Is Serena Williams’s Brother Dylan Starr Williams Also A Tennis Prodigy?

By Cannon | Updated on May 10, 2022
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    Dylan Starr Williams is famous as the half-brother of two tennis legends, Serena Williams and Venus Williams. His sister Venus is the first African American woman to achieve the singles world no.1 rank in the Open Era. On the other hand, his sister Serena has an award Serena Slam named after her.

    Apart from his sisters, his father Richard Williams, the tennis coach is also famous for his persistence and perseverance in molding his 2 daughters to accomplish what they are today. In fact, the old man has a biopic, King Richard starring the phenomenal Will Smith portraying his character. The movie secured 6 nominations for the Academy Awards and Will Smith won the 1st Oscar of his career. However, it was sadly overshadowed by Smith and Rock’s fiasco which sent shockwaves more than the Russia-Ukraine War.

    So, coming back to Dylan, what is his age? Who is his mom? Is his dad Richard Williams planning on turning him into a pro tennis player as well. We shall find out all that in the article below.

    Dylan Starr William’s Age and Other Early Details

    Dylan Starr Richard Williams was born in August 2012 in the United States of America. The kiddo is 9-year-old and will celebrate his 10th birthday in August this year.

    Likewise, Dylan is the only child between former tennis coach Richard Williams and his 3rd ex-wife Lakeisha Graham. As for his ethnicity, the star kid is an African American and his family is Jehovah’s Witnesses (different than mainstream Christianity).

    Dylan Starr Williams Parents’ Marriage

    Dylan’s parents Richard and Lakeisha exchanged vows in the year 2010. As per sources, his dad Richard met his mom seven years after his divorce from his 2nd ex-wife and the mother of Williams sisters, Oracene Price. Lakeisha’s car registration document was also found in Richard’s residence back then.

    Dylan dad and step-mom
    Dylan’s father and his former wife Lakeisha Graham.

    At the time of their marriage, his dad Richard Williams was 69 years old while his mom Lakeisha Graham was 32 years old. Needless to mention, his mom was the 3rd wife of his dad.

    Despite their huge age gap, the two led a happy relationship for some time. But, things didn’t work between the two for a long time and they decided to go their separate ways.

    So, what was the cause of his parent’s split? Let’s find out.

    Dylan’s Father and Mother’s Turbulent Divorce

    Dylan was just 5 yrs old at the time of his parent’s separation. His parents called it quits after seven-year of their marriage in 2017.  His father ‘King’ Richard Williams accused his wife of forgery and attempt to transfer his assets in her name.

    However, Lakeisha counter-attacked his statement and admitted to duplicating his signature because he asked her to do so. Likewise, Richard revealed that she was in an extra-marital affair with a man who is a criminal.

    Meanwhile, Dylan’s mom Lakeisha Graham has blamed her husband for driving through a poor neighborhood to check out on black women. Likewise, their case got even nastier when she dragged one of her stepdaughters, Serena Williams name into the brawl. She said that the tennis player threatened to change the lock if she and her son didn’t leave her dad’s property soon.

    Who Won The Custody Of Their Son Dylan?

    As the courtroom battle of his parents is still ongoing and there are chances of extension as well, you might be concerned about his custody. So, moving on, the full settlement is yet to be made and as Dylan is a minor the court will decide on his behalf. And the nine-year-baby lives with his old man Richard Williams since August 2016.

    Teeny Tiny Age Gap Between Dylan’s Mom and Sister Venus Williams

    It may sound strange but Dylan’s mom is shockingly just 1-year older than his half-sister Venus Williams. Likewise, you might have noticed from the aforementioned info that his parents Richard Williams and Lakeisha Graham are 37 years apart from one another. And it might be a fundamental cause of compatibility issues between the couple.

    Dylan Starr Williams’ Siblings

    Though he is the only child from his parent’s marriage, Dylan has eight half-siblings from his paternal side. He has 5 siblings, Sabrina, Richard 3rd, Ronner, Reluss, and Reneeka from his dad’s first marriage with Betty Johnson. Likewise, Dylan is a half-brother of the tennis champions Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

    Similarly, he has a half-brother from his father’s relationship out of wedlock.

    His Celebrity Sisters Serena Williams and Venus Williams

    With 30 grand slams altogether and their position as former no.1 player by the Women’s Tenis Association, the Williams sisters have marked history in the sports. While Serena Williams has 73 single titles, 4 Olympic gold medals, and was ranked second highest-paid athlete in Forbes magazine in 2021, his elder sister, Venus Williams has bagged 49 single titles, 4 gold medals, and was ranked 3rd highest-paid athlete in Forbes, 2021.

    The Williams sister have a candid moment
    Serena Williams and Venus Williams share a trophy moment together.

    However, both the tennis maestro Venus and Serena couldn’t participate in the Australian Open 2022 this year due to their leg and hamstring injuries respectively. 

    His Dad King Richard Doesn’t Want Him To Be a Tennis Player

    Unlike his sisters, Dylan’s dad doesn’t want him to be a tennis player. While the tennis coach chose an athlete career for his daughters who undoubtedly aced in it, the same isn’t the case for Dylan.

    He does want his son to be rich and add a couple of zeroes to what his daughters are earning but not by a career as a player. In fact, he desires his son to be able to sponsor the endorsements of top players in the future. So, has he already thought of a plan for his son as well like he had a 78-page plan for his daughters as shown in the movie King Richard?

    Well, the answer to that is yes! As per The New Yorker, Richard wishes his son Dylan Starr Williams to be a goldsmith in the future and has already noted possible mine locations. Also, he has a backup plan ready. He stated that if the initial plan doesn’t work out well then he wants his son to study all types of commodities to crack greater deals in the market.

    Dylan’s Dad Richard Williams’s Health Issues

    His dad Richard Williams is a heart patient and has survived multiple strokes to date. It has affected his speech and he can barely speak. Further, his health has deteriorated after suffering from an irreparable brain damage condition and dementia as well. However, many people believed that it was an issue with his 3rd wife that put him in such a poor state of health.

    Dylan Starr Williams’s Net Worth

    As of now, Dylan is in elementary school and is yet to grow up and start his career. However, his dad Richard Williams has total assets of $10 million. On the other hand, his mom Lakeisha Graham owns a grocery store and has a net worth of $1 million.

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