March 21, 2023
tony horton wife Shawna Brannon

Shawna Brannon is a famous fitness trainer. However, all the limelight came to Shawna when she tied the knot with fellow fitness trainer Tony Horton.

Her other half Tony is an American personal trainer, author, and former actor. He is also the creator of the commercial home exercise regimen P90X.

Ever since the marriage, the couple together has made their name in the fitness world. So, where did they first meet? Do they share any children? How is their marriage going?

Tune in to find out the answers and other fewer unknown details of Tony Horton’s wife Shawna Brannon.

How old is Shawna Brannon? Her height and ethnicity 

Shawna Brannon was born as Shawna Marie Brannon in the United States of America. She celebrates her birthday every year on 9th April. However, she hasn’t disclosed her birth year. So, as for Shawna’s age, she may be in her 50’s.

Shawna Brannon Age Birthday
Tony wishing his wife Shawna on her Birthday

As for her height, Shawna stands to be 5’5. Born in the US, Shawna holds citizenship of America by default. Coming to her ethnicity, she is Caucasian.

Concerning her family details, Shawn’s stringent privacy keeps them out of the prying eyes of the media.

Shawna Brannon started her career as a Fitness Instructor

In parallel to her husband being a fitness guru, Shawna was also in a similar industry. She started out a career as a fitness instructor.

Despite being in the same field, Shawna couldn’t achieve the same height as her husband. She only received people’s attention and fame since she married her other half, Tony.

Regardless of the situation, the couple is coping well and are still fitness freaks.

Who is her husband Tony Horton?

Shawna Brannon’s husband Tony Horton is a famous fitness guru, author, and former actor. He is also the creator of best-selling fitness series – a commercial home exercise regimen named “P90X”.

Shawna Brannon and Husband Tony and p90x celebration
Tony and Shawna p90x fourth month celebration

Furthermore, Tony has recently released a 22-minute military-inspired workout named “22 Minute Hard Corps”. He also made appearances in many shows as a health and lifestyle expert to promote healthy living through exercise and proper nutrition. In addition to that, Tony is CEO of the hair and skincare line “TH Care by Tony Horton.”

He is also the author of the top-selling book “Bring It”, Crush It!”. His latest motivational book is “The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change your Life”.

How did Tony meet his wife Shawna?

In an episode of Tony Talks on Tony Horton’s official youtube channel, he revealed that he met his wife at the peak of his life.

By then his p90x was a huge success. He came out of the poverty line and was living a lavish life. Around the same time, his lady Shawna came into his life. A friend set up Shawna and Tony on a blind date saying that they had the same sense of humor and the rest as they say is history.

Shawna Brannon husband wedding Tony Horton
Wedding Bells: Shawna and Tony Horton on their marriage

You can watch the whole episode here or skip to 21:00 to know how they met.

After knowing each other for years, the couple finally tied the knot on October 5, 2015.

Is Shawna Brannon’s husband Tony a Bisexual?

In the above-mentioned episode of Tony Talks, Tony revealed he has had few relationships before finally meeting his lady love.

He said he has been in several relationships with girls but every time it lasted for like months or 1-2 years.

Shawna Brannon image husband Tony Horton
Tony wishes his wife Shawna on Women’s Day.

Interestingly, he also disclosed that he was also with a guy and they were together for 4 years. However, Tony hasn’t revealed who the guy was, and neither the guy has stepped up and spoken anything about it.

Bisexual or not, the fact that Tony is living a contentful life with his wife shows how much he adores Shawna.

Does Shawna have a child?

The couple who married in 2015 is now in their seventh year of marriage as of 2022. However, they don’t have any children yet.

Both of them haven’t come forward and said anything regarding this. So we can only presume that the couple is currently career-focused.

It seems that it will be some time before they finally decide to go for parenthood.

Her partner Tony Horton was Diagnosed With Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, Tony’s Youtube and Instagram are filled with workout videos.

However, the star was diagnosed with a major disorder in late 2017. In one of his Instagram posts, Shawna’s partner revealed that he was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a complication of shingles.

Tony Horton Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
Tony talking about his illness
Source: Instagram

In an interview with Self, he mentioned: “This is the most intense thing I’ve been through and I’ve broken legs and shattered kneecaps. It’s relentless and there are so many things going on at once.”

How much is Shawna Brannon’s Net Worth?

As for Shawna’s net worth, it is estimated to be around $500,000. While her husband Tony has amassed a fortune worth $20 million. Most of his earnings are from his career as a personal trainer and his p90x series. Also, his other lines for skin and hair “TH Care” have also contributed to his wealth.

Shawna Brannon’s Instagram and social media presence

Shawna has a low social media presence as she is not engaged in any social media platforms. On the other hand, her husband is active on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Despite not having her own social media accounts, Shawna is frequently featured on her husband’s Instagram and Youtube. Her husband has around 255k followers.

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