Mia Khalifa

    Meanwhile, the ring was hidden by the chef in a bowl of dry ingredients which came out as a “new serving.” Mia was almost about to eat the ring but as she got it out of her mouth, her bae proposed to her.

    Robert stated that he wanted it to be a night to remember for his lady, and so chose to propose to her over a dinner date.

    Why Did Mia Leave Robert Sandberg?

    Despite the lovey-dovey relationship and all the planning for their reception party, the couple called it off. Mia through her Instagram announced they were mutually separating and the wedding party has been canceled.

    The ex-wife of the chef made a post on 20 July 2021, along with a black and white picture of the couple’s shadow on her Insta. She wrote:

    “We can confidently say we have it out all in making our marriage work but after almost a year of therapy and efforts we are walking away knowing we have a friend in each other, and that we truly tried.”

    Mia Khalifa's Instagram post
    Mia Khalifa’s Instagram post announcing her breakup with her former husband Robert Sandberg

    The webcam model further said they “will always love and respect each other” because they “know that not one isolated incident caused the split, but rather, a culmination of unresolvable, fundamental differences that no one can blame the other for.”

    What’s more, Khalifa later in her Instagram story said she doesn’t know what to tell if people have already booked a flight to her wedding. She hoped her friends bought trip insurance as well.

    The ex-couple is closing the chapter with no regrets and starting their own but separately. The pair said they will always be connected through their friends, families, and love for dogs.

    Have Robert and Mia Moved On After Their Breakup?

    Sandberg is immensely private when it comes to his personal life. Though he has shared some moments of his love life with Mia on his social media, there is nothing has said before and after that. Therefore, not much is known about his past and current relationship and if he has moved on.

    On the other hand, Mia was previously married to her high school boyfriend in 2011 and separated in 2014. She legally divorced her first husband in 2016. At present, she has moved on with her new partner musician Jhay Cortez after breaking up with her husband Robert Sandberg.

    Robert Sandberg is a Tattoo Freak

    The chef is not only fond of cooking but also a tattoo freak. His body looks like a canvas with beautiful paintings on it. In fact, Robert has 65 tattoos on his body, each one having a unique meaning.

    Robert has tattoos all over his body from top to bottom. He has a Mandala tattoo on the back of his head, a cross tattoo on the back of his left ear, and a “Respekt” tattoo on the left side of his neck. Similarly, brutal nails tattooed on the knuckles of his fingers, a Rising tattoo on his hands, a Pirate skull tattoo on his back, and many more.

    The inked body of the chef is the symbol of how much he is obsessed with tattoos. Moreover, most of his tattoos are inspired by Jesus Christ, Pirates, skulls, and motivational quotes.

    Sandberg is Active on Instagram

    Coming to social media, 29-years-old Robert Sandberg is mostly active on his Instagram. He has an account under the name “robertsandberg” with 997k followers and 1405 posts. Most of his posts are food relatable and mostly prepared by himself.

    Furthermore, he also has a YouTube channel by the name “Robert and Mia” having 215k subscribers. However, he doesn’t upload anything on that channel anymore.

    What Does Mia’s Ex-Husband Robert Do?

    As we mentioned earlier, Robert Sandberg is a professional chef from Sweden. He has worked for more than a decade in some of the world’s best kitchens. Currently, he is in the process of opening up his own restaurant.

    Robert Sandberg in Kitchen
    Robert Sandberg preparing his dish in the Kitchen.

    During his initial days, he also worked at a restaurant Noma and later at Maaemo in April 2013. Eventually, he went to Frantzen and Kong Hans Kaelder where he served as a Sous Chef. He also trained the Culinary team in Sweden.

    Not only this, but Robert also became the winner of the Worldchefs Hans Bueschkens Young Chef Challenge in 2016.

    Net Worth

    Robert Sandberg is making decent money through his 16 years of experience. According to numerous tabloids, his net worth is around $2 million.

    In contrast, his ex-wife has a fortune of $5 million at such a young age. She is living a happy and lavish life.

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