March 29, 2023
Lisa Kudrow's sister Helene Marla Kudrow

Helene Marla Kudrow is an American artist and sculptor mostly famous as the sister of the popular comedian, actress, writer, and producer Lisa Valerie Kudrow.

Though Helene is not as famous as Lisa, she has worked alongside her little sister as her twin Ursula in “Friends.” Not only that but she has allegedly done a handful of scenes on “Mad About You” as well. Apart from being a visual craftsman and making appearances in some dramas, Helene is also a mother of two.

In that case, who is Kudrow married to? In this article, we are going to find out everything about her including her career, relationships, net worth, & much more.

Who is Helene Marla Kudrow?

Helene is a visual artist prominent for her clay arts, sculpture, and paintings. She is one of the few artists who celebrate life and human form through her figurative bronze sculptures.

On the other hand, she is the eldest sister of the popular comedian and actress Lisa Kudrow. Also, she has reportedly appeared in some dramas with her sister.

Helene Marla Kudrow’s Age and Ancestry

Born in the year 1955, Helene is 67 years as of 2022. She was born in LA, California, and is American by nationality. The artist was raised in a middle-class Jewish family.

Coming to her ancestry, her ancestors emigrated from Belarus, Germany, Hungary, and Poland. Her paternal grandparents were from Belarus and later moved to Brooklyn where her father was raised.

Helene’s Mother Passed Away During Pandemic

Kudrow’s father Lee N. is a physician who specialized in the treatment of a headache. He has also published multiple research works on migraine healing and is the owner of the California Medical Clinic for Headache.

In contrast, her mother Nedra Stern was a travel agent. Unfortunately, she left the world in February 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Her Siblings; Is Phoebe, Helene Kudrow’s Twin?

No, the two sisters are not twins. Helene is Phoebe’s older sister and they have a huge age gap of 8 years. But the sisters look alike as they share the same body build and height.

Helene Kudrow alongside her sister Lisa
Helene Kudrow gives a kiss to her younger sister Lisa Kudrow

Except for Lisa, Helen has two more younger brothers; David B. Kudrow and Derrick Kudrow. David was born in 1957 whereas Derrick was born in 1959. All the siblings share a strong bond and are close to each other.

Who Played Ursula in Friends? Was It Helene?

While many tabloids suggest Helene played the part of Ursula as a twin sister in the sitcom Friends, none of them have been able to come up with valid proof. Regardless, many people believe the elder sister was the one to play the part of Ursula as the sisters look like twins.

Having said that, it is yet not clear if the reports are true. The debate of if Ursula was Lisa or Helene still remains a debate.

The Celebrity Sister Helene Kudrow is Married to an Entrepreneur

Helen tied the knot with her entrepreneur husband, David Scott Sherman, long ago and is still with him. Her spouse is a co-founder, COO, and CFO at a primary organization named Criteria. It is located in Beverly Hills, California. Besides, David is also a co-founder and chairman at Stikbox.

Helene Marla Kudrow with her husband David Sherman
Helene Marla Kudrow alongside her husband David Sherman

Since Helene likes to keep it modest, not much information about her love life or relationship is available in the media. She hasn’t revealed anything about where she met her partner and when they started dating or get married. But we are aware of the fact the couple shares two children.

The mother of two and her hubby David are the proud parents of their two sons; Drew Alexander Sherman and Spencer Jay Sherman.

What is Helene Kudrow’s Profession?

Initially, Helene started drawing and painting in her college. After completing her master’s degree she owned a quaint and fanciful hand-painted ceramics company. She named it Honeymoon Designs.

Later, she craved a more tactile medium and began working with clay in 2001. Kudrow is fascinated by sculpture and has learned with several prominent artists such as Robert Cunningham and Vladimir Goryachev.

Helene Kudrow working with clay, she is an artist by profession
Lisa Kudrow’s sister Helene Kudrow while working with clay


The art of the artist is sold in galleries from Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara to Palm Beach and the south of France. Her sculptures are also kept in museum exhibitions from Beverly Hills to Manhattan.

Furthermore, there is also a website by the name H.K Sherman Fine Art for her arts. Though we couldn’t find any details about the owner of this website, it shares beautiful photos of the sculptures of Helene.

Lisa Kudrow’s Sister Helene’s Social Media

While the Friends star is a social butterfly, her sis Helene Kudrow is just the opposite. Keeping her low profile she has been able to maintain a decent yet mysterious life away from the media.

The artist is neither on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Net Worth

Being a non-public person, the net worth of Helene Kudrow is still under the cover. However, as we all know the sculptures are highly expensive, she must be playing in millions.

Meanwhile, the fortune of her younger sister is worth talking about. Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe Buffay has total assets of $90 million.

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