Who is Rozene Cohran? The Untold Facts About Charley Pride’s Wife

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    Rozene Cohran is renowned as the wife of the late legendary American singer Charley Pride. In addition, Rozene is also the mother of three children with her husband.

    About her love life, the couple was married in 1956 and this couple shared blissful marriage till Charley’s death. Rozene’s hubby Charley, took his last breath on December 12, 2020. It was quite difficult for Rozene to let go of her inseparable bond.

    Well, let’s find out more about how she is doing now. To know more about the wife of the late country singer, Rozene, including her personal life, children, family, and many more.

    Who is Rozene Cohran? Her Wiki-Bio and Early Life

    Born in 1936, Rozene celebrates her birthday on January 14. She was born in Houston, Texas, United States. Her actual birth name is Ebby Rozene Cohran. She spent all of her childhood in her hometown.

    She belongs to the African-American ethnicity holding American nationality. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius and she follows the Christianity religion.

    Cohran was always a huge baseball fan since her childhood, however, her father suggested her not to date any players. Regardless, destiny had a different plan.

    Growing up, she was raised with her two siblings, Hortense Cohran and Pauletta Cohran. Both of her sisters have maintained their distance from the media which is why their current status remains unknown.

    What did she do for a living? Educational background

    As of now, Rozene is working in Dallas and is involved in a charitable initiative. Before that, she used to work as a Cosmetologist.

    Talking about her education, she completed her school and high school at a local school in Texas. Later, she joined cosmetology school.

    How did she meet her late husband Charley?

    The couple met around late 1956 in Memphis. Back then Charley was a baseball player and he was playing as a pitcher for the Memphis Red Sox of the Negro American League.

    Around the same time, Charlie used to work in the army and they first met during Charley’s basic training. He was stationed at Fort Carson, near Colorado Springs.

    Rozene Cohran hubby Charley Pride
    Rozene Pride with husband Charley Pride source: MEAWW

    Meanwhile, Rozene was working in a clinic as a cosmetologist as per Charley Pride in an interview in KRTV Norma Ashby’s, Today in Montana.

    Firstly, Charley thought that he had no chance with Rozene. Rozene says, “He thought I was gonna go out with somebody else.” But thankfully, everything went well for the duo and they eventually started dating.

    Rozene and Her Hubby Charley Pride’s Long-Time Married Life

    Rozene and Carley who were together for more than six decades had exchanged their vows on December 28th, 1956. The two tied the knot in a family-oriented wedding ceremony in presence of their family and friends. But, the time during the couple’s nuptials was a rollercoaster ride for Charley.

    Firstly, Charley married his spouse during Christmas Leave from his basic training. Their marriage was on Charley’s father’s birthday. This made his marriage ceremony quite memorable. But, at the same time, he lost his mother in the same year. We can say, the ceremony sure was an unforgettable experience.

    She used to handle her late husband’s business

    Rozene didn’t spend her life like a regular celebrity spouse enjoying a lavish lifestyle. She was actively working as a cosmetologist. That’s not all, she was also helping her husband with his business. Cohran was working as a supervisor for her hubby’s million-dollar business.

    As of now, she is retired and does charity.

    Rozene shares three children with her late husband Charley

    The couple shares three beautiful children. They have two sons and one daughter. Rozene and Charley gave birth to their first child Dion Pride on March 23, 1962. He is also famous as an American singer.

    Charley Pride Family
    Picture of Rozene Cohran and Charley Pride with their children source: Country Thang Daily

    Their daughter Angela Pride keeps herself away from the media and paparazzi. There is not much information about her.

    They gave birth to their youngest child, Kraig Pride in 1967. He is famous as a music artist. Furthermore, he was a baseball player in his early days.

    Rozen’s husband passed away in 2020

    Legendary singer Charley Pride passed away on December 20, 2020. He left this world at the age of  86. The reason for his demise was Covid-19.

    Rozene was left alone nearly after six decades. Moreover, her hubby’s demise broke her heart. Likewise, it was unbearable for millions of Charley’s fans.

    Is Rozene Still Alive? What is she doing now?

    After her hubby’s death, many people were curious to know about her. Similarly, many people wanted to know if she is still alive or not.

    Well, the answer to this question is yes. Rozene is still alive and she is currently living in Dallas, United States. She is away from the limelight and retired from all her works.

    Rozene Cohran’s husband had an extramarital affair

    Tyler’s real father, Charley, was officially established by a Texas court in 1992, when he was just 13 years old, based on the results of a DNA test. Additionally, the court-mandated that Charley pays Tyler $92,000 in child support up to his 18th birthday.

    However, people were unaware of Tyler until Charley’s demise.  Charley was able to keep it a secret. But after Charley passed away, Tyler Pride came out in public claiming that he is Charley’s son. He even sued the Pride family for his father’s property and will. This is how Rozene got to know about Charley’s extramarital affair.

    What was her reaction when she got to know about her stepson Tyler?

    Firstly, Rozene was not quite happy to know about Tyler. Above all, she was very unhappy to see him sue her family for Charley’s will.

    Tyler Pride Charley Pride Affair
    Tyler pride with a picture frame of him and his father Charley Pride source: The Dallas Morning News

    Rozene explained her dissatisfaction to The Dallas Morning News by saying, “It is heartbreaking to see Tyler try to tarnish Charley’s reputation and break Charley’s estate plan in the hope of getting more money for himself.”

    Rozene Cohran’s Net Worth 2022

    Rozene has been able to amass a good amount of fortune throughout her career. She used to work as a cosmetologist and as a supervisor in her husband’s company. However, there are no exact details about her net worth.

    Yet, her husband Charley had about $40 million. Moreover, she is part of her husband’s will including her children.

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