Where Is Life Below Zero Star, Agnes Hailstone? Has She Left The Show?

By Srijana Limbu | Updated on November 2, 2022
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    Agnes Hailstone is best known for her starring role in the reality TV series “Life Below Zero.” She is also known as the wife of Chip Hailstone, who also stars in the series. Her husband Chip is an American trapper/hunter.

    Agnes along with her husband Chip is famous for her hunting skills. Also, they choose to live the same way even with major financial boosts from appearing in the TV show.

    The family, however, is no short of dramas and controversies on and off the camera. To know all about them in addition to who really is Agnes Hailstone, wander through the write-up below.

    Where Was Agnes Hailstone Born? What Tribe Does She Belong To?

    Agnes Hailstone was born in 1972 in Noorvik, Alaska, USA. She is from the Northern Alaskan Inupiaq tribe. She is an expert hunter and fisherman.

    Inupiaq tribe woman and Alaskan hunter Agnes Hailstone from Life-Below-Zero
    Life Below Zero star Agnes Hailstone. Nat Geo

    Along with her family, Hailstone hunts different animals and uses their parts for meat, oil, or any other things that could be used for the household.

    Agnes apparently did most of her learning from her parents. She got her skills in hunting animals from her family tradition. During her hunting period, she uses Ulu and another knife which is popular among the Inuit, Yupik.

    Agnes Hailstone Ethnicity And Parental Background:

    As mentioned, Agne comes from the Inupiaq tribe. She has dark hair and eyes. What makes her unique is the Tatoo on her Chin.

    With respect to her parents, the reality star hasn’t shared much information about them but her folks are reportedly low-key people. They, nonetheless, are the ones who taught Agnes everything about hunting.

    Agnes grew up with her siblings but the names of her siblings are still unknown. What’s known though is that the reality TV star lost her mother and brother to icy water.

    The Meaning Behind Her Chin Tattoo

    According to a handful of reports, Agnes’ chin tattoo represents the serious nature she has. It apparently was given to her when she hit puberty and the ink also means a sign of maturity and hard work.

    The likes of such tattoos are common among Eskimo women.

    Agnes Hailstone On “Life Below Zero”

    Agnes’ self-sufficient life would become her career opportunity when she got to star in Nat Geo’s reality series. She became a constant figure in Life Below Zero after her debut on May 19, 2013.

    In the show, Agnes represents true blood with hunting rights from the government, so that tribal people like her would not run out of marine mammals (sources of food). 

    Agnes began her stint with Life Below Zero starting from the show’s first-ever season. She and her family were last seen on the show in its seventeenth season’s second episode which aired on Sep 2021.

    “Life Below Zero” is a documentary TV show, which revolves around the lives and daily activities of livelihood hunters, who live in remote areas of Alaska. They try to survive in extreme conditions, such as low temperatures. The series produced by BBC Studios airs on National Geographic Channel.

    Has Agnes And Her Family Left Life Below Zero?

    As mentioned it’s been a year since the people last saw Agnes and her family on the show. In fact, the Hailstones haven’t had a single appearance since the episode Breaking Trail (Sep 2021) and are still nowhere to be seen despite the show currently running on its 19th season.

    This has led many to wonder if Agnes and her family members’ chapter on Life Below Zero is really over. However, no such official confirmation has been put forward by either Nat Geo or the Hailstone themselves. It, therefore, is presumed that it could an unofficial hiatus from Agnes and her kin.

    In the meantime, Agnes is also the proud owner of the Kavik River Camp which is an exploration camp providing accommodation in the summer for all those who want to experience life in the wilderness.

    Agnes Hailstone Has Been Married Twice: Who is Her First Husband?

    Agnes has been married twice. She first married at age 19. It is, however, unclear who her first husband is though his surname had something to do with “Carter.”

    From her marital relationship with her first hubby, Agnes also has two sons Douglas and Jon Carter. Both of her children are also a hunter and they both have appeared in Life Below Zero too. Agnes’ son Douglas Cater is a married man who has five children with his wife, Gloria Iyatunguk.

    It is unclear why Agnes and her first husband separated and neither has Hailstone ever mentioned him on TV.

    Agnes Is Now Married to Her Second Husband Hailstone

    After Agnes divorced her first husband, Agnes Hailstone tied the knot with her second hubby Chip Hailstone in the 90s. Her current husband is from Kalispell, Montana, and came to Alaska in his late teens.

    Chip Hailstone and his wife Agnes Hailstone
    Agnes Hailstone with her spouse Chip Hailstone. Nat Geo

    As for their first meeting, Agnes and Chip apparently met each other in Noovrik. Chip is also a skilled hunter like his wife, Agnes.

    Agnes Has Five Daughters With Her Spouse

    Agnes and her husband Chip have five daughters together. They are Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan Hailstone. Their two eldest daughters Tinmiaq and Iriqtaq began with Homebase school but later on, they joined the school in Noovrik.

    Iraqtaq finished her graduation in 2015 from Noovrik High School. She also played basketball with her sister Mary, in her final year.

    Alaskan hunter and reality star Agnes Hailstone with her daughters and sons.
    Chip Hailstone and his wife, Agnes Hailstone with their daughters and son. Nat Geo

    Furthermore, Mary was a basketball captain as a freshman. As for Agnes’ other daughters Caroline and Qutan, they also occasionally join their parents in hunting.

    Agnes Hailstone‘s Husband Chip Hailstone Spent Months In Prison

    Agnes’ current husband, Chip had to spend 10 months in jail from mid-2013 to early 2014. This was after Chip was convicted of perjury and making false statements.

    Back in July 2013, Agnes’ spouse made a claim that during the altercation that took place earlier the same month between his stepson and another family in Noorvik, a resident pointed a firearm at his then 17-year-old daughter.

    Chip said Alaska state Trooper Christopher Bitz abused his then-teenage daughter during the subsequent questioning sessions.

    Reality star and real life couple from Life Beloe Zero, Chip and Agnes.
    Agnes with the father of her daughters, Chip. Nat Geo

    However, in reality, none of that happened. As a result, on the count of perjury and misleading statements, Chip received a sentence of 15 months in prison.

    During his prison stint, it was Agnes who became the sole leading person for her family on and off the show. Her husband would be set free in the spring of 2017 three months before the original date of his release. Then in December of that same year, the court would find him not guilty of his all previous charges.

    Soon after his release, Agnes’ baby father, Chip started filming Life Below Zero again.

    How Wealthy Is Agnes Hailstone? Her Net Worth

    Despite the struggling life Agnes and her family live, it has been presumed that the clan is quite richer; at least wealthier than an average person. After all, they have been in the Emmy-winning series for almost a decade.

    Yet, Agnes and her family members’ salaries have never made it to the public’s knowledge. Nonetheless, some reports suggest the figures are within the domain of $100,000 to $200,000 a year for the Hailstone couple.

    Accordingly, it is presumed that Agnes, at least, has a net worth within the ballpark of six figures (though possibly less than half a million).

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