Who Is Sarai Burgos: The Youngest Daughter Of Model, Bernice Burgos?

By Tejashwi Shrestha | Updated on September 29, 2022
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    Sarai Burgos, the daughter of Bernice Burgos and the younger sister of Ig model, Ashley Burgos, is now well into her teenage years. But unlike her mom, Bernice (the music video model), Sarai still has some years or better yet works to do before she makes an identity of her own.

    Meanwhile, Bernice Burgos is not a name that needs much introduction in the world of entertainment. Her stunning good looks and charismatic on-screen personality have won her countless fans. She’s also a successful businesswoman and model. Yet the people somehow have also often wondered about her daughter, Sarai.

    Sarai, however, avoids the spotlight and rarely makes public appearances. So, how much does the internet know about the life of this youngster so far? Let’s find out more about the famous model Bernice Burgos’s daughter in the article below. Keep scrolling to know more about her.

    The Mystery Behind Sarai Burgos Birth Details

    For all the interviews and endless posts Bernice has spawned, she is yet to talk specifically about her daughter, Sarai. In fact, the model hasn’t even let out when she actually birthed this little girl of hers.

    The New York born model, Bernice Burgos' daughter, Sarai Burgos
    Sarai Burgos wearing a Beautiful gown at her Birthday Party
    Source: Instagram

    Bernice has nonetheless stated that she had Sarai when her eldest daughter, Ashley was already 10 years old. And she was born in May 1996. Having said that, it has been presumed Sarai was born sometime in the year 2006.

    Who is Sarai Burgos’s Biological Father?

    Bernice Burgos’s daughter, Sarai is a well-known celebrity child. However, through some anonymity, we came to know that her father was abusive and used to dominate them. That can be the reason they don’t disclose her father anywhere on social media.

    The trace of her biological father is unknown and it seems like her biological father isn’t a popular person at all!

    The daughter does not live with her father, so her mother seems to have full legal and physical custody of her.

    Sarai Burgos Elder Sister Is Famous As Well

    As mentioned, Sarai also has an elder sister, Ashley who also happens to be just as famous as their mother, Bernice. For starters, Ashley, who was born in May 1996, has over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

    Sarai’s sister is also a businesswoman who runs a clothing line with their mother. Furthermore, Ashley is also a mother; like her own mom, she too had her baby at quite a young age.

    Similar to Sarai, the real identity of Ashley’s father is also a mystery. Bernice once did mention the baby’s father used to be in and out of the jail during the formative years of Ashley.

    Sarai Was Last Seen With Her Mother In 2017

    Sarai sure seems to be lucky to have a mother like Bernice Burgos, who is also a well-known model with a good reputation. Her mother Bernice Burgos, at times, also comes across as a best friend to her.

    Vixen model, Bernice and her youngest daughter, Sarai Burgos
    Sarai Burgos with her Mother Bernice Burgos on kids awards choice 
    Source: Instagram

    However, Bernice, while may be upfront about her life on her socials, is conversely quite of-few-words when it comes to her youngest daughter, Sarai.

    The mother of two has barely mentioned Sarai other than on a few or two occasions. Considering a number of social media posts, Bernice surprisingly has only once shown her youngest to outsiders.

    Sarai appeared alongside her famous mother on her Instagram in July 2017. In the particular post, one can see the young Sarai walking alongside her mom in that year’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards as her mother makes a video of them.

    In the Ig video, Bernice asks her second daughter to be with her in the frame whilst also talking about how shy she is.  However, it apparently would also be the only time the music video model has ever shown her little girl to her fans.

    Sarai’s Mother Got Pregnant With Her First Child At Just 15

    When Sarai’s grandma found out that Sarai’s mother was pregnant at the young age of 15, she immediately kicked her out of the house. She faced many struggles while trying to raise her daughter Sarai and Ashley.

    Nevertheless, despite all the struggles she faced in her youth, Bernice provided a satisfying lifestyle for her two little daughters. Bernice has been quite honest about the difficulties she has had being a single parent to her two children.

    from left, Sarai, her mother, Bernice, and her sister, Ashley
    Sarai Burgos with her Mother and sister. Source: Instagram

    Whilst talking about teen pregnancy with “The Breakfast Club “, Bernice stated,

    “Having a child at the age of 15, I had to like rush into being a mother… I’m over here being pregnant at the age of 15. It was so embarrassing coz if y’all think I have a baby face now when I was 15 I looked like I was 7. People were like, ‘Oh my God! A baby having a baby.’… It just felt like, I don’t know, it didn’t feel good… I’m 15, but I gotta act like I am 30.”

    Despite all the struggles she faced, Sarai’s mother did an excellent job of parenting. Her life history must be a motivation for younger people out there to be whatever they want in life and just follow their dreams no matter what.

    A Bit About Sarai Burgos’ Mother Bernice Burgos: Her Rise To Fame

    Bernice faced a lot of obstacles in her early career. As mentioned above, she got pregnant with Sarai’s older sibling Ashley in her mid 15 and got a lot of criticism.

    Bernice became a bartender after she decided to quit her high school education in order to support her family. She engaged in modeling as a side job. During this time, she got rappers to notice her and requested her to perform as a “video vixen” in a music video.

    a celebrity kid, Sarai with her mom, Bernice
    Sarai was nervous at Kid’s Choice award Source: Instagram

    The acting jobs she took on brought her to popularity, and she soon found herself earning more money than she could have ever imagined.

    Sarai Mother Is Quite Wealthy; What Is Her Net Worth?  

    The mother, Bernice sure faced her share of financial discomfort in the past but in recent years, the model seems to be doing pretty fine both in terms of life and money-wise.

    Sarai’s mother is now a thriving businesswoman. Reports estimate her venture and her modeling gigs have so far brought her as much as tens of millions of dollars in addition to cementing her own status as a millionaire celebrity.

    Although an approximation of her net worth is still missing, Bernice is presumed to have at least a million dollars.


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