Who is Isaiah Crews? Interesting facts about the young actor

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    Isaiah Crews is an American actor and musician who is the son of well-known actor and former professional football player Terry Crews. He came to the spotlight for being the son of a popular celebrity couple. Besides, being a celebrity’s child he has also made a name for himself as an upcoming actor.

    So who exactly is Isaiah Crews? Did he follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue an acting career? How did he start his acting career?

    Today we will explore all the known facts about Isaiah Crews and get to know him better as a person.

    Where was Isaiah Crews born and how was his early life?

    He was born on June 27, 2005, in Flint, Michigan, the United States. He was born to his parents, actress Rebecca-King Crew and well-known actor Terrance Alan (Terry) Crews. Isaiah is of White-African descent and 16 years old as of 2022.

    Young Isaiah Crews
    Young Isaiah with his family.

    He has four sisters, Naomi Burton-Crews, Azriel Crews, Tera Crews, and Wynfrey Crews. Isaiah seems to be quite active in sports as well as the drama club in his high school. He seems to have a good relationship with his family as the whole family is often seen out at public events.

    Isiah is currently pursuing acting and also studying in high school. He has not revealed his plans for further studies to the media. Currently, he lives with his family in Flint, Michigan.

    Who is Isaiah Crews’ famous father and how has he influenced him?

    Isaiah’s father is a well-known actor who gained fame from his iconic comedic roles in White Chicks and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. His father came to the spotlight before his acting career, as he was a former professional football player. He played as a linebacker with the NFL for six years.

    Isaiah Crews father Terry Crews
    Isaiah with his father Terry Crews.

    He has since expanded his career roles being an actor, TV host, producer, and painter. Celebrity kids usually follow in their parent’s footsteps. So, it comes as no surprise that Isaiah did the same thing. He was inspired in his early years by his father to become an actor.

    He has expressed that seeing his father in movies amazed him and it seemed like he could have fun while acting. So, he followed in his father’s footsteps in acting and has been doing an amazing job to date. He is often seen out with his father and they seem to have a good father-son dynamic.

    What is Isaiah Crew’s relationship status?

    Celebrity relationships are always quite a mystery unless you know them personally. Some love to flaunt their relationship status on social media while others take this matter as a private affair.

    Isaiah is a celebrity that loves to be seen out in public events yet likes to keep his personal life a secret. His relationship status remains a secret to the media.

    We can make the assumption that Isaiah is single and does not have a girlfriend, as he has not disclosed anything regarding his relationship status. He seems to be solely focused on his education and career for now.

    How did Isaiah Crews start his acting career?

    Isaiah has also always expressed his interest in acting from a very young age. His interest in acting started in his elementary school days. As he was constantly influenced by his celebrity parents and was around other celebrities from a very young age this pushed him further to pursue a career in acting.

    Isaiah Crews with his co-stars
    Isaiah Crews with his co-stars in the Side Hustle series.

    Later on, he even took part in a drama club in his high school years and acted in plays. This further ignited his passion for acting. He grew famous for being the son of famous celebrities so he had a constant presence in the media from a young age. Later on, he gained his own fan base and popularity after he started his acting career and also became a well-known influencer on social media platforms.

    He became well-known after getting his big acting break on Nickelodeon’s popular show ‘Side Hustle’ which was released in 2020. Isaiah played the role of Munchy who is a charming, quirky, and lover of life who loves to live in the moment. His character became quite popular amongst the young fan base as he brings out his charming and lively side.

    He has since appeared on The Family Crews which is a reality show based on his family for two seasons. The reality show aired from 2010 to 2011. Isaiah also appeared on the popular show Entertainment Tonight as a celebrity guest.

    His Net Worth

    He is one of the most successful young upcoming actors in Hollywood. He has accumulated quite a fortune from appearing on TV shows as well as engaging on his TikTok platform. According to sources, he has a net worth of around $500,000 to $1 million. Isaiah’s annual salary remains unknown.

    His Social Media Presence

    Social Media Presence is mandatory for most public figures if they want to be closer to their fan base. Isaiah Crews seems to be one of such young celebrities with a notable social media presence. He mostly shares behind the scenes of his ongoing projects and his own comedic content.

    Isaiah has 50,000 followers on Instagram @isaiahsamuelcrews where we can see glimpses of his personal life and his goofy personality. He also seems to be quite active on the Tik Tok @isaiahsamuelcrews platform where he has 80,000 followers and over 2 million views. Crews seem to have a good social media presence that boosts his fan base.


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