Who Is Shelley Ross Husband David Simone? Her Love Affairs, & Relationships Detail

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Shelley Ross is a producer, author, network news executive, and ex-executive producer at ABC and CBS. She was also at the executive level for the National Enquirer. Ross now mostly works for The Cure Alliance which focuses on the development of chronic, debilitating, and fatal diseases including COVID-19.

While Ross is a pretty recognizable name in the American news industry, the many details of her personal life need a little digging. As such, the former ABC and CBS employee has been married to one guy since the 90s, however, the name of her spouse isn’t that apparent to outsiders.

Learn who really is Shelley Ross’s husband, how she met him, and other details.

Who Is Shelley Ross Husband?

Shelley Ross’s current husband is David Simone. He is a tall British from the London United Kingdom. Although not much about Ross’ husband is known, according to Facebook, he is an ex-student of St Marylebone Grammar School, presumably a now no longer in function school in the London borough of the City of Westminster. Also unclear is Simone’s current profession.

Ex CBS and ABC executive producer Shelley Ross with her husband David Simone at a friend's birthday party in Dec 2018
Shelley Ross with her husband and the London native David Simone

However, according to a 2008 piece from Page Six, Simone, in the past, was the former head of Geffen Records and in the late 2000s had launched a music publishing company.

Shelley’s Husband David Simone Is In An Executive of A Renowned Company

Shelley’s longtime partner, Simone is also considered a successful record industry executive who once also purchased a complete catalog of Hall and Oates.

According to an old report from Variety, Simone is also an ex prexy of Polygram Music Publishing, as head of A&R which however was during the mid-90s.

For years, Simone has been providing leadership, creative guidance, and signing artists to the label.

Some other features in David’s resume are the ex-label chief of Uni Records, chairman of MCA UK, and managing director of the UK outposts of Arista Records and Mercury Records.

He furthermore was also the senior veep of business affairs at Capitol Records.

Shelley Ross Relationship With David Simone; When Did They Marry?

Ross married her boyfriend-turned-spouse David in July 1990 which was some 32 years ago as of 2023. Together they are also parents to two children, Benjamin and Kimberly. Both of them are in their 30s.

On July 23, 2022, on the occasion of her and Simone’s wedding anniversary, Shelley uploaded a TBT picture of their nuptials with the caption,

32 years of romance, joy and adventure…oh, and rock ‘n roll, baby!

Shelly Ross And David Simone Children & Past Marriage

Shelley’s husband, Simone also has two more children from his past relationship.

A Facebook image of Shelley Ross and her longtime spouse, David Simone
Ex Geffen Records head David Simone with his wife Shelley Ross

When talking with Motherhood Later, Shelley revealed she met her husband, Simone when his kids from his past relationship were five and seven. She admitted to really liking him at the first meeting. Ross said she fell in love with the Englishman when she saw him serving his children SpaghettiOs. She had found him a sweet and loving father.

Soon, Ross and the music producer began their relationship, and after that, their kids traveled back and forth spending Christmas at two houses and other occasions like spring break and summer vacations.

Ross and David now split their time between New York City and New Cannan, Connecticut.

Shelley Ross Ex Junior Groped Her Infront Of Her Husband, David Simone

In Sep 2021, several headlines spawned each of which retold a groping incident that Shelley experienced from one of her former juniors in front of her husband at a party. The incident apparently happened in 2005 and the man who inappropriately touched Shelley was the ex-CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo. Shelley revealed all this in late 2021 through the New York Times op-ed. The ex-Early Show executive, at the time of the groping incident, was a top executive at ABC.

Explaining the instance, Shelley, in the op-ed, wrote,

‘I was at the party with my husband, who sat behind me on an ottoman sipping his Diet Coke as I spoke with work friends. When Mr. Cuomo entered the Upper West Side bar, he walked toward me and greeted me with a strong bear hug while lowering one hand to firmly grab and squeeze the cheek of my buttock.’

Cuomo apparently told her,

‘I can do this now that you’re no longer my boss.’

After that, Ross said, she pushed Cuomo away while telling him, No you can’t. She stated her husband Simone witnessed the whole awkward incident.

Ex CNN anchor Chris Cuomo during Cuomo Prime Time
The former Cuomo Prime Time anchor Chris Cuomo. CNN

After the emergence of the news, Cuomo said that while he did such things to Ross, he insisted it wasn’t sexual at all. He also revealed that he had apologized to her hours after the incident.

Ross admits to receiving an email apology from Cuomo one hour after that party but says Chris first apologized to her husband, Simone before he would ask for Shelley’s thoughts.

Ross’ Husband David’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Simone has a net worth of $15 million. Similarly, his wife is also pretty wealthy with a net worth of $2 million. Well, their wealth is expected to increase in the days to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Shelley Ross is married to British music producer, David Simone.
  • It is unclear if she was married to somebody else before David Simone.
  • Her husband David Simone is a music producer who has his own publishing company.

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