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    Emma Sugiyama,51, is better recognized as the ex-wife of the five times Primetime Emmy Award-winning actor Trey Parker. Her then-husband gained huge fame for his amazing work role in the animated series South Park: Bigger. Not only that but Parker has also received other prestigious awards like a Grammy Award, four Tony Awards for The Book of Mormon, and others.

    While Trey is one of the renowned faces in the media, his ex-wife Emma is relatively less popular. So, let’s find out where is Emma now. How long had they been married? Also, know if the duo shares any children?

    Here is the complete bio of her personal and professional life after her divorce from Trey!

    Emma Sugiyama Comes From Asian Decent: What Is Her Age in 2022?

    The celebrity spouse was born on October 9, 1970, in Yokohama, Japan. Her age is 51 in 2022. Unfortunately, Emma hasn’t disclosed her parent’s details or about her childhood. But, sources say, Emma’s dad was an engineer by profession.

    Moving onward on her ethnical background, the ex-celebrity spouse is of Asian descent. She relocated from Japan to the USA in the late 80s. So, it is safe to say, Sugiyama holds dual citizenship Japanese and American.

    On the other hand, her former spouse Trey was born on 19th Oct 1969, in Conifer, Colorado to Randolph Parker and Sharon.

    What Does Emma Sugiyama Do For a Living? Her Personal Career

    Unlike her former husband Trey, Emma hasn’t revealed anything about her professional details. She only hit the media as the spouse of the director, animator Trey Parker. So, things became a little bit hard to trace out what Sugiyama is doing at present.

    Trey is a multi-talented personality who has forged a successful career as a producer, director, and actor. Initially, his creation of The Book Of Mormon, and South Park in partnership with one of his pals Mat Stone helped him to grab even more media attention. Later, the colleagues worked together on projects like That’s My Bush!, Run Ronnie Run, Team America, The Artistocrats, The Spirit of Christmas and Orgazmo, and many others.

    As mentioned above, Parker is also a multi-awards holder. He won five Primetime Emmy Awards for his smashing work on the animated sitcom South Park. Furthermore, his work as a co-developer in The Book of Mormon also earned him four Tony Awards and a Grammy Award.

    When Did Emma and Her Ex-Husband Trey Meet? Their Marriage Details

    Emma has kept most of her early romance with Trey behind the curtain. But, the ex-pair reportedly met back in 2004. In October of the year, Emma and her then-husband also appeared together during the Premiere of Team America: World Police along with Trey’s creative partner Matt Stone and his wife Angela Howard at Grauman’s Chinese Theater which is located in Hollywood, California.

    Although their dating life is a secret, the former pair got engaged at George Clooney‘s Lake Como mansion in 2005. Later, they relocated to Hawaii and exchanged their vows in 2006. Their wedding was attended by lots of people including some prominent figures of Hollywood like Matt Stone and Norman Lear. In fact, the latter also performed their wedding ceremony.

    The former duo, Emma and Trey
    During their appearance in the 10th Year Anniversary of the South Park series

    The same year they got hitched, the newlywed attended the party on the occasion of the 10th Year Anniversary of the South Park series in Sep in Los Angeles, California.

    Emma’s Ex-Husband Trey’s Extra Affair Lead Their Marital Relationship To Divorce

    Although the two looked perfect initially, their relationship gradually started falling apart. And the two went their separate way just two years after their marriage. It was Emma who first filed for a divorce from her then-husband. Sources say the cause of her divorce filing was her then-spouse Parker’s extra-marital affair with another girl named Boogie Tillmon.

    It was how the two split. Their divorce proceeding officially came to an end in 2010. Furthermore, following their divorce finalization, the court also ordered Trey to pay $20 million to Emma as a divorce settlement.

    Emma Hasn’t Shown Herself In The Media After Her Divorce

    Well, the former lovebirds have different stories after their divorce. Emma went totally private and kept herself far from the media. Moreover, after the separation, the former celebrity spouse hasn’t made a single appearance on any social media platforms nor talked about her love life.

    Trey with his second wife Boogie and their daughter, Betty

    On the other hand, her ex-spouse Trey got married to Boogie Tillmon in 2014. He even shares a daughter named Betty Boogie Parker with Boogie. Their daughter was born in 2013. Unfortunately, Trey again got separated from his second wife in 2014.

    Emma’s Net Worth

    Emma’s profession isn’t out to the media yet so we can’t confirm the exact amount of her fortune at present. But, with no doubt, Sugiyama is definitely living a healthy lifestyle as an ex-celebrity spouse. She also got a considerable settlement from her former partner after the divorce.

    Besides, her husband’s net worth is $600 million in 2022. He has earned the majority of his hefty wealth from his multiple professions in the entertainment world.

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