Estere Ciccone: Know All About One of The Adopted Twin Daughters Of Madonna

By Shradhda Gurung | Updated on November 28, 2022
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    Estere Ciccone is one of the adopted kids of the Pop queen Madonna. She is a popular celebrity kid who got from rags to riches overnight. The now-adopted daughter of a rockstar initially belonged to a poor family who didn’t have the resources to look after her.

    Ciccone got her name from her adoptive mother Madonna. Madonna is fairly known for her good doing among societies. And Estere is one of the few privileged children who got lucky for getting a second life thanks to the La Isla Bonita singer.

    Apart from all of this, there’s more to know about Estere Ciccone’s story. Read all those in the article below.

    Estere Ciccone Is From South Africa: Her Date of Birth

    Estere Ciccone was born on the 24th of August 2012 in Malawi, South Africa. She was born to her father Adam Mwale and her mother Patrica. She also has a twin sister named Stella Ciccone. In fact, both Estere and her twin sister Stella were put up for adoption soon after their mother’s death.

    Born in South Africa, Estere now holds an American nationality and has a mixed ethnical background.

    Who is Estere Ciccone Father? Her Mother Died After Her Birth 

    Estere Ciccone’s father Adam Mwale was a small-time farmer in a small Malawian village. Meanwhile, her mother was a full-time housewife. She, however, died five days after giving birth to Estere and her sister.

    Estere’s mother Patricia gave birth to her twin in one of the local hospitals, where Patricia suddenly had to face a lot of complications. As claimed by the hospital reports, Patricia had to go through a caesarian section because she couldn’t give birth naturally. This process caused excessive bleeding which ultimately led her to death.

    Madonna's adopted daughters, Estere and Stelle
    The twins, Estere and Stella. Instagram

    As said earlier, Estere’s father was poor and had no permanent arrangement when it came to taking care of himself or his kids. As he already had five kids to look after he had no other option than putting the twins up for adoption. Adam took both Estere and Stelle to a local orphan house named Home of Hope Orphanage in Mchinji.

    Estere Ciccone Was Adopted By Madonna In The Year 2017

    Madonna, full name, Madonna Louise Ciccone, a globally acclaimed music composer, vocalist, and actress adopted the twins in the year 2017. Madonna has always been a part of different welfare programs. She is a philanthropist and is a part of several philanthropic projects including one in Malawi where she often visits to check on them.

    singer Madonna announcing the news of her adoption of Estere and her twin sister.
    Madonna with her adopted twin daughters, Estere and Stelle. Instagram

    Madonna has adopted several kids over the years. After the legal procedure of the adoption of the twins Estere and Stella, she gained the legal custodian of the twins. Madonna expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the people of Malawi who helped her during the entire adoption process.

    Soon after the formalities were over, Madonna flew straight to New York with her twin daughters in the hopes to give them a new life.

    Estere’s Father Had Mistaken Adoption With Fostering

    After the adoption procedures were completed, the twin girls went with their adoptive mother Madonna to New York. After the news about Madonna’s adoption broke on the internet, Daily Mail went to interview the twins’ biological father.

    Estere's biological father, Mwali.
    Estere and Stelle’s biological father during an interview with The Daily Mail. The Daily Mail

    The father Adam claimed that he never reckoned Madonna taking away his kids permanently. He thought they were only with Madonna for somewhat like a fostering process. Adam felt that the twins would have an opportunity for a better life with her rather than in the orphanage where they were hopeless but never knew that Madonna was taking them legally.

    After all the fuss, there was a subsequent hearing on the case where Madonna’s legal team put blame on Adam for being an irresponsible father. Everyone agreed to the fact despite Adam claiming to be visiting his daughter on a daily basis.

    The Relationship Between Estere Ciccone And His Adoptive Mother Madonna

    Madonna loves her twin girls very much and she never hesitates to show the world her love for them. The bond between Madonna and her twins seems unbreakable. The artist loves to spoil her twins with nothing but the best. On the twins’ eighth anniversary, Madonna took them to Jamaica where she threw them a lavish event for the celebration.

    Madonna is always posting pictures of the twins explaining how much she loves them. Similarly, in August 2022, Estere and her adoptive family were also spotted having a celebration of the twins’ birthday. At the time, Madonna shared a picture of the twins followed by a cute caption that said ”2 beautiful souls….who bring nothing but joy to everyone they meet. So grateful to have them in my life.”

    Well, let’s just say both the twins and Madonna are lucky to have each other in their lives.

    Madonna Has Two Biological Kids; Estere’s Siblings

    Madonna is a mother to two biological kids, which she had from her past relationships. Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon is her firstborn who was born on 14 October 1996. She is the child of Madonna and her ex-partner Carlos Leon.

    And Madonna’s second biological child is Rocco Ritchie who was born on 11th August 2000. Rocco is the child Madonna had during her marriage with Guy Ritchie. However, the marriage fell apart as Madonna felt like the union wasn’t turning out as she thought was going to. Currently, Madonna is dating Ahlamalik Williams.

    Estere Ciccone Has Ten Siblings In Total

    Estere Ciccone apart from her adoptive family has five biological siblings excluding her twin sister Stella Ciccone. The world is still unknown as to who they actually are. Apart from that, Estere has four siblings belonging to her adoptive family who are Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, Rocco Ritchie, David Ciccone Ritchie, and Mercy James.

    Estere Ciccone with her adoptive mother Madonna and her siblings
    Madonna with all of her six kids including Estere. Instagram

    Among four of Estere’s siblings, David and Mercy are also adopted just like them. David Ciccone Ritchie is from Malawi who was adopted from the Home of Hope orphanage located in the capital of Lilongwe. Similarly, Mercy James is also originally from Malawi and was adopted from an orphanage located in Blantyre.

    Madonna’s Daughter Estere’s Love For Singing And Dancing

    It’s not very surprising that having an opportunity to live with a music icon wouldn’t create an impact. Madonna’s daughter Estere seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps. Madonna once shared a video of Estere singing the song ”turn the music up” on a piano tune in the background.

    Madonna keeps her followers updated about her daughter through her Instagram account. She keeps posting about the twins and especially Estere’s singing the most. Estere is also interested in dancing. In a video posted by Madonna on her Instagram, Estere and her twin Stella were seen showing their remarkably smooth footwork.

    Not only through her mother’s account, but the twins also have their very own Instagram account where they keep posting stuff around.

    Where Is Estere Ciccone Now?

    At present, Estere and her twin sister live in her adoptive mother Madonna’s multimillion mansion located in Hidden Hills, a gated community located just North-West of Los Angeles. The singer bought the mansion for over $19 million which features six bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Estere with her mother Madonna with her twin sister
    Madonna and the twins, Estere and Stelle celebrating their 9th birthday. Instagram

    The twins are undoubtedly having a healthy and prosperous life with their new family.

    Estere’s Instagram account

    Estere Ciccone and her sister Stella Ciccone have their own Instagram account with over 7k followers. The twins keep their Instagram updated by posting pictures of themselves and their loving family.

    The twins frequently post about their adoptive mother Madonna showing their love and gratitude toward her.

    Estere Ciccone’s Net Worth; How Much Is She Worth?

    Estere Ciccone is still a kid trying to find her way out of life. She has no career or job as of now. However, her adoptive mother Madonna has an estimated net worth of $850 billion.

    Madonna is a singer, songwriter, and successful businesswoman. She is the owner of the entertainment company ‘Maverick’ with a joint venture with ‘Time Warner.’ Madonna is also among the best-selling music artist of all time hence, it is an easy guess as to where she got her fortunes from.


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