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    Yosef Hendler is the ex-partner of an American Fashion designer, entrepreneur, and author Julia Haart. He gained further acclaim following his brief appearance in the Netflix series My Unorthodox Life, which documents his ex-wife Julia’s life before and after leaving her ultra-Orthodox Judaism community. She is also a former CEO of Elite World Group.

    As for their marriage, the couple was together for over two decades before they went their separate ways. What is the reason behind their divorce? How many kids do they have? One of their children decided to change her moniker from Hendler to Haart in the abovementioned Netflix series and her father approved it.

    Well, here are several other interesting details of Julia Haart’s ex-husband Yosef Hendler including his family, dating life after his divorce, and more!

    Yosef Hendler’s Parents and Age

    Hendler was born on April 20, 1966, to parents Reggie Hendler and Leo Hendler in Palm Beach Country, Florida. As of 2022, Julia’s first husband is 55 years old. However, most of his early details are yet to be revealed. Talking about his nationality, Hendler is an American and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

    Grew Up in a Strict Jewish Family

    As we said Yosef spent most of his early life in a highly-devoted Jewish family. He was a Yeshiva, a traditional Jewish educational institution student. It mainly prioritizes the study of Rabbinic literature.

    Like him, his then-wife Julia also grew up in a Jewish community.

    Yosef Hendler Was Married To Julia Haart: Their Divorce

    Yosef tied the knot with Julia Haart. The couple’s marriage was an arranged marriage. Julia was just 19 when the two married while her first husband Yosef was 24 years old.

    As we said it was an arranged wedding for the duo. The fashion designer once wrote in her book the two met a handful of times before their nuptial. Although they weren’t quite acquainted with each other even after their marriage, they somehow managed it for over two decades.

    As per sources, Yosef and her ex-wife Julia separated after being married for over a couple of decades. Although neither of the parties has yet confirmed the reason behind their separation, it was reportedly an orthodox Judaism society that parted them away.

    Yosef Is the Father of Four Children With His Ex-Wife Julia

    Yosef and Julia share 4 children and all of them were raised with the same religious cultivation. Besides, they are also successful when it comes to their professional life. The oldest one is Batsheva who is already married to her husband Binyamin for a few years now. She is a social media influencer and has 187,000 plus followers on her Instagram. She is also more famous on TikTok and has 1m followers as of 2022.

    Shlomo Haart is Yosef’s oldest son. It seems Shlomo who graduated from Columbia is more interested in filming videos. He has also posted some of his documentaries on his official Instagram page.

    Jullia's kids
    Yosef and Julia’s kids

    The third child of Yosef and his then-wife Julia is Miriam Haart. She is an app designer by profession. As per sources, the 22-year-old Mirian graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Stanford University in 2022. She also studied computer science at Make School.

    Besides, Aron Hendler is their youngest son of Julia. He is just 16 years old and completing his school-level studies. Although both of his parents are divorced now, Aron takes his time to live with both of them. Similarly, his entrepreneur mom proudly calls him “Ben Zekunim and my peace-maker.”

    Is Yosef Hendler Married Again?

    After his divorce from his first wife Julia, Yosef started dating Aliza Schulhof. They got engaged in March 2021. The news first came out after Yosef’s oldest daughter wrote on her official TikTok account “Moms remarried and dad just got engaged” which become the talk of the town. And soon after their engagement, they also tied their knot.

    Yosef with His present wife
    Yosef And her present spouse Aliza Schulhof

    On the other hand, Yousef’s ex-spouse Julia got married in 2019 to Silvio Haart. The couple owned the company Elite World Group which deals with modeling. Julia was also the CEO of the company but was terminated from her position on the same day the designer filed for divorce in Feb 2022.

    Short Description Of Yosef’s Current Wife Aliza Schulhof

    Aliza who was born to parents Gitti and Victor Zilber works in social and corporate event planning. She owns her own event managing office named Perfect Plans By Lisa. Her event planning is one of the best Jewish Event planning in Teaneck, New Jersey.

    At present, Yosef Hendler’s second wife earns the fortune of over $350k from her event planning Perfect Plans By Lisa.

    Who Is Yosef Hendler’s Ex-Spouse Julia?

    Yosef Hendler’s ex-partner Julia Haart is a fashion designer and businesswoman. She was previously the CEO of the company Elite World Group. Born on April 11, 1971, in Moscow, Haart was only three when her parents left Russia and moved to Austin, Texas.

    Yosef's Ex-spouse
    Yosef’s Ex-partner Julia Haart

    As for her popularity, Hendler grabbed huge attention after the documentary series “My Unorthodox Life” was released in 2021. It documents all the ups and downs of Julia’s life.

    Documentary Series “My Unorthodox Life”

    Julia gained massive fame after working as an executive producer of the Netflix series named “My Unorthodox Life.” This series is based on Julia’s personal life before and after her decision to leave Haredi Community in 2013. The documentary series premiered in July 2021.

    In the second episode of the series, Julia’s ex-spouse Yosef also appeared. During the shot of the series, Julia and Yosef’s second child named Mirriam decided to change her name from Mirriam Hendler to Marriam Haart for the series. Later on, her dad Hendler also approved her moniker.

    Net Worth Of Yosef Hendler

    Yosef has an estimated net worth of $500,000 in 2022. On the other hand, his ex-lover Julia Haart’s net worth is $8 million as of 2022. She has mostly made her riches from her elite fashion designing career.

    Social Media Handels Of Yosef Hendler

    As we already mentioned Yosef prefers to stay away from the limelight and doesn’t have any official social media handles. Unlike him, his wife is pretty interested in all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She is more active on Instagram and holds 441k followers.

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