Sierra Pippen: All That You Need To Know About Scottie Pippen’s Daughter

By Pratha Sharma | Updated on September 22, 2022
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    Sierra Pippen is famously known as the daughter of retired NBA star player, Scottie Pippen. Her mother Yvette DeLeon and Scottie were engaged for quite some time before separating in 1995 – 3 months after Sierra was born.

    27-year-old Sierra is not just known for her famous father. She came into the spotlight in 2015 after being accused of several legal charges. What exactly did Scottie Pippen’s daughter do? Is Pippen still a troublemaker? We will find the answers soon.

    By the end of this article, we will have looked into the earlier life of Sierra Pippen, her relationship with her parents and siblings, her arrest in 2015, and more. Let’s get started!

    Who is Sierra Pippen Mother? Her Parents’ Short-Lived Relationship

    Sierra Pippen was born on 17th February 1995 to Scottie Pippen and Yvette DeLeon. The exact location of her birth is unknown. She is a mixed-racial citizen of the USA.

    A childhood photo of Sierra and father, Scottie Pippen
    An old photo of Sierra Pippen with her father, Scottie Pippen. Source: Sierra Pippen Twitter

    Her father, Scottie Pippen is one of the most famous basketball players. He played 17 seasons in the NBA and has won six NBA Championships with the Chicago Bulls.

    However, we do not have much information on her mother’s profession. Talking about her parents’ marital relationship, her mom Yvette and dad Scottie met somewhere around 1992 during one of his basketball events. Following this, the couple started living together and got engaged shortly after, before splitting up in 1995, 3 months after the birth of their daughter.

    By the time Sierra was born, the relationship between her parents had already gone downhill. There were cases of domestic violence filed against Scottie by his then-fiance and Sierra’s mother, while her father suspected DeLeon of cheating in their relationship.

    The couple then parted ways in July 1996, when Scottie agreed to pay $6,000 for Sierra’s education and other needs.

    Sierra Pippen with her mother, Yuvette DeLeon
    Sierra Pippen with her mother, Yuvette DeLeon. Source: Twitter

    Growing up, Sierra was very close to her mother. She would also spend time with her grandparents, Ethel and Preston Pippen. After passing high school, she went on to study at the University of Iowa where she completed her undergraduate with honors.

    Sierra and Her Siblings

    Sierra has seven half-siblings all born through her father, Scottie’s several relationships. Scottie Pippen has a total of eight children including Sierra from the multiple relationships he has had throughout his life.

    Sierra is one of Scottie’s younger daughters. The ex-NBA star’s first son, Antron Pippen, was born in his marriage with Karen McCollum, who passed away in 2021. From his second marriage with Larsa Younan, Scottie had four children; Scotty Jr., Preston Pippen, Justin, and Sophia. Similarly, he also had twin girls, Taylor and Tylor with his former girlfriend, Sonya Roby; Tyler Pippen passed away after 9 months of her birth.

    Most of Sierra’s half-siblings have followed in Scottie’s footsteps by being at least some form of athlete. Antron played basketball at Texas A&M University, Scotty Jr., Preston, and Justin also are fond of the game. Similarly, Taylor plays volleyball.

    Although Sierra was separated from her father very early in life, she seems to be close to her siblings. Her closeness with Antron Pippen can be seen in one of her Instagram posts, where she expresses her love for him after his passing away on 18th April 2021.

    Antron Pippen (brother, left) and Sierra Pippen (sister, right)
    Sierra Pippen’s Instagram post with her brother. Source: Instagram/pippensierra/

    In the aforesaid post, she writes,

    “Took a moment to compose this. I can’t help but ask why you? I’d like to hear you laugh again. I’m sad I can’t call you anymore. The happiest and most humble of us all. Sometimes he wants the good ones too I guess. Father God watch over my big brother, you truly gained someone so special. Keep hooping up there boa. You’ll never be forgotten and I’ll make sure of that. I love you Antron. Gone too soon.”

    Talk about the great bond these two shared! Rest in peace, Antron Pippen.

    Sierra Pippen’s Arrest; What Actually Happened?

    On 26th April 2015, Sierra Pippen was charged with public intoxication and public urination at the Sheraton Iowa City Downtown Hotel. She was just 20 years old and pursuing an undergraduate at the university. However, this wasn’t her only time getting arrested.

    Sierra Pippen in her mug-shot in 2015
    Sierra’s mug shot on her arrest. Source: Sherriff’s Office

    Just a few days back before these charges were filed, on 1oth April, Sierra was also arrested after she had a heated argument with the same hotel’s security while being under the influence of alcohol. It was mentioned in the police report that the cops found her with “bloodshot watery eyes” and “impaired speech and balance”.

    Following the charges, Sierra also refused to participate in a field sobriety test and a post-arrest breath test and accused the officer of being racist. She was also subjected to a fine of $50. She was later released on a $500 bond.

    Her case gained a lot of attention because of how famous her father is. There were also a lot of criticisms concerning the daughter of a star NBA player violating basic rules and being a troublemaker.

    Where is Sierra Pippen Now? Her Personal and Professional Life

    Today, Sierra lives a quiet life. She doesn’t seem to post much on her Instagram handle and has just 6.5k followers. She is also very secretive about her romantic relationships and has not made any official declaration about it yet. It can be understood that Sierra is focusing on herself and her career these days and has deviated from her former “troublemaking” personality.

    Talking about her love life, Sierra has yet to give a piece of concrete information about her dating life. So, the details about if Sierra is dating a boyfriend or not are still behind the closed door.

    At present, the star kid seems to be highly interested in music and photoshoots. She is even believed to make her debut in the entertainment or music industry sometime soon – so stay tuned!

    Sierra’s Net Worth

    The official net worth of Sierra Pippen is not known to the public; maybe because she lives a quiet life and isn’t much active on social media. But we did find the net worth of her famous father, Scottie Pippen i.e. a whopping $20 million dollars in 2022. We will know more about where Sierra stands financially as she makes her debut soon.


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