Bess Katramados-The Untold Details About Paul Wight’s Wife

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    Bess Katramados is mostly known for being the wife of Paul Wight also known as Big Show. Paul got his fame after his successful career in the wrestling industry. He has been a wrestler for more than 2 decades and has made a huge fan following.

    Many people already know who Paul is but his fans have also often wondered a bit about his wife Bess Katramados. In this article, we will learn about her early life, how is her marriage to Big Show, and how many children the couple share.

    Let’s take a look at Bess Katramados in this article.

    Bess Katramados Early Life: She Allegedly Is From Chicago

    While not confirmed, according to some records, Bess is presumed to have been born in February 1973. Also, although little to none is out in the open about Paul’s wife, Katramados is believed to be a Chicago native. She, furthermore, hasn’t revealed who her parents are. Nonetheless, some sources have claimed Bess was closer to her grandparents than her parents.

    Paul Wight's ex-wife Bess Katramados
    AEW in-ring performer Big Show’s wife, Bess.

    Again sticking with the hearsay, Bess is said to be an ex-student of Lutheran High School, Chicago, Illinois. However, Mrs. Wight allegedly quit before graduating and promptly started pursuing modeling.

    The 49 years old Katramados currently lives in Miami, Florida with her ex-WWE star husband, Paul.

    Her Ethnicity and Nationality

    Talking about her ethnicity, Bess is believed to be a child of Greek parents. For her religion, Bess follows Christianity. And her nationality is American.

    What Does Bess Katramados Do For a Living?

    As we mentioned earlier, Bess Katramados pursued her career in modeling in her final year of high school. However, in the initial years, she reportedly struggled a lot. Rumor has it, Bess got some opportunities in her hometown after struggling for a while.

    But, Katramados, after getting married, decided to quit her career as a model. Some sources have suggested that Katramados quit her passion so that she could give her time to her family.

    As for the present, Katramadso is reportedly a personal trainer in addition to being an instructor for her husband. In addition, the supposedly 5-foot-10 to 5-foot-11 inches tall Katramados is also rumored to be working in food preparation and serving related sectors.

    Katramados Marriage With Her Husband Big Show

    Bess and Paul Wight got married to each other on February 2002. They only invited their close friends and family to their wedding. Nevertheless, the couple has kept their marriage away from the limelight.

    Moving into their first meeting, Katramados and her husband Paul first met each other when Bess was working as a model. There, however, are no words on how their relationship went after that.

    Katramados and her ex-husband Big Show
    Ex-WWE wrestler, Paul Wight with his partner, Bess. Getty

    Unlike her husband, Bess keeps her life to herself. She hasn’t shared much about her marriage with the public and neither has her longtime partner, Wight.

    Nonetheless, as of now, the lovers are still married and are leading a happy matrimonial relationship.

    Do Bess And Her Hubby Paul Have Any Children?

    Bess indeed is a mother to two children with her wrestler spouse, Paul. They have one son and one daughter. Once, Paul shared a video of his daughter on Twitter and wrote,My daughter marked out. ” lol awesome!”

    Unfortunately, the former WWE champion and his wife Katramados have kept their children away from the media. There is hardly any information about their two children. In fact, the Katramados-Wight couple hasn’t even shared the names of their kids with the people outside their circle.

    Bess Katramados Is Big Show’s Second Wife

    Before Bess, Big show was married to Melissa Ann Piavis. The previous couple tied the knot on February 14, 1997. They never shared when they met but Big Show was already in a relationship with Melissa when he signed a contract with WCW in 1995. When together, the ex-lovers also shared a child named Cierra Wight. She was born on 28th November 1998.

    However, Paul and his ex-partner decided to end their marriage in 2002. The reason behind their divorce hasn’t been disclosed so we guess they had some personal issues.

    Bess Katramados’ Husband The Big Show: A Brief About His Wrestling Career

    Paul first started his wrestling career in 1994. After his first year as a wrestler, he signed with WCW in 1995. Most people started calling him the giant because of his monstrous physical appearance. After being with WCW for almost four years, he left the organization.

    In 1999, he joined WWE under the stage name Big Show. He signed a ten-year contract with WWE and made his debut fight in WWE with Mankind. He lost that fight because of disqualification.

    Throughout his 23 years of career, Big Show won almost all there was to win in WWE. His most prestigious wins are the WWE championship, World Heavyweight Championship, ECW Championship, Intercontinental championship, and the United States Championship.

    Was Bess Katramados Part Of The Big Show Show?

    Paul’s wife, Bess was never a part of her husband’s titular sitcom, The Big Show Show. The show was released on April 6, 2020, on Netflix. It was on the Netflix top 10 chart in the US for 13 days.

    Bess Katramados Big Show
    Big Show carrying his cast.

    Despite that, Paul’s show would only last for a single season since the sitcom’s viewing figures were deemed insufficient for it to count as one of the top 100 most watched shows on Netflix.

    The series has eight episodes in total. The Show stars The Big show along with other casts including Juliet Donenfeld, Allison Munn, Lily Brooks O’Brien, and Reylynn Caster.

    Does Katramados Have Social Media?

    As of now, Bess isn’t active on any social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On the other hand, her husband Big Show is active on most social sites. Currently, he has 1.4 million followers on his Instagram. On his Instagram, he mostly posts about exercising.

    Furthermore, The Big Show is also active on Twitter where he has a massive following of 2.1 million.

    Bess Katramados’ Net Worth

    As of 2022, Bess has an estimated net worth of around $200,000. She must have earned most of her wealth through her modeling career. Katramados, however, hasn’t shared how much she makes in a year or what is her primary mode of earnings.

    On the other hand, her husband Paul Wight has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Katramados’ spouse reportedly earns around a million dollars annually. His main source of income is his wrestling career. He also earns a huge amount of money from his work as an actor.

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