The Untold Facts About Kayleigh Swenson; Her Dating Life, Net Worth, and More

By Anisha Maharjan | Updated on March 24, 2022
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    Kayleigh Swenson is a fitness model, musician, and recording artist. Over the years, Kayleigh has established herself in a variety of fields. She is also an Instagram sensation with over 2.5 million followers as of 2022.

    Besides that, Kayleigh is the daughter of the late professional wrestler Jeep Swenson aka Robert Alexander “Jeep” Swenson Jr. Her late father was also a stuntman and actor. He was well known for his role as Bane in the 1997 film Batman & Robin. Some of his best films are No Holds Barred, The Big Brawl, and Bulletproof.

    Well, in this article, we will explore more about her life including her dating life, the reason behind her father’s death, and many more facts.

    Who is Kayleigh Swenson aka Viking Barbie? Her Age and Early Details 

    Popularly known as Viking Barbie, Kayleigh Swenson is the daughter of Jeep Swenson and Erin Hillsman. She was born on October 22, 1985, in San Antonio Texas. As for her ethnicity, she is Scandinavian.

    Growing up, she was greatly influenced by her parents. Furthermore, she got that “I can do anything” attitude from her dad. In an interview with Inked Mag, Kayleigh mentioned that she has a God Complex. She added:

    “I think I inherited it from my father because he didn’t have a ceiling to his life. There was no, ’I can’t do this.’ He knew he could be everything. A lot of people feel afraid, or they don’t feel like they can do what they want because they think, ‘Well, I was a criminal,’ or ‘I was in jail, so I won’t be able to do this or that.’ He just didn’t do that.”

    Kayleigh’s father, Jeep, was a famous actor and professional wrestler. Meanwhile, her mother is a former exotic dancer. Similarly, her paternal grandparents were Patricia Maxine (Wells) and Robert Alexander Swenson Sr.

    Kayleigh Swenson family
    Kayleigh Swenson’s father Jeep as Bane (middle) with his parents.

    What is Kayleigh Swenson’s profession? Her Career Details 

    Coming to her professional life, Kayleigh is a multi-talented lady. She has worked as a playboy model twice. Furthermore, she is also an artist.

    In regards to her career as an artist, Kayleigh even has her own youtube channel under the name “Viking Barbie.” On the channel, she has released her singles, covers, and collaborations with different artists.

    Her first single was “Lies,” in which she worked alongside Keta Kuns. Other than that, some of her famous songs are “My Heart Belongs To Daddy”, “All The Way To The Bank”, “Blow Ya Mind (Succubus)” all of which were dropped in the same year 2019.

    Her father was a former pro-wrestler and actor

    Prior to establishing his career as an actor, Kayleigh’s father was a professional wrestler. He debuted on March 7, 1987, defeating Perry Jackson in a 2-minute challenge match.

    After his successful debut, the then-wrestler worked under manager Gary Hart. During his career inside the ring, Swenson fought against pro-wrestler such as Bruiser Brody and Ahmed Johnson.

    Kayleigh Swenson Father Jeep Swenson
    Kayleigh Swenson(left) is the daughter of Jeep Swenson and Eric Hillsman.

    Later on, Jeep shifted his career into acting. His first role was in Jackie Chan‘s movie “The Big Brawl” where he portrayed a small role of a thief. He soon made his breakthrough when he snagged the role of Bane in the movie “Batman and Robin”.

    Kayleigh’s father Jeep Swenson Died Of Heartattack

    The Batman actor, Jeep Swenson passed away on 18 August 1997. At the time of passing, Kayleigh’s father was just 40.

    Jeep died of heart failure at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. After his death, Kayleigh’s mother Erin said that Jeep somewhat knew he was dying. She added:

    His lungs failed, his liver failed, his kidneys failed and then his heart failed and he was dead.

    Kayleigh’s dad had started using steroids in his early 20s. Ever since then, he couldn’t stop steroids although he knew that it wasn’t good for his health. Instead, he started drinking, eating, and even rubbing the steroids into his body.

    Kayleigh Swenson was a drug addict

    After her father passed away from a sudden heart attack because of steroids and painkillers overdose, things became a little bit complicated for Kayleigh to overcome.

    As a result, she ended up doing drugs to cope with the situation. In one of her Youtube videos, she also admitted that she used to consume 40 painkillers a day for like 3 years.

    Gradually, Kayleigh also started taking heroin and cocaine until the day she got arrested. She now remembers the arrest as a “Blessing In Disguise” as after getting out of jail, she totally became sober.

    She now runs a recovery home called the Viking House

    After getting out of jail, she got to know about Alcoholics Anonymous, a fellowship program that helps alcoholics recover.

    Kayleigh Swenson net worth
    Kayleigh Swenson also goes by the name “Viking Barbie”

    Likewise, Kayleigh after being sober, now runs a recovery home called the Viking House. It is in Huntington Beach where transitional men and women alike are recovering. Having her own experience in drug addiction and being able to be sober, Swenson says that she feels qualified to help those who are now in the same place as she was once.

    “I think one of the things that I always hear when people are talking about those with addictions in their life, they like to say things like, ‘Oh, they’re too far gone,’ or ‘That person will never get sober.’ And that’s just not true.”

    She further added, “The people you thought were throwaways are now pillars in the community and sponsoring other people.” We do hope Kayleigh keeps working and progressing on her venture.

    Swenson has a borderline personality disorder

    In an interview with Inked, Kayleigh revealed she has a borderline personality disorder saying “Duality defines me.”

    Kayleigh disclosed she has two sides of her because on the outside she is all about “There’s nothing I can’t do“. Meanwhile, on the inside, a part of her is like this little old man behind the curtain.

    Accepting her mental illness, she said:

    You love someone a lot one minute, and want to kill them the next. It’s very crazy rollercoaster.

    Kayleigh has even come forward and channeled her message of duality into her EP, Borderline.

    Is Kayleigh Swenson married? 

    Coming to Kayleighs’ personal life, she is dating someone. In 2017, a man named Aaron Andrew posted a pic of them together, and ever since then, the two are dating.

    Kayleigh Swenson Dak Prescott
    Kayleigh Swenson shares great relation with her boyfriend Aaron Andrew’s daughter

    Moreover, even Kayleigh frequently posts about her man on her Facebook. In a recent post, she wrote “I’m loved” revealing the Dior bag gifted by her beau on Valentine’s day. She even shares a great bond with Aaron’s daughter and often shares her pics too. The two are yet to tie the knot.

    Prior to her relationship with Andrew, Kayleigh had a fiance with whom she broke up for addiction relapse. Furthermore, there were even rumors that she was dating American football quarterback, Dak Prescott. However, neither of them had either denied or accepted the rumors. So, it remains a mystery if the two actually dated or not.

    What is Kayleigh Swensons’ net worth? Her current whereabouts

    Kayleigh is recently residing in Fountain Valley, California. As for her net worth, it is estimated to be around $500,000. She earns her living through her different careers such as a musician, a fashion model, and a business owner too.

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