Nancy Leigh Kelley-The Adoptive Daughter of Katherine Heigl

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    Nancy Leigh Kelley is the adopted daughter of well-known celebrities Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley. She is the eldest daughter with two younger siblings. She was nine months old at the time of her adoption.

    Nancy’s adoptive father and mother are well-known figures in the music and acting industries. Katherine Heigl, her mother is an actress and producer, and her father Josh is a singer-songwriter and actor.

    While her adoptive parents are famous names in the industry, who are Nancy Leigh’s biological parents? Are they Korean? Let’s also have a closer look at her father and mother’s career details, her adoption, and many more.

    Where is Nancy Leigh Kelley Originally From? Her Biological Parents and Early Details

    Nancy Leigh Kelley is originally from South Korea. She was born on 24th November 2008. As of 2022, the star kid is 14 years old. She belongs to the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Talking about her biological parents, they are Korean but the name of her natural father and mother is yet to be revealed.

    At the time of her birth, her original name was Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun. But, after her adoption, Nancy changed her moniker to Nancy Leigh Kelley.

    Her Heart Surgery and Adoption From Korea

    She was fighting a heart problem since her birth and later it was cured by open-up-heart surgical treatment. She underwent the surgery at the age of 3 months. Now with a good health condition, Nancy is enjoying herself being a star kid. Likewise in a talk with Haper Bazaar, Nancy’s actress mother told,

    “Her heart is 100 percent fine now. She has a scar, so she won’t be wearing bikinis, which is fine by us,”

    Besides, talking about her adoption, Nancy was just nine months old when her adoptive parents Katherine and Josh adopted her from South Korea. She was Korean by birth but after being adopted by her American parents, her nationality is American.


    As per the different sources, Nancy is in junior school. Although her school name is still missing, her proud mother often shares about her school life on her social media handles. Nancy’s actress mother once posted a video, captioning,

    “First day of school for my gorgeous girls! Yeah…I came up with an embarrassing cheer this morning laying in bed and couldn’t wait to sing it for them. The good news is…I did not do this in front of their classmates!”

    Nancy Leigh Kelley Siblings and Family Details

    Kelley has a beautiful and happy family of five. She shares a good bond with her adoptive parents and also has a perfect relationship with her siblings.

    Nancy's parents and sibling
    Nancy with her star parents and Sister

    She has two siblings one sister and a brother. Her sister Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley is also the second adopted child of their parents. She was adopted from South Korea in 2009 too.

    Besides, the youngest member of the family is her brother Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr.who was born in 2016. He is only the biological child of her parents.

    Although being adopted, it seems like Nancy is happy and has a good time with her family. Her parents keep updating her through their social media too.

    What is the Reason Behind Nancy Leigh Kelley’s Adoption?

    As we said earlier that Kelly is from South Korea. And her adoptive mother Heigl also has an adoptive older sister from South Korea which is why the actress always wanted to adopt a kid from the same country. Heigl and her hubby later has chosen Nancy among many other kids. Her actress mother opened herself to Parent and Child magazine, 

    “My sister Meg is Korean, and my parents adopted her three years before I was born, I wanted my own family to resemble the one I came from, so I always knew I wanted to adopt from Korea.”

    Her Adoptive Parent’s Married Life

    In 2005, Nancy’s non-biological parents met for the first time. When Nancy’s mom Katherine worked in Josh’s songs movie, “Only You”, Katherine and Josh began to know each other and started dating too. And they later turned into fantastic buddies.

    Nancy Legih's celebrity parents
    Nancy’s star parents Katherin and Josh

    The two wed on June 23, 2007, and are leading their married life happy ever since.

    Kelley’s Parents’ Career

    Her mother Katherine Heigl is an American actress and producer. She made her acting debut in 1992 in the movie, “That Night.” And in 1994, her first lead role came in the comedy “My Father The Hero.”

    Furthermore, the actress Katherine has also appeared in a number of films, including Valentine in 2001, Descendant in 2003, Side Effects in 2005, The Ugly Truth in 2009, and others.

    Nancy’s Love For Technological Devices

    According to her actor mother, Nancy is totally the opposite of her siblings. According to her, Nancy is totally into technological devices. She looks pretty more interested in social media networking sites and this is impossible without technical devices.

    Talking about her interest in devices, her mother opened up,

    “As for Naleigh, she, like many tweens, is into her technological devices. she’s been sneaking my iPad and creating TikTok videos without my permission.

    This proves that Heigl does not want her daughter to waste her time on such devices. She also said that the actress is not allowing her daughter to involve with such related devices because social media can hamper her little mind. The actress again added,

    “I know she thinks I’m being a tyrant, but I worry about the effect of social media on kids her age. I watched The Social Dilemma. So I’m like, ‘Go ahead and hate me. I’m trying to save you!’”

    Nancy’s Parents’ Net Worth

    Her mother Katherine has a net worth of around $30 million. She has made such a good amount of fortune from her elite acting career. In the movie Knocked Out, her earning was $300,000.

    Talking about her father Josh Kelley, he is a singer and songwriter. He has a net worth of $5 million dollars.


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