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    Brittany Dudchenko (aka Brittany Middleton Dudchenko) rose to stardom as the wife of former National Football League (NFL) quarterback, Drew Bress. Her husband spent the majority of his NFL career playing for New Orleans Saints from 2006-20.

    Besides, Brittany and her spouse Drew who have shared the same love for charity have been together for nearly two decades. Likewise, they are the proud parents of four kids. Well, we have added more information about their love life including their first meeting and wedding.

    Besides, let’s also know about her age, academics, and more.

    Brittany Dudchenko Grew Up In Cleveland, OH: Childhood Details

    The celebrity spouse was born on 18 September 18, 1976, in Cleveland, Ohio. She is 45-year-old in 2022. And her parents are Pete Dudchenko (father) and Kathie Dudchenko (mother). She is an American by nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

    Besides, it seems like Brittany is the only child of her parents and doesn’t have any siblings. Besides, Dudchenko attended the Wawasee High School and then went to Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. And it was where Brittany met her long-time husband, Drew Brees for the first time.

    In addition, her husband was born on 15 January 1979 to Eugene Wilson (father) and late Mina Ruth (mother). He has a younger brother, Reid, and a half-sister from his father’s second marriage named Audrey.

    Brittany Is a Philanthropist

    Apart from being the wife of the former NFL player, Brittany has been involved in charity work with her husband. The passionate philanthropist also formed a non-profitable organization named Brees Dream Foundation along with her husband in 2003.

    The pair formed the NGO-type organization to help poor children and cancer patients. In the meantime, many people also wonder to know why the couple established the cancer-oriented foundation. Well, it was because of Brittany’s aunt, who died of cancer. Since then, they have been supporting people that are diagnosed with cancer.

    During their Charitable work, they have also donated millions of dollars to various sectors including $2 million to Purdue University’s athletic department.

    In 2005, Brittany and her spouse helped the local people of New Orleans who suffered from damage caused by the Hurricane. Not only that, they even collaborated with Operation Kids to build playgrounds, parks, and educational institutes.

    Brittany Dudchenko And Her Husband Drew Met At Purdue: Their Dating life

    In 1999, Brittany and her spouse Drew met for the first time when Brittany was a junior and her hubby was a sophomore at Purdue University, West Lafayette. It was his 20th birthday when Drew planned the party for his college colleagues. He told ESPN while partying the player already had “about 17 shots” before going to approach her. But, Brees couldn’t impress her with his cheesy pickup line. He said,

    “It was a typical football player cheesy line — we’ll leave it at that.”

    Although his first attempt didn’t go as per his plan, the NFL player who first saw her from across the room instantly thought “I’m gonna marry this woman.”

    He told to CBS NEWS that it was her presence and her aura that most attracted him. But, in the meantime, his wife said it was rather her height. She said,

    “I think it was more breeding stock (LAUGHS). He wanted me tall–”

    Later on, Bress also accepted the fact and said, “tall, athletic build. So my boys are gonna get great genes.”


    Brittany husband, Drew who is a former NFL player has married his then-girlfriend
    They started dating in 1999

    Although her now husband didn’t make the first impression when they met, it took him almost six months to approach her again. All of them were invited to a college party and Drew also knew Brittany would be there.

    As soon as the player saw her for the second time at the college party, Drew asked her for a date. But, the interesting part of their first date it wasn’t exactly a one-on-one outing. In fact, her friends came along with her to see the guy who made a bad impression on their first meeting. Likewise, Drew invited his pals to join them.

    Later on, they decided to go for a movie date, where Drew’s football friend tried to throw “Gummy Bears at the screen!” Thankfully, their first date went as Brees wanted.

    After dating for some time, they also engaged.

    Their Wedding Was Held At Coronado: Are They Still Married?

    On 8 February 2003, Brittany and her boyfriend-turned-fiance Brees exchanged their vows. Their wedding was held in Coronado, California in the presence of their family and close friends. Moreover, on their big day, the bride walked down the aisle in a white gown, whereas the groom wore a black suit. They are leading a blissful relationship ever since.

    In honor of their 16th anniversary, Brittany’s husband posted a throwback photo from their wedding. He expressed his love,

    16 years ago today I married this beautiful woman. I thank God for her everyday!

    Brittany Dudchenko who is a social activist, during her wedding day
    Brittany Dudchenko and her husband Drew at their wedding

    It’s been nearly two decades since they got hitched and their conjugal life is still going so smoothly. Also, they are quite open about their love on social media, especially Brittany’s husband. Back in Feb 2022, the former NFL player uploaded a collage of the duo on his Instagram on the occasion of their 19th anniversary, captioning it,

    “To the love of my life on our anniversary…I love this journey with you. Our best is yet to come!”


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    The Long-Time Couple Shares Four Kids

    Back in 2009, the doting duo Brittany and her spouse Drew became parents for the first time with their son named, Baylen Robert Brees. And for the second time in 2010, they welcomed another son, Bowen Christopher Brees. After a couple of years in 2012, they added another member to their family, Callen Christian Brees (son). For the fourth time, Drew Brees’ wife Brittany gave birth to their only daughter Rylen Judith Brees in 2014.

    Brittany Dudchenko along with her husband and their four children
    The sweet family of six

    Talking about what their kids are up to nowadays, Dudchenko has kept her social media handle private, whereas her husband posts about them on his Instagram.

    Brittany’s life partner has uploaded lots of pictures and videos, where the family appeared spending quality time with each other.

    Where Is Brittany Dudchenko Now? Her Social Media Handle

    Brittany currently lives in her house located in New Orleans, LA with her family. Her husband bought the mansion for $1.6 million in 2006. However, during the purchase, Brittany wasn’t with her spouse. Moreover, their mansion features 3 bedrooms, 2-half bathrooms, and 3 bathrooms.

    Moving towards Drew Brees’ wife’s social media accounts, Dudchenko is active on Instagram, however, her account is private. On the other hand, her husband has a verified account on Instagram with over 1.5m followers. He mostly uploads pictures and clips of his family on his social media handles

    Apart from her social media and current location, Dudchenko has an estimated fortune of $1 million, whereas her hubby has a fortune of $160 million as of 2022.

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