Who Is Corey Pritchett Jr.? His Marriage, Wife, Children, Net Worth

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    Corey Pritchett, aka Corey Pritchett Jr, is an American YouTuber and social media sensation known for his ultra-lavish lifestyle. He is also known for his huge collection of luxury cars ranging from Lamborghinis to G Wagon, & trucks which he showcases on his YouTube channel ‘Life With Corey’.

    The social media sensation Corey initially rose to fame through his YouTube channel named “Carmen and Corey,” which he runs along with his wife Carmen. His channels also feature prank videos, vlogs, and many more.

    With all the fortunes and luxuries that he showcases on his vlogs, there has also been curiosity surrounding his love life. Well, he is married but how is his relationship with his wife? Does he have kids? What is Corey Pritchett Jr.s net worth? Find answers to all the questions you have been looking for in this article.

    Corey Pritchett Jr. Childhood: He Was Raised By His Grandfather

    Corey Pritchett Jr. was born in Union Springs, Alabama to an African American parents in 1998,  May 31.  The 23-year-old YouTuber’s birth sign is Gemini.

    Talking about her childhood, he didn’t have a very normal one. His mother reportedly abandoned him when he was still a kid, after which he was raised by his aunt and grandfather Alvin Goshea.

    Growing up, he spent most part of his childhood in a small town which reportedly had only three traffic lights. It was there that he finished his primary education at Union Springs Elementary school. Later, he finished his middle school at Bullock County Schools.

    Corey Pritchett Lost His Sister In An Incident

    While growing up, Corey had to go through his share of tragedy. At the early age of 6, he lost his sister after his house caught fire. Unfortunately, they could not get his sister out of the house, which led to his death.

    Following the accident, the family moved to another apartment.

    Corey’s YouTube Career: How Did It All Start?

    Pritchett created his YouTube channel in 2016 but he started posting videos only in October of 2017. Before starting on YouTube, he used to work on cars and houses with his daddy.

    He is not the only one who is involved with the YouTube channel, but his partner as well. Corey met his girlfriend Carmen Pritchett back in 2016 and since then they are creating content together for their channel. They started their journey with a YouTube channel named Carmen and Corey.

    His other YouTube channels

    After the fame of his main channel ‘Carmen and Corey’, Corey went on to make other channels named ‘The Pritchett Family’ which has over 1 million subscribers, and another channel ‘Life With Corey’ which has over 800k subscribers. He regularly uploads his car collection and music on these channels.

    How much did Pritchett Jr. make from YouTube at the beginning?

    In one of their interview, Corey mentions that their first pay from YouTube was $200 and after that, they made $1200.

    Is Corey Pritchett Jr. Married To A Wife? They Have Children Together

    Well, Corey is not married yet but is rather engaged to his girlfriend-turned-fiancee Carmen. The couple met for the first time in 2016 and has since been together. Though the couple is already engaged, they have not revealed their wedding plans.

    Corey Pritchett Jr. Has Two Children With His Girlfriend Carmen
    Corey with his wife and two children

    Nonetheless, they share a great relationship and may tie the knot soon. In fact, they share such a strong bond that Carmen even quit her job to carry on YouTube full-time at the request of her boyfriend Corey.

    At present, the two lead beautiful careers as social media personalities.

    Back in 2016. They used to work together. It was Corey who made Carmen quit her job and be a full-time YouTuber. In one of the interviews, Carmen mentions that at first, she was hesitant about quitting the job and even told Corey to not talk with her.

    They Have Two Children From Their Relationship

    As we said, Corey is a father of two kids. With his wife-to-be, Carmen, he has a son named CJ, who was born on October 11, 2018. Further, Carmen was also reportedly pregnant with Pritchett’s second kid and shared a video about how she found out she was expecting. Unfortunately, barely a month after announcing their pregnancy, they announced that they had lost the baby.

    Likewise, he also has another son Ayden who was born in his previous relationship with Molly Water.

    Who Is Corey Pritchett’s Girlfriend Carmen Pritchett?

    Carmen Pritchett is also a YouTuber from Puerto Rico. They both contribute to the YouTube channel ‘Carmen and Corey’. She was born on October 16, 1998. she also has her own YouTube channel ‘ Carmen Pritchett’ which has over 1 million subscribers.

    Corey's Wife Carmen Pritchett
    Corey’s And His Partner Carmen Pritchett

    They have a son named CJ together born in 2018. Carmen was pregnant with Pritchett’s second kid and shared a video about how she found out she was expecting. Unfortunately, barely a month after announcing their pregnancy, they announced that they had lost the baby.

    Carmen Pritchett has 4.6 million followers on her Instagram account.

    Did Corey Pritchett Cheat on his Fiancée Carmen?

    In 2020, there were rumors circulating around, that Corey cheated on her Pregnant wife Carmen.  Later the 24-year-old regretted cheating on his wife and apologized to his wife and even gifted her Range Rover, which he posted on his Instagram.


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    He also stated that though he used to be in multiple relationships in the past, he has now stepped out of his relationship. Currently, Corey and Carmen have settled their differences and are happily living together.

    How Much Is Corey Pritchett’s Net Worth?

    Corey Pritchett’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 -$5 million in 2022, most of which he has earned as a Youtuber and his other investments.

    Corey adds some amount through promotion, ads, brand endorsement, social media posts, etc. In one of his videos, he told that he earned about $400000 per month through his multiple YouTube channels.

    How Corey went from  $200  per month to Millionaire at the age of 21

    Together with his girlfriend Carmen, he started making videos. They started uploading Pranks, daily lifestyle videos, and others.  Slowly their views started getting bigger and also the subscribers. Their channel currently has 4.03 million subscribers and over 540 million views on their channel.

    From his YouTube channels,  he makes around $100k per month.

    Corey Car Collections

    Corey Pritchett Jr. has collected different cars such as Dodge Charger, Monte Carlo, Box Chevy, Ford F-250, Hell Cat, Donk, Lamborghini, customized trucks, and many more.

    Corey Has a Huge Collection of Cars
    Corey’s car collections

    He regularly flaunts his car collection on his Instagram and YouTube channels.

    Did Corey Pritchett Gifted One of His Fans a Truck And $10,000?

    On the occasion of his 25th birthday, Corey has announced that he was giving one of his fans a chance to win a Brabus  G Wagon and $10,000 along with his SSG chain.

    How many followers does Corey have on Socials?

    Corey Pritchett Jr. maintains accounts on Instagram, Twitter, his YouTube channel, and Facebook. His Facebook channel has over 300,000 subscribers, his Instagram account has over 3 million followers, and his Twitter account has over 240, 000 followers.

    He also has his own YouTube channel ‘Life With Corey’ with over 800k subscribers, where he shows his car collection and regularly interacts with his fans.

    Interesting Facts

    • Corey lost his virginity when he was  5 or 7 years in the same apartment where he moved after the fire outbreak in his old house.

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