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    Tony Rader is an actor, entrepreneur, and former pitcher of the Philadelphia Phillies. He is mostly known for his marital relationship with the comedy series, Half and Half fame actress Valarie Pettiford. Valarie is also a dancer and Jazz singer.

    However Tony has also made a handful of appearances in the entertainment industry. He has played a role in the musical drama television series, Fade. His marriage to Valarie has attracted has helped him gain a lot of fan following.

    While his wife is quite active in the media, he has kept silent. Here today we are going to share some facts about his lifestyle and personal life so let’s get started.

    Tony Rader Early Life

    Tony Rader is also known as Anthony E Rader. He was born in March 1962, in Austin, Texas. He holds German ethnicity and holds American nationality. His star sign is Pieces.

    Likewise, he is blessed with an amazing physical appearance. He stands at a height of 5 ft 9-inch height and has an amazing body. On the other hand, he has black hair and dark eyes which makes him even more handsome.

    In addition, he has a great relationship with his family. In the meantime, he went on to pursue theatre after graduating from high school.

    Tony Rader worked for 12 years in theatre before getting a big break

    Tony first appeared in 1986 in the American Musical drama series Fame. In this drama, he appeared alongside Carlo Imperato, Gene Anthony Ray, and Debbie Allen.

    Further, he worked on the 1996 TV series, Unhappily Ever After. He appeared in the role of a delivery boy alongside Geoff Pierson, and Stephanie Hodge.

    Tony Rader Valarie Pettiford
    Tony is famous for marrying Valarie Pettiford.

    On the other hand, he is also a former baseball pitcher of the Philadelphia Phillies and an entrepreneur of The Customer Advantage as mentioned on his Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile respectively. Moreover, his wife has achieved great success in her acting career.

    What is Tony Rader doing now?

    Currently, he is working at Gold Standard Mortgage since 2017 as a licensed mortgage broker where he helps people to get loans on easy terms.

    He is also involved in the My Life Recovery Centre as the managing director since 2013 which is based in Washington D.C.

    Valarie Pettiford is not only an actress but also a dancer and Jazz Singer

    She has maintained quite a variation in her career. At first, she appeared in the movie The Wiz at the young age of 17 years old. Furthermore, she went on to play the role of Mariah Carey’s mother in the movie, Glitter.

    While her film appearance was increasing her TV shows were also increasing. From One Life To Live to Another World, she has given her best in everyday soap operas.  Her major breakthrough was in the role of Dee Dee Throne in the series Half and Half. 

    She also tried her hands at dancing and joined Bob Fossie productions on Broadway. Alvin Kelin has mentioned in New York Times about her stating,

    “Miss Pettiford has the appearance of being brilliantly trained dancer with background in both Broadway razzmatazz and balletic elegance. She also has stunning personality.”
    Furthermore, she released her Jazz music album named, Hear My Soul, in the year 2005.

    Tony Rader married famous actress Valarie Pettiford

    Tony had met his future partner back in the year 1995 during the shooting of the comedy series, Unhappily Ever After. Valarie was quite a name at that time despite which they started their love life. They dated for a while and enjoyed their joyful relationship.

    Further taking the next step they got hitched in 2000 and kept it a secret from the media. This couple is not blessed with children.

    Tony Rader and Valarie Pettiford struggled to have kids

    Since getting married the couple was trying to have children but all was in vain. After 5 years of struggle, both of them visited infertility specialists several times and spent more than $100,000 on medical expenses.

    In the meantime, the couple had to go through a heartwrenching series of physical and mental stress. Valarie had to struggle a lot during this period of time which also led her to a mental breakdown as stated in her interview with Ebony magazine.

    Valarie Pettiford Tony Rader Wife
    Valarie and Tony are reportedly divorced.

    Regardless of their efforts, they were not blessed with children which tore their relationship apart.

    Valarie’s divorce from Tony Rader and her battle with depression

    In the event of their separation after their failed attempts to become parents, the couple went to have a divorce according to the reports. Valarie had recalled a moment of how badly she wanted a child since her childhood.

    Ultimately it had become hard for her to fight the battle alone and she fell into depression. Despite that, she stayed strong while fighting her battle bravely and moved on in her life. After some time rumors were spread that she was dating her co-star.

    Valarie dated her costar, Brian J White, after her separation from Tony Rader

    After Valrie’s separation from Tony,  she moved on and met Brian J. White. They first met back in 2007 on the set of Daddy’s Daughters. 

    Tony Rader wife with her ex

    Both the couples were over the head in love. They shared quite a strong bond and maintained a good relationship. Nevertheless, they did not last long as expected and parted ways. Now Brian J White is hitched to Paula D Silva with whom he shares a beautiful daughter Layla Simone White.

    Another World fame actress Valarie is currently single at present time according to the reports.

    What is Tony Rader’s Net Worth?

    His acting career has given him both name and fame. He is also an entrepreneur and former baseball player so it might not be a surprise that he has a net worth of $500,000 as of 2022.

    On the other hand, his wife has achieved quite a success in her career as well and has a net worth of around $5 million as of 2022.

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