Who Is Seth McCook? The Son Of Actor, John Thomas McCook

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    Seth McCook is the son of John Thomas McCook and Juliet Prowse. Nonetheless, this is not the only factor that defines him as Seth himself is also an actor, TV personality, and public figure. He has been in films including Superhero Movie, October 22, and Back to Even.

    Although his father John’s professional and personal life are pretty out in the open, Seth’s own story is quite closeted. But according to some reports, John McCook’s son has been leading a happy married life with his wife. But who is his better half and does the couple share any children?

    Find everything about his relationship and several other quick facts about him including his upbringing as the son of celebrities, his net worth, and his current whereabouts.

    Who are Seth McCook’s Parents? His Early Details 

    Seth McCook, birth name, Seth Sean McCook was born on August 2, 1972. He was born in south lake Tahoe in California, USA. His father, John McCook is a renowned American actor and his mother, Juliet was a dancer and actress in television, films, and even on stage.

    Seth’s dad John is best known for his roles in daytime soap operas. He started off his career with the TV series, NO Time For Sergeant. The actor then went on to star in several other shows including My Blood Runs Cold, Hank, The Young, and the Restless, and Mister Roberts. 

    Juliet with her ex-husband John and their son Seth McCook
    Late actress Juliet with her ex-husband John and son Seth

    Growing up, Seth also decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and chose a career within the industry. Besides, the star kid belongs to American nationality and has a Caucasian ethnicity.

    McCook Lost His Mother Due To Cancer

    Seth McCook’s mother Juliet Prowse died on September 14, 1996. Juliet was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which later turned out to be the reason for her demise. She was raised in South Africa where her family had emigrated after world war 2.

    As a matter of fact, his mom died eleven days after her 6oth birthday.

    Seth’s Parents’ Relationship: They Divorced When He Was Just A Kid 

    Seth’s parents John and Juliet married in the year 1972 and got divorced in the year 1979; at the time, Seth was around seven. Even after his parent’s divorce, his parents were on good terms as John claimed that the actor would visit his ex-wife and Seth more often. John also said that all he wanted was for their family to remain together and loved by one another.

    John even claimed that despite knowing she was diagnosed with cancer, Juliet never laid low. She was always strong like a warrior and faced everything headstrong.

    Also, John tried to remain close to Juliet as things were probably getting worst. Seems like John always wanted to be there for Juliet despite the differences they had.

    In fact, before marrying each other, both of Seth’s parents, Juliet and John were in relationships with different partners. Juliet before meeting John was the partner of the singer, Frank Sinatra.

    She was also married to a man named Eddie Frazier and this was before she wed Seth’s father, John. As for Seth’s actor dad, the veteran TV star was the husband of Marilyn McPherson from 1962 until 1971.

    Seth McCook’s Father’s Current Marital Relationship 

    After the demise of Seth’s mother Juliet, John McCook decided to get married for the second time, and this time his wife is Laurette Spang. In an interview, John recalled meeting Laurette as something of a love-at-first-sight moment.

    Seth McCook's father, John and his wife Laurette
    John and his current spouse, Laurette

    When they met, Laurette was also an actress by profession. She and John felt a strong connection between them and they soon started seeing one another.

    Later on, both of them came to a conclusion to commit to one another. And they got married in the year 1980 and have been together ever since.

    McCook’s Half-Siblings; Some Of Them Are Also Actors

    Seth’s father John and his current wife, Laurette have three children together. This means that Seth McCook has three half-siblings. They are Jakes Thomas, born in 1981, Rebecca Jeanne, born in 1983, and Molly Jane McCook, born in 1990.

    All of the siblings were raised alongside one another after the death of Seth’s mother. They all grew up as a family, despite the differences they hold.

    Two of Seth’s siblings, Molly and Jake, like their father are also actors. Molly has been in TV shows including Monk, 10 Things I Hate About You, Glee, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

    She has also been in other shows and films like Glory Daze, Last Man Standing (2011), Good Trouble (2019), and Candy Coated Christmas (2021).

    On the other hand, Seth’s half-brother, Jake is an editor and cinematographer. He has worked behind the scenes for shows like The Bold and the Beautiful, This Is Encino (2008), and Honey (2011)

    Besides, Seth’s other half-sibling, Rebecca Jeanne is a Kindergarten teacher by profession.

    What Does Seth McCook Do? He Has Also Been In A Few Films

    Apart from just being known as the son of John McCook, Seth also has an identity of his own. Like his parents, Seth McCook also works in the entertainment industry. He has some appearances in the films like Superhero Movie (2008), October 22 (1998), and Back to Even (1998).

    However, Seth’s father John Thomas McCook has a comparatively successful career as compared to his son. John has been part of several movies, series, and even television programs.

    Who is Seth McCook’s Wife? His Hush-Hush Married Life 

    McCook’s wife is Melissa McCaffery. Talking about their nuptial, the couple exchanged their vows on 2nd October 2010, in a private wedding ceremony. Although both Seth and his wife Melissa seemed to be quite confidential about their marriage, they are leading a happy relationship secretly.

    John McCook's son, Seth McCook with his wife and children
    Seth McCook with his wife Melissa McCaffery and their three kids. Facebook

    Besides, as for their children, the two are blessed with three children, two daughters and a son. However, they haven’t disclosed anything about their children even their names. But, Seth’s spouse has posted a couple of photos of her kids and her husband on her Facebook.

    As of now, the family of five resides in Kingsburg, California.

    Seth McCook’s Social Media Accounts

    He is active on Facebook but barely posts on his account. Like him, his wife also does exist on Facebook. As mentioned above, Melissa occasionally shares some pictures of her husband and children.

    The now 50 year old John's son with his wife, Melissa.
    Seth his spouse, Melissa in Nov 2021. Facebook

    On the other hand, Seth’s father, John McCook has an Instagram account consisting of over 55k followers. He too constantly posts pictures and stories of his work and following.


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