The Untold Facts About Nikolas Ajagu, The Husband of Meena Harris

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    Nikolas Ajagu is an American-based entrepreneur who is currently the co-founder of

    But most of all, Nikolas is better known as the husband of Meena Harris. She is the niece of American Vice President Kamala Harris. He is also the proud father of two kids with his wife.

    In the following article, we bring you every detail of Nikolas Ajagu’s parents, childhood, and more.

    Who Is Nikolas Ajagu? His Parents and College

    Nikolas is an entrepreneur who was born on 12th January 1982, in California. As of 2022, the celebrity spouse is 40 years of age and his Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

    About his parents, Nikolas’s father Dr. Chris Ajagu was from Nimo in Anambra State, Nigeria. Unfortunately, the information about his mother is yet to reveal.

    Moving into his education, Ajagu graduated from Princeton Univesity, New Jersey. He has a degree in Social Anthropology.

    What Ethnicity is Nikolas Ajagu?

    As for his ethnicity, Nikolas is of Nigerian descent and is an American by nationality. Regarding his wife Meena’s ethnicity, the veteran lawyer belongs to a mixed ethnical background. Her grandmother was Indian-American while her grandfather was Jamaican-American.

    What Does Nikolas Ajagu Do? Take a Look At His Career

    The 40-year-old Nikolas started his career as an advisor at Autonet Mobile from 2005 to 2007 and

    Is Nikolas Still Working on Facebook?

    Several news reports suggest Ajagu quit the job at Facebook to be a full-time dad. But his LinkedIn profile indicates that he is still working for Facebook.

    Is Nikolas Ajagu’s Wife Meena Related To Kamala Harris?

    Yes, Meena is the niece of American Vice president Kamala Harris. Further, her mother Maya Harris is a successful American lawyer, public policy advocate, and writer. Maya also served as chair of the 2020 presidential campaign of her sister, Kamala.

    Here is one glimpse of Nikolas with his aunt-in-law Kamala at the inauguration ceremony of the President and Vice President.

    Nikolas Ajagu with his wife Meena Harris and aunt in law Kamala Harris

    Nikolas with his wife and Vice President Kamala Harris

    Is Nikolas Ajagu Married To Meena Harris?

    Yes, Ajagu is married to his wife Meena Harris. Although the couple has kept their love life a private matter, Meena announced their marriage on Instagram on 14th February 2022. She wrote, “The day we got married.” However, the exact year they got married is yet to be confirmed.

    Nikolas at game of Giants
    Nikolas with his wife Meena Harris source: Instagram

    The couple’s first meeting was back in 2007. Nikolas and Meena were working together at Facebook. After dating for several years, the lovers announced their engagement via Instagram in 2016.

    Besides, the couple has also two children Amara, born in 2016, and Leela, born in 2018.

    Meet Meena Harris, Wife of Nikolas Ajagu

    Meenakshi Ashley Harris is a lawyer and author. She is also the founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign. As we said earlier, Nikolas’s mother-in-law, Maya Harris is an American lawyer and public policy advocate. Talking about her father, Derek Anthony West is an attorney and former government official.

    Nikolas Ajagu's Family
    Nikolas Ajagu with his wife Meena Harris and his two daughters

    Nikolas Left His Job at Facebook For The Sake of His Daughters

    The wife of Nikolas, Meena Harris, has told that her partner left his job. Ajagu was working as the Global Head of partnerships at Facebook before quitting his job to work as a full-time dad.

    According to Meena’s interview in The Times, the lawyer told that she is free to write feminist children’s books. As a result, his wife became a full-time writer.

    Nikolas Ajagu’s Shoes Were The Center of Attraction at President Joe Biden’s Inauguration

    His sassy Nike Air Jordan first stole the show at President Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20 January 2021. It was a rare pair of the Dior x Air Jordan 1 High, a limited sneaker collaboration from 2020. It costs around $2200 and currently resells for around $7000. His shoes were the talk of the town.

    Nikolas Ajagu with Vice President Kamala Harris and his kids
    Nikolas Ajagu rocking Air Jordan at Presidential inauguration

    After Nikolas was seen wearing Jordan, Jordans ran out of stock. As of now,  it is being resold on other third-party reseller websites 10 times more than its original price.

    Nikolas is a Lifelong San Fransisco Giants Fan

    According to a recent post by her wife Meena on Instagram, Nikolas is a lifelong San Fransisco Giants fan. They are a professional baseball team from San Fransisco.

    On the occasion of the couple’s 7-year anniversary, the couple attended the  Giants game.

    Nikolas with his wife
    Nikolas at the game of San Francisco Giants with his spouse.

    His Net Worth

    Mr.Ajagu has made a good amount of fortune by working at several tech companies since 2005. As of 2022, the co-founder of has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million.

    Nikolas is fond of wine. Due to his love for wine, Nikolas and his wife Meena Harris have also invested in a Wine company called ‘Barrel and Ink’

    Is Nikolas Ajagu Active on Socials?

    Meena Harris’s husband Nikolas is a very private person. However, we found out that he has a Facebook account by the name ‘Nik’.  In fact, he has stopped posting there since 2017


    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Meena Harris (@meena)

    Firstly, he is not active on Instagram. But if we want to catch a glimpse of Nikolas’s personal life, we can peep into his wife’s Instagram. We can see the couple playing with their kids in his wife’s gram.

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