Who Is Lorelei Hutch? Her Married Life, Husband, Children, & More

By Anisha Maharjan | Updated on February 10, 2022
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    Lorelei Hutch is famous as the wife of actor Jesse Hutch. Her husband Jesse is a Canadian-born film and television actor. He is most known for portraying Jimmy Riley in the NBC series, American Dreams.

    Jesse appears to have a lovely marriage relationship with his wife Lorelei, in addition to having a good professional job. They have had a strong relationship since their marriage.

    Even if the couple has been married for more than a decade, not many know how their relationship started. So in this article, we are going to discover some intriguing facts about how Jesse and Loreili met, her personal life, ancestral history, and many more.

    Lorelei Hutch’s childhood and early years

    The famous celebrity wife Loreili Hutch hasn’t revealed her exact birth date, so there is almost no information regarding her birth age, zodiac signs, and birthplace on the internet.

    Furthermore, the last name Hutch is not Lorelei’s birth surname. So it is still unclear about her full birth name. She also hasn’t shared any information about her education.

    What profession is Lorelei Hutch engaged in?

    Lorelei is a famous celebrity wife. Besides that, there is not much information on what profession she exactly is involved in.

    On the other hand, her husband Jesse is a famous actor and director. He loves action and is also a stuntman. He often performs his own stunts.

    Lorelei’s partner Jesse has played in many films and dramas. It was his role of Jimmy Riley in American Dreams that made the actor popular worldwide.

    Is Lorelei married?

    Yes, Lorelei is married. Her husband is Jesse Hutch. After knowing each other for a long time, the couple walked down the aisle on May 25, 2009. They portray a happy family and are soon entering their 12th year of marriage.

    Loreili with her husband Jesse Hutch
    Loreili Hutch with her husband Jesse Hutch

    In more than a decade of togetherness, the couple is blessed with three children.

    Lorelei and Jesse are proud parents of three

    The loving couple has three children. The eldest two are sons and the youngest one is a daughter.

    Since Lorelei and Jesse have chosen a private life for their kids, they have not revealed their names yet. Nonetheless, they are seen in their fathers’ social media handle.

    Lorelei Hutch With Her Husband And Kids And Vacation
    Lorelei Hutch With Her Husband And Kids And Vacation
    Source: Jesse Instagram

    The family is often spotted hanging out on a beach and also attending events/parties together.

    Lorelei Hutch Social Media Presence

    As mentioned before, Lorelei is a very private person. So upon further research, there was no social media she was active on except for Instagram.

    On Instagram, she goes by the handle, @loreilihutch. She has 1010 followers and follows 485 others, as of writing this article. Her posts sum up to 45, however, she hasn’t made her Instagram public yet.

    While her husband Jesses’ Instagram base is @jesse_hutch having around 26.8k followers with more than 1k posts. He is often seen posting about his wife and children.

    What did Lorelei’s husband Jesse do before he got famous?

    Born on 12 February 1981, Jesse holds Canadian nationality. During his childhood, Jesse moved around a lot.

    Jesse attended an outdoor education program at Algonquin College. His hobbies include rafting, white water kayaking, free climbing, and mountain biking.

    Before pursuing his career in the acting field, Jesse was a white water raft guide for four years. He also has worked as a wilderness expedition guide after graduating from college.

    Their kids study in a traditional school

    In an interview, Jesse mentioned that his kids made their move to traditional school.

    He said:

    It has been a busy time. Our kids recently made the move to traditional school. My wife had been homeschooling them, but a lot of change was happening, so we made the decision to make this transition. It’s been really good on all fronts. We were glad that we took a little extra time to develop them and find out who they are themselves, even as young kids. We also wanted to find a school where we could meet the teachers and get a sense of who they are and what the school stands for. That can be quite difficult nowadays. But we found a good school where they really love the kids and they take the time to meet the needs of all the kids. They have extra people come in and help each class, so if anyone needs extra help, they’re on it.

    Lorelei Hutch With Her Husband Jesse Hutch And Kids
    Lorelei Hutch With Her Husband Jesse Hutch And Kids

    Lorelei’s husband Jesse Hutch is a devoted family man

    In the Instagram profile of Jesse Hutch, he described the bio of his best role as a husband, father, son, and bro. Seeing this we can already assume that he indeed is a family man.

    Also in an interview, when he was asked about how he balances his family life and acting career he answered:

    My wife and I are in constant communication with each other. We are on the same page for all of the major decisions in our life. Whenever I have a job, we quickly if it’s something that I want to pursue. Sometimes, I get to travel, sometimes I don’t since it may be local. For the most part, we do our best part to stick together and travel as a family unit and that really helps.

    “Family is very important to me and it should always come first”, he added. “We are always growing and we are always learning together.”

    What is her Net Worth?

    While her actor husband, Jesse Hutch is clearly a millionaire with a fortune reportedly around $2 million, Lorelei’s net worth is nothing more than a matter of conjectures and theories.

    Yet the wealth accumulated by her husband Jesse through his career has made the life of Lorelei and kids much easier and more comfortable.

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