Facts About Giselle Peacock, Artem Chigvintsev’s ex-wife and their divorce

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    Giselle Peacock is a champion ballroom dancer. But, Peacock is popular as the ex-wife of Dancing With the Stars professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev. Her ex-husband is a Russian-American dancer, specializing in Latin dancing. Artem started his dancing career with Giselle after moving to the United States in 2003.

    The couple was married only for a year before splitting up. So, how did their marriage end in divorce just in a year? Where is Giselle now?

    In today’s article, we will try to bring everything that you should know about Artem’s ex-wife Giselle Peacock. So let’s begin!

    Who is Giselle Peacock? Her age and nationality

    Giselle Peacock was born in February 1981 in California, United States. She was raised in the San Francisco Bay area. She is 41-year-old as of 2022.

    Furthermore, her nationality is American. As for her education, she completed her high school at Independence High.

    Giselle Peacock’s Family Details

    Giselle is the daughter of Kent Peacock and Lisa Peacock. Her father is now 70 years old. Whereas, her mom is in her mid 60’s. However, her parents are divorced now.

    Giselle’s mom Lisa is now married to a man named William Rudge. She now goes by the name Lisa Rudge.

    Giselle Peacock dancing with the stars
    Giselle with her mom Lisa Rudge

    Furthermore, her dad has also remarried. He is now husband to Catherine Phelps.

    Giselle Is a Champion Ballroom Dancer

    Giselle, full name Giselle Elaine Peacock, is known as Champion Ballroom Dancer to many. As for Giselle herself, she took an interest in ballroom dance after watching her parents taking dancing classes.

    In Giselle’s Peacock interview with Sydney Dance Company, she said:

    My parents started ballroom lessons and I saw another girl my age there who was wearing high heel shoes. So I knew that if I started lessons my parents would buy me the high heels. It didn’t really have anything to do with dancing at all.

    Giselle started Latin dancing when she was 10. In addition to that, she started competing worldwide in Latin-style dancing by the age of 14. Peacock even was a four-time United States ballroom champion. Furthermore, she represented the U.S. twice at the World Championships and was a finalist in Ballroom/Latin DanceSport.

    Throughout her career as a ballroom dancer, she has won numerous championships. Giselle was also given the title of “One of the Best Leading Ladies and Dance captains in the Ballroom Sensation Burn the Floor.”

    Giselle is now the CEO of her own Dance Company in Australia

    In addition to Giselle being a worldwide ballroom champion, she is also the owner of her own dance company. She owns a dance studio in Naremburn, a northern suburb of Sydney. The name of her dance company is GPower Dance Fitness.

    Giselle Peacock husband
    Giselle Peacock with her husband Giorgio Rojas.

    According to her company’s official website, the studio offers a variety of classes. The classes include cardio dance, barre, power pilates, yoga, high-intensity interval training, and power plate. The classes are taken via in-studio classes, online platforms, or on-demand.

    Furthermore, one can also make an appointment for a private session.

    Giselle Peacock financially supported Artem Chigvintsev in his early career: Their first meeting and Wedding

    Giselle and Artem first met at the Blackpool Dance Festival in 2003. They were both in their early 20s. After that, Artem moved to the United States in 2003.

    Giselle said:

    We fell hard for each other. Artem didn’t have anywhere to stay, so I took him to my dad’s house in California where we shared a room. We were inseparable. We started dancing together as partners within weeks of his arrival. My dad agreed to sponsor Artem to get a work visa so we could continue training together. He literally had no money, so for the first eight months I supported him by buying all his food, clothes, dance classes, entertainment.

    After being in a relationship, she and Artem started their career as a dancer together. They competed on the ballroom dancing circuit in the United States for nearly two years. The ex-couple even won five Amateur Latin competitions between 2003 and 2005.

    Giselle Peacock and her hubby
    Giselle Peacock with her ex-husband Artem Chigvintsev.

    As for their wedding, the former pair tied the knot in November 2004 at a courthouse. Sadly, the couple went ahead and divorced a year after their marriage.

    According to Giselle, Artem being chosen in So You Think You Can Dance made him delusional about his fame. So, this may be one of many reasons that the couple parted ways.

    Is Giselle Remarried now? Her New Husband

    We can surely say that Giselle has totally moved on from Artem. Regardless of her short marriage with Artem, she fell in love shortly after the divorce.

    Giselle is now married to professional musician Giorgio Rojas. Her husband is a “master percussionist” who also teaches jujitsu. He has even toured internationally with Burn the Floor. Furthermore, Rojas graduated from Australian National University with a bachelor’s degree in music.

    In the same way, Artem has also moved on with a new wife. He engaged retired WWE wrestler, Nikki Bella in November of 2019.

    Artem Chigvintsev wife
    Giselle’s ex-husband Artem with his wife Nikki Bella

    Artem and Nikki announced their pregnancy with their first child on January 29, 2020. They later welcomed their son Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev on July 31, 2020.

    She is now a mother of three

    Giselle is now also the proud mother of three kids with her spouse Giorgio. Their first daughter, Xenia Lisa Rojas was born in December 2015. Their second daughter is Vitalya Rojas, born in August 2017.

    Giselle Peacock children on her Instagram
    Giselle’s kids.

    Also, she has a stepson Xavier from her husband’s first marriage.

    Giselle is active in social media

    Unlike other celebrities who tend to keep their personal life a secret, Giselle is the total opposite. She is quite active in social media handles.

    Additionally, she has profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. We can see she is very outgoing and is living a happy life with her husband and children.

    What is Giselle Peacock’s net worth?

    Giselle has made her name in the dancing industry as a ballroom champion. Moreover, she is also the owner of a dancing studio. From her work, she has earned a decent amount of money. As of now, her net worth is $1 million.

    On the other hand, her ex-husband Artem Chigvintsev’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

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