What Happened To Anne Terzian? Things About Bob Crane’s Wife

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    Anne Terzian was an American personality who is popular as the ex-wife of an actor and radio personality Bob Crane. Her husband is best known for starring in the CBS sitcom Hogan’s Heroes. Likewise, he received 2 Emmy Award nominations in his career. Nevertheless, he is notoriously famous for his extra-marital affair and for recording explicit content.

    Anne primarily got into the limelight only after her marriage. However, her marital relationship with her ex-spouse ended up after 20 yrs of togetherness. So, did she have any children with Bob? What was the reason behind Bob Crane’s dreadful death?

    We will discuss all that in this article. So, let’s read on to find out about Anne Terzian’s life details.

    Anne Terzian’s Bio, Parents, Death

    Bob Crane’s wife, Anne Terzian was born in the year 1930 in the USA. As for her nationality, she was an American and belonged to the Caucasian ethnicity.

    Born in a middle-class family, Anne had a very ordinary upbringing and lived most part of her life with her parents. Talking about her educational qualification, she was a high school graduate. In fact, she and her ex-hubby go to the same school.

    Unfortunately, she is no more with us. She died in 2007 at the age of 77.

    Anne Tarzian was Bob Crane’s High School, Sweetheart

    Yup! Anne and Bob went to Stamford High School in Connecticut. The lovebirds were Romeo and Juliet in the days of yore. They were high school sweethearts and popular among their friends. The duo were madly in love and dated throughout their senior years in school prior to their marriage.

    Bob Crane's First Wife Anne Terzian
    Anne Terzian with ex-husband Bob Crane at Emmy Awards

    Eventually, the pair married in 1949 someplace in California, 3 years after their high school graduation. At the time of their wedding, Anne was 18 yrs old while Bob had just entered his 20s. The duo has 3 children together. They have a son Robert David Crane and 2 daughters Deborah Ann Crane and Karen Leslie Crane.

    Why Did Anne Terzian Divorce Her Husband Bob Crane?

    In April 1969, the couple split up, and their divorce was finalized in 1970. The couple was due to celebrate their 21st-anniversary but they called off their marriage when things didn’t work out so well between them. If the rumors are true then, Bob’s infidelity and sexual addiction were the real bummers behind their divorce.

    Despite having a loving wife, Bob was having an affair with Cynthia Lynn, the actress who played Col. Klink’s secretary Helga on the sitcom Hogan’s Heroes. Their romantic entanglement was going on since 1965. However, both the actors were married so, to save her marriage Cynthia later left the show but Bob found a new lady who was her replacement in the show.

    Did Anne Date a Boyfriend After Her Divorce With Bob?

    Following her divorce from former spouse Bob Crane, there weren’t any rumors of Anne dating or opting for 2nd marriage. On the contrary, her then-husband, Bob exchanged vows with actress Patricia Annette Olson in the same year he divorced his first wife Anne Terzian. His 2nd wife is known by her stage name Sigrid Valdis famous for playing Hilda, the sexy blonde secretary in Hogan’s Heroes.

    However, Bob wasn’t pacified and was reportedly dating and enjoying romantic adventures with many partners even after his 2nd marriage. He dated many women throughout his life. Among many were his co-stars Cynthia Lynn (mentioned earlier), actress Sigrid Valdis whom he later married and the list goes on.

    Anne Terzian’s Children With Her Ex-Spouse

    Anne has 5 children, 2 of which are her ex-husband’s children from his 2nd marriage and 3 of them are her own children with Bob. While their son Robert David Crane is their eldest child, Karen Leslie Crane is the youngest and Deborah Ann Crane is the eldest daughter.

    Anne Terzian With Her Husband Bob And Their Children
    Anne Terzian With Her Husband Bob And Their Children

    On the other hand, Anne was a stepmom to Robert Scotty Crane and Ana Marie Crane. Scotty is Bob’s biological son with his 2nd wife Sigrid Valdis while Ana is their adopted daughter.

    Though Bob was a playboy and hooked up with many women for just a fling, all of his children now grown up have admitted that Bob was a doting father and a family man.

    Terzian’s Ex-Husband Bob Crane’s Career

    Robert Edward Crane aka Bob Crane was a radio personality and was “King of the Los Angeles airwaves”. He was a great host who would set the ambiance with his clever wit and drumming. Star guests such as Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, and Frank Sinatra had appeared in his show during his hosting time on CBS Radio.

    Likewise, he was cast as a regular member in The Donna Reed Show after the success of his guest shot episode. However, Bob’s terrific performance on The Dick Van Dyke Show earned him the offer by Donna Reed, to begin with.

    Furthermore, his role in the TV sitcom Hogan’s Heroes earned him more accolades. The show had 6 seasons and depicted World War 2’s catastrophe in a humorous way. Rather than feeling offended, the audience said it was a retreat to the loss from the holocaust.

    Nevertheless, his career started to turn a downward slope after the completion of Hogan’s Heroes.

    Bob Crane’s Death is a Mystery Murder

    Crane was found dead in the afternoon of 29th June 1978 at his apartment. Bob was 49 yrs old at the time of his death and there were just a few days left for his 50th birthday. Upon the investigation by police, he was brutally murdered by an unidentified weapon which is believed to be a camera tripod. In addition, there was an electrical cord tied around his neck which was apparently used for choking him.

    Though his murder remains an unsolved mystery, nonetheless his friend and partner in crime John Carpenter is a prime suspect. He was charged with Crane’s murder but was acquitted on all counts even though there was a trace of brain tissue found in his rental car but cleared off charges due to the lack of cops’ alertness in securing the crime scene and other evidence.

    Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that, it might be the husbands and boyfriends of women he had an illicit relationship with. Maybe someone killed him to get vengeance.

    Anne Terzian’s Former Husband was a Sex Addict

    Well, the sleazy side of Bob’s life isn’t a secret anymore. His sexual escapades went public after his gruesome death. There were many videos and photo albums of nude women in his apartment. Crane and Carpenter shared a mutual interest in women. In fact, the two were into pornography at that time when people weren’t that open about it.

    Crane used to videotape his intimate activity, take the pictures and show it to his friends on sets in a boastful way which sort of impacted his career in a negative way.

    There’s also a biographical movie Auto Focus based on the sordid story of his life. However, his younger son Robert Scott Crane claimed that the movie is misleading and all those hideous activities were consensual. But there’s a big but! Some women were astonished and asserted that the recording was done without their knowledge.

    Anne’s Ex Bob Crane’s Net Worth When He Died?

    Anne Terzian’s ex-spouse Bob Crane had a net worth of $150,000 at the time of his death. The actor accumulated most of his fortune from his showbiz career.

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