Who Is Kurupt’s Ex-Wife Gail Gotti? Wiki, Husband, Illness, & More

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    Gail Gotti also popular as Jovan Brown is a successful American rapper and entrepreneur. She is also recognized as the ex-wife of American rapper Kurupt. She was married to the rapper for around a decade before they divorced. As a musician, Gotti has associations with Death Row Records and she gained attention for her collaborations with several renowned artists, including Ky-Mani Marley.

    Lately, rapper Gotti has been battling blood cancer and has been very open about her cancer journey & often updates about it on her social media and with other media as well. Further, Gotti also openly claimed that her former husband Kurupt left soon after she was diagnosed with cancer. Moreover, she also alleged that her former husband refused to pay for her medical bills. However, the rapper has denied her accusations. So, what actually happened with the former husband-and-wife?

    Let’s dig into Gail Gotti’s marriage and divorce. Moreover, we will also find out about her professional life, parents, and more in the sections below.

    Gail Gotti Early Life, & Education

    Gotti was born on May 16, 1979, in the United States. While the late singer and songwriter Teena Marie was her godmother, she has not revealed details about her biological father and mother. Talking of her godmother Marie, she has sung numerous songs including some songs like Fire and Desire, Square Biz, and Lovegirl among others.

    Although not much about Gotti’s family background has come up in the media, one thing about her family is known that they owned a record company.

    When it comes to her education, she did her schooling at El Camino Real Charter High School. After finishing high school, she graduated in 1997, from California State University in Northridge.

    Gail Gotti Is A Musician And Entrepreneur

    Gotti grew up in a musical family and having witnessed the nitty-gritty of a musical career, she eventually found herself inclined more towards it. Talking about her early works, Gotti was featured on the 40 Glocc song Click Clack. In her early singing career, Gotti collaborated with various singers, including Ky-Mani Marley in association with Death Row Records.

    Rapper Gail Gotti seems younger than her age
    Rapper Gail Gotti via her Instagram

    Gotti has some huge hits in her name. Some of her massive successes include The Boo-Yaa Tribes West Koasta Nostra, & Dysfunctional Family Soundtrack. In her career spanning years, she has released over 140 soundtracks.

    Meanwhile, Gail is a versatile artist. Besides her career in music, she is also an entrepreneur and has her own fashion house, Night-In-Gail Collection. Her fashion line mostly focuses on products like swimwear, loungewear, and inspirational Candles.

    Gail Gotti Was Married To Ex-Husband Kurupt With Children

    Almost everyone who follows rapper Kurupt knows his marital relationship with rapper and entrepreneur Gail Gotti. Gott married Kurupt aka Ricardo Emmanuel Brown, in the year 2007. As per the reports, the couple began dating in the year 2004.

    Famous rapper Gail Gotti wishes her son 21st birthday: She was married to Kurupt
    Rapper Gail Gotti and her son Milan

    Unfortunately, she has not revealed much about her marriage at present. The former husband-and-wife welcomed their first child Milan. Gotti and her son Milan share a close bond and they have even shared their photos on social media.

    But, when it comes to Gotti’s relationship with her ex, Kurupt, they ended their 13 years of romance in 2017. Almost a decade after they exchanged their wedding vows, the pair divorced.

    Former couple Rapper Gail Gotti and rapper-husband Kurupt
    Former couple Rapper Gail Gotti and rapper Kurupt

    Rapper Gotti, who has been battling non-curable blood cancer for around five years, claimed that her then-spouse left her because of the diagnosis. However, Kurupt denied it outright.

    Gail Gotti’s Diagnosis with Cancer and Its Impact on Her Married Life

    In case you didn’t Know, Gotti was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2017. As per her claim, her then-spouse Kurupt abandoned her for another woman, and that too after she was diagnosed with the fatal disease. Shortly after that, she filed for divorce from Kurupt. She said Kuruptleft her side when she needed him and his money the most. She said,

    “Before Kurupt left our relationship, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although, I earned a salary prior to separation and he knew I needed the money, when I asked him to assist me with my treatment, he responded ‘go get a regular job’ and I should get a boyfriend to help me pay for my treatments.”

    On her Instagram post, she wrote

    Shoutout to my ex tho, I wouldn’t be living my best life if we were still together,” in the caption.

    Rapper Gail Gotti Was Diagnosed With Blood Cancer
    Rapper Gail Gotti when she was bald due to cancer

    However, Kurupt told an entirely different story. As per Heavy, Kurupt told in the court documents that he and Gail Gotti had been separated since 2010, nearly seven years before her cancer diagnosis. Moreover, he claimed that Gotti had already gotten into a new relationship by 2012.

    Kurupt even accused his then-wife of stealing money from their company account. He alleged that Gotti owed him $175k. While on the other hand, Gotti asked for $14k a month in spousal support. Besides, she also asked for $40k in attorney fees and a 50% share in Kurupt’s business, including their shared cannabis line Moonrock.

    Gail Gotti’s Ex-Husband Kurupt Is A Rapper

    Gail Gotti’s former husband Ricardo Emmanuel Brown most popularly known by the stage name Kurupt is a member of the hip-hop music group The Dogg Pound. Similarly, he was also a member of a hip-hop supergroup The HRSMN alongside Ras Kass, Canibus, and Killah Priest. He founded the group with Daz Dillinger. Similarly, he was also the Executive Vice President of the record label Death Row Record.

    Kurupt gained fame after he released his first solo album Kurruption in 1998. Prior to that, he formed the rap duo with Daz Dillinger and came up as a producer of their first album Dogg Food in 1995.

    As far as his love life is concerned, he has had a few affairs apart from his relationship with ex-wife Gail Gotti. He was in a relationship with rapper Foxy Brown in the ’90s. The pair were even engaged to be married in 1997, however, things didn’t go as planned and called it quits in 1999. Soon enough, the duo ended their affair after Foxy cheated on Kurupt with rapper DMX.

    Gail's former partner Kurupt was engaged to rapper Foxy Brown in the late '90s
    Rapper Kurupt and his ex-fiancee Foxy Brown

    Following his breakup with Brown, Kurupt started dating Natina Reed. In fact, they even got engaged, but they didn’t get married. They reportedly broke up in 2002. They even gave birth to a son Tren Brown before parting ways.

    Gail Gotti is on Social Media

    As a celebrity, Gotti is also active on most social media platforms. She has thousands of followers on multiple social media platforms. She has 16.5k followers on Twitter, where she loves to post about her business Night-In-Gail Collection.

    Famous Rapper met Famous Basketball player Late Kobe Bryant
    Rapper Gail Gotti and famous Basketball player late Kobe Bryant in the year 2014

    Similarly, on her Instagram, she has nearly 50k followers as of May 2022. She shares lots of posts about her workout, spending quality time with her loved ones and her business.

    Gail Gotti Is An Entrepreneur – Shared her Reasons for Starting Her Own Business

    After being diagnosed with stage 3 terminal blood cancer (Multiple Myeloma), she was in desperate need of money for her treatments. And since she has already split up with her partner, she was broke with no source of income. In fact, she had around $25 left with her.

    Thus to assist her treatment expense, she came up with the idea of starting her own business giving birth to Night In Gail Collection.

    What is the Networth of Gail Gotti?

    As of 2022, Gotti has over $1 million in net worth which is mostly from her music career. Besides, she also makes good money from her business, but she has not revealed any figure.

    Her ex-husband, on the other hand, is super-wealthy with a net worth of $500 thousand as of February 2022.

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