Who is Gianetta Fluent? The Untold Facts About Justine Bateman’s Daughter

By Anisha Maharjan | Updated on March 24, 2022
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    Gianetta Fluent is the daughter of a famous actress Justine Bateman. She is most famous for her works in films such as Family Ties, Satisfaction, Desperate Housewives, and Californication. Besides her acting career, Gianetta’s mother Justine is also a director and writer. Her first work as a director was in Violet which premiered in 2021.

    Like many celebrity kids, Gianetta also tends to keep herself away from all the fame that comes with her mother’s popularity. So in this article, let us try to explore Justine Bateman’s daughter Gianetta Fluent’s life from her affluent upbringing to her adulthood.

    Let’s get started.

    What is Gianetta Fluent Age? Details On Her Nationality and School

    Gianetta was born in January 2004. She is 18 years old as of 2022. She is also called by her other names i.e. Gia and Olivia. Born in the United States, Gia holds American citizenship. And her ethnicity is Caucasian.

    Justine Bateman Gianetta Fluent
    Young Gianetta Fluent with her mom Justine Bateman

    Growing up, her mother Justine claimed that Gianetta had a more creative side to her.

     “[Olivia] is into art…she loves making stuff and painting and drawing.”

    So, we can take a brief idea that Gianetta is more likely to be interested in the arts.

    Besides, as for her educational qualification, Gianetta currently studies at St Paul’s School.

    Justine Bateman doesn’t want her daughter Gianetta Fluent to be in the entertainment industry?

    We can see that many celebrity parents want their children to follow in their footsteps in the entertainment industry. However, Gianetta’s mother Justine Bateman doesn’t want it to happen.

    In an interview with People, her mother revealed that if in case Gianetta wants to pursue her dream as an actress, she won’t encourage it. Moreover, she added,

    “There’s an awful lot of choices in the world as far as what one can do for a living. It’s best to be familiar with as many sectors of the working world as you can be so you’ll be better at your creative job anyway. I want them to get out there and know everything about everything.”

    Well, as a mother, all Justine wants is the best for her daughter. Maybe the actress wants her to explore the world on her own rather than limiting herself to the industry.

    How did her parents Justine Bateman and Mark Fluent meet?

    Gianetta is the second-born child of her parents Justine Bateman and Mark Fluent. According to NewsTimes, her parents first met at high school.

    Gianetta Fluent Parents
    Justine Bateman with her husband Mike Fluent.

    Despite meeting in high school, the two didn’t start dating right away. Gianetta’s mother revealed her father was understanding of how consuming the show business is as he previously had worked in the industry too as a producer. They later tied the knot in 2001 after knowing each other for a long time.

    Justine Bateman’s husband Mark Fluent was then in commercial real estate finance. Mark now makes his living as Managing Director and Head of Western US Real Estate at Deutsche Bank. He oversees the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Dallas offices while being based in Century City.

    Her maternal grandfather and uncle are also big names in Hollywood

    In addition to her mother being a famous actress, Gianetta’s granddad and uncle too are big names in Hollywood. Her grandfather Kent Bateman is a popular movie producer and director. He was active from the 1960s’ to the early 90s’. During his career, Bateman has worked in various movies such as The Headless Eyes, Land of No Return, Teen Wolf Too, Breaking the Rules, etc.

    Jason and Justine Bateman
    Gianetta Fluent’s mother Justine Bateman and uncle Jason Bateman.

    Furthermore, her uncle Jason Bateman is also an actor. The two times Screen Actors Guild Award winner has starred in many films such as Up in the Air, This is Where I Leave You, The Gift, Zootopia, Game Night, and many more. Furthermore, he is also the director of Netflix’s original crime drama Ozark.

    What did Gianetta Fluent’s mother Justine Bateman do before being an actress?

    Before getting into acting, Justine was into pottery and knitting. She was so good at knitting that people started encouraging her to sell them.

    It just came really easy to me and ideas and I would make patterns or make it up as I went along. I’d made bikinis and shawls and ponchos and shorts and everything.

    In addition to that, she got herself a trademark copyright lawyer. She also had an accountant and a business license and a resale license.

    Justine initially didn’t even have the idea of being an actress. But, when her mom Victoria Elizabeth suggested her to try acting, Justine went for an audition. That’s how she landed two commercials. Soon after, she was in the pilot for ‘Family Ties‘. Since then, the actress has worked in various films, most notably The TV Set, Desperate Housewives, and Californication as well.

    Gianetta has one elder sibling

    Gianetta grew up with her older brother named Duke Kenneth Fluent, born on June 18, 2002. As per his Linkedin profile, his brother is recently doing his Bachelors in Business Administration and Management from Southern Methodist UniversityFurthermore, he is working as a Project Intern at KPRS Construction Services, Inc.

    Gianetta Fluent brother Duke Kenneth
    Gianetta with her elder brother Duke Kenneth Fluent
    Credit: Mike Fluent Facebook

    Having less age gap between them, Gianetta shares a great bond with her brother Duke.

    Where does Gianetta Fluent Live? Her Mother is a millionaire

    Gianetta currently resides in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. She lives there together with her parents and brother. While her net worth is still yet to estimate, her proud mother Justine has a fortune of $6 million as of 2022. She has racked such a good wealth from her acting career.

    Is Gianetta on Instagram?

    Talking about her social media presence, Justine Bateman’s daughter Fluent is active on Instagram but has made her profile private. She also has a Facebook profile under her nickname “Gia Fluent”.

    Besides, Gianetta’s mother Justine also frequently posts her daughter’s pics on her Instagram under the caption “JB.”


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