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    Famous as the first lady of Chicago, Amy Eshleman is the wife of Lori Lightfoot. Her partner Lori Lightfoot is the current Mayor of Chicago. She is also the first lesbian African-American woman to be the Mayor.

    The couple are together since 2001. As they have been together for more than two decades, the couple has seen it all. With adopting a daughter and supporting her wife Lori throughout her campaign for Mayor, Amy has been sacrificing her part of life and career.

    So basically we could say that Amy is the backbone of the family. Other than her fame that came through her wife, there are many other things of Amy that have left unsaid. Let’s get to know more about the current first lady of Chicago’s early life including her career and other small details.

    Amy Eshleman Early Life and Education

    Amy Eshleman was born on 31 December 1961. She is originally from a small city in Illinois name Sterling. It is about 110 miles west of Chicago.

    She later moved to Windy City in the early 90s’ and has lived in Chicago since then. In addition to that, Amy Eshleman is white and is a citizen of America.

    Vivian Lightfoot Mothers Lori And Amy
    Amy Eshleman and Lori Lightfoot

    As for her educational background, Amy went to Sterling High School. She was athletic as a kid and played tennis and basketball. Furthermore, she was also a member of the National Honor Society. She graduated from Miami University in 1980 with a bachelor’s in history.

    Amy Eshleman Was a Former Employee of CPL 

    Prior to being the first lady of Chicago, Amy used to work as the assistant commissioner of the Chicago Public Library. She almost served as a Librarian for two decades i.e starting in 1994 and retiring in 2012.

    As an assistant commissioner of strategic planning, she helped to create programs One Book, One Chicago as well as YOUmedia. It is a library and studio space at Chicago Public Library designed specifically for teens where they can hang out. There they can create their own music, video, 2D and 3D design, photos, and podcasts with help from skilled mentors.

    She worked under former CPL Commissioner Mary Dempsy. Also, this is where she happened to meet Lightfoot.

    Amy Eshleman Is The Wife of Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot  

    Eshleman and Lightfoot met for the first time while Amy was working in CPL. Gradually the dates and meets led them to an altar in 1989.

    However, in those times, same-sex marriage was still illegal. So, the couple tied the knot again on June 1, 2014. It was the same day when same-sex marriage was declared legal in Illinois, Chicago.

    Amy Kissing Her Partner Lori
    Mayor and first lady of Chicago: Lori Lightfoot and Amy Eshleman

    As they married, she wrote:

    53 years ago, marriages like ours were illegal. Today, I’m raising an incredible child freely and openly with the love of my life. But it’s not lost on us that we still live in a world with too much hate. There’s still much work to do. Let’s all do more in this fight.

    Furthermore, Amy is tall hence she is easily noticed.

    Amy Child Is Adopted

    Amy and her partner is mom to their daughter. After their marriage, they adopted a baby girl to make their family complete. Her name is Vivian Lightfoot and she is now in her teenage years.

    Amy Eshleman Adopted A Child Vivian Lightfoot
    Lori Lightfoot and her daughter Vivian

    They adopted their daughter when she was just a little girl. However, neither Amy nor her partner Lori has revealed many details of her adoption.

    Currently, the family resides in the Logan Square neighborhood, on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

    Amy Eshleman as First Lady of Chicago

    The term “First Lady” is the unofficial title for the spouses or partners of elected heads of state. As for Amy, being the wife of the Mayor of Chicago made her First lady of Chicago. Also, Amy’s Instagram is full of her work stuff as a first lady.

    As a first lady, she has organizes and attends official ceremonies with the Mayor. She also plans various campaigns alongside her Mayor-wife.

    First Lady Amy Eshleman & Her Wife Lori
    Lori swore as Mayor of Chicago in presence of her wife Amy Eshleman and daughter Vivian

    Taking an example, Amy and her wife announced the “Spring Forward” Campaign in mid of 2021. It was a week-long series of events to keep youth engaged during spring break.

    In addition to being the first lady of Chicago, she is also a full-time mom of their daughter “Vivian”.

    Did Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Cheat On Her Wife Amy Eshleman?

    Rumors started circulating the internet that the Mayor of Chicago cheated on her wife Amy. It all started when former mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green posted a tweet, “Lori Lightfoot is resigning tomorrow in a stunning end to her mayorship. WOW.”

    However, he instantly deleted the tweet and subsequently tweeted:

    “If something isn’t true, simply put out a statement and kill the rumor. We all hope the resignation is true but the reason should be one of your former scandals.”

    The Mayor quickly addressed the rumors circulating online as “trash” and she will lead the city as she vowed. Furthermore, when Amy allegedly found out about the cheating thing, the couple even had a physical fight.

    How Much Is Amy Eshleman’s Net Worth?

    According to Chicago Tribune, Amy’s wife Lori earned more than $497,000 from a law firm during her first year (2019) in office as reported in March 2021.

    Regardless of her partner’s wealth, Amy’s net worth hasn’t been disclosed. However, thanks to her Mayor-wife, the family seems to be living well.

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