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    Diane Plese is Robert Herjavec’s ex-wife, a famous Canadian-Croatian television celebrity. Her former husband is most popular for his successful business startups and for his appearance in Shark Tank.

    Besides being popular for being the ex-wife of a celebrity, Diane herself is well-established in her life. In contrast to her husband, she had a very different early and professional life.

    Read the article further to know about the life of Diane Plese and know her net worth, current whereabouts, birthday, and spouse.

    Early Life Of Diane Plese

    Diane Plese was born in the year 1959 in Toronto, Canada. She was born into a well-settled and educated family. Plese was born to a Croatian family.

    She got a good education from a reputed school in the Toronto community of Parkdale. She completed high school and was brilliant in her studies.

    Plese completed her college in the late 70s. She later pursued her studies in the medical field.

    Diane Plese’s Career; She Is An Optometrist

    After completing her medical education, Plese chose to pursue becoming an Eye specialist. She is a certified Optometrist.

    Plese had an eye clinic and worked there in her previous days. She used to consult her patients in her clinic and made good money out of it.

    Diane Plese, Robert Herjavec's ex-wife, Tv personality
    A recent picture of Diane Plese Source: theglobeandmail

    The relationship between Diane and Robert started from the clinic itself.

    About Diane Plese’s Ex-husband, Robert Herjavec

    Robert was born in 1962 in Varaxdin, SFR, Yugoslavia. He spent his early days of childhood in Zbjeg.

    His family migrated to Toronto with very less money and in a poor condition. It was very difficult for them to settle down in Toronto as they didn’t speak English and had no money at all. His father, Vladimir, and his mother worked hard to provide the best space and education to their children.

    Herjavec graduated from New College in the year 1984. He studied English literature and political science. During his university life, Robert took various small jobs such as debt collection and delivering newspapers to support the family.

    Herjavec’s Career: How Is He So Successful Today?

    Robert initially worked as a third assistant director in several productions. He is also the field producer for Global TV of the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. During production, he worked in an IBM mainframe at a company.

    For his first break, he founded BRAK Systems, a Canadian integrator of Internet security from the basement of his house. He later sold, BRAK for $30.2 million in the year 2000 to AT&T. Robert also worked as the Vice President of Sales at Ramp Network, which was also sold to Nokia for $225 million.

    Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank, Business personality
    Robert Herjavec. Source: Getty Images

    Herjavec founded The Herjavec Group in 2003. It is one of Canada’s fastest-growing technology companies and the largest information technology security provider. The company started with three employees and now has grown to become one of Herjavec’s best money-generating businesses.

    Herjavec has appeared as a regular on the Canadian CBC Television series, Dragon’s Den, and also ABC’s version of the series, Shark Tank.

    The Relationship Between Diane And Robert; They Got Married In 1990

    Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec belonged to completely different professional and social settings but as fate would have it, they still came across each other. They first met in Diane’s clinic; Robert was then her patient.

    Right after their first meeting, love blossomed between the two and they officially started dating in the year 1988. They married after being together for 2-years in 1990. They exchanged vows at a Croatian church in Mississauga l0cated in Canada itself.

    From the beginning, the couple was very supportive of each other. They continued working in their respective fields and both of them became super wealthy after the 2000s.

    The lovebirds, from their relationship, welcomed three children together, two daughters and a son. They have given a very bright and insightful life to their children.

    The End Of Their Relationship. Did Robert Cheat On Daine?

    Diane and Robert were happily married for almost 25 years of their life. The love birds appreciated each other a lot but unfortunately, their relationship could not last long. They officially separated in the year 2015.

    The reason behind the separation was never out but according to the sources, Herjavec cheated on his wife. He was said to have an extramarital affair with the actress, Danielle Vasinova.

    Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec
    Diane Plese with her ex-husband, Robert Herjavec. Source: Mega

    The divorce battle between the two wasn’t smooth. There were several disagreements regarding the division of finances between this ex-couple. In the end, Herjavec paid about $167,000 to Diane as monthly spousal and child support. She also got an additional $20 million from the sale of their various assets.

    According to Herjavec, he fell into depression after the divorce and also attempted suicide once. Everything came to a place when he started living his life again with his current wife, Kym Johnson.

    Diane Plese Is A Mother Of Three

    Diane and Robert have three children together who are living their best life today.

    The eldest is a son, Brenden Herjavec. He was born in 1993. He is currently serving as a client manager for a company called Inkblot Therapy and Memory. According to his Instagram, he is engaged to Jessica whom he considers his best friend as well.

    The other two are daughters, Skye Herjavec and Caprice.  Skye was born in 1996. According to the sources she is also involved in Business execution and entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, Caprice was born in 1998 and is currently working as a consultant at FW Cook, an executive compensation consulting firm in New York.

    Unlike their brother, these two sisters have chosen to keep their Instagram private and live a secretive life. There are no pictures of the siblings with their parents together. Hope they all have a sound relationship with each other.

    Where Is Diane Plese Today? Did She Remarry?

    Diane is nowhere to be seen on social media. She had already quit her profession to look after her children and was a homemaker for a long time.

    There is no information regarding her being in any kind of relationship or being married to anyone else. She might be living her life somewhere peacefully in Canada itself.

    Unlike his ex-wife, Robert moved on right after his divorce. He married Kym Johnson, a professional ballroom dancer and a television performer in 2016. They gave birth to twins, Hudson Robert and Haven Mae Herjavec on April 23, 2018.

    Robert Herjavec, Kym Johnson, Robert Herjavec's twins, businessman, dancer
    Robert Herjavec with his wife, Kym, and twin children, Huson and Haven. Source: Instagram

    Herjavec seems very happy with his wife and children. He often makes appreciation posts about his family and life.

    Diane’s Net Worth

    Diane is an established Optometrist, who made good money for herself. Her net income is around $100 million.

    On the other hand, her ex-husband is still making a lot of money from his regular shows on TV. He makes more than $200 million.

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