March 21, 2023

Eric Jude Crewe is the youngest son of late American rock and roll icon Ricky Nelson and his ex-partner, Georgeann Crewe. Eric’s father, Rick was a popular American figure in the entertainment as well as the music industry. He was a singer, musician, and actor. He even got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

Eric is the youngest child among all his half-brothers and siblings. Eric, unlike his other siblings, doesn’t prefer to stay in the limelight and media. Contrastingly, he is not into the show business and lives a quiet life away from the cameras and music.

Growing up as the youngest child of American Rock and Roll icons, Eric definitely might have had a very luxurious and happy childhood. They were introduced to the cameras at an early age which might have been a huge factor for all of Eric’s siblings to be in the entertainment field except for Eric himself.

Eric Jude Crewe Age

Eric Jude Crewe was born on 14th February 1981 at Teaneck, New Jersey. He is 40 years old. He is the youngest child among all of his siblings.

Who are Eric Jude Crewe’s parents?

His father Rick Nelson was a famous American Rock and Roll icon and also acted on the big screen on several occasions.

Eric Jude Crewe's father Rick Nelson was a rock and roll hall of famer.
Eric Jude Crewe’s father Rick Nelson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Eric’s mother Georgeann Crewe was also a successful model and dancer.

His parents had a stiff relationship

They first met at a Playboy event in New Jersey. Upon their first interaction, Crewe was immediately attracted to Rick and the couple began dating on 16th May 1980. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last long and the couple broke up in September that year.

Nevertheless, from their short affair, Crewe became pregnant. Even after their breakup, Crewe tried a lot to come in reach within Rick to inform him that she was pregnant with their child but failed miserably.

Eric’s father Rick did not accept him and his mother

Subsequently, she ended up giving birth to Eric in 1981 without the presence of Rick Nelson. Moreover, she also gave her son hew own surname instead of Rick’s due to the fact that they both were ignored by Rick Nelson.

Apparently, Rick had no clue or interest in Georgeann and his son. Later a DNA test revealed that Eric was Rick’s biological son but Rick was never so accepting of him or his mother. He even stopped playing concerts in the Atlantic City due to the fact Crewe was from the Atlantics.

Nevertheless, after finding out about the child, the court ordered Rick to pay $400 per month in child support. He first agreed to pay Crewe the money but didn’t pay a single dime in child support.

Eric Jude Crewe young Rickie Nelson family
Rickie with his children.

Unfortunately, Eric’s father Rick died in a plane crash on 31st December 1985 just at the age of 45. Personally, Eric has managed to live a very private life and there are no records of the schools and colleges that he attended.

Is Eric Jude Crewe Married?

Eric Jude Crewe is indeed married. His wife’s name is Grace and the couple also have children together. Eric has mentioned this in his “Go Fund Me” campaign quoting, “Her love for me Grace and her Grandchildren will always be eternal” about his mother.

Eric created a fundraising campaign for his mother’s funeral

Unfortunately, Eric’s mother Georgeann passed away on September 1st, 2021 in her late 70s. In relation to that, Eric started a “Go Fund Me” campaign in hopes of raising her funeral expenses.

In the campaign, Eric has mentioned his mother’s love and impact on his life describing her as an artistic, creative and beautiful soul. He ended the campaign with the words, “I love you Mom❤ may you rest in Heavenly peace ❤”.

Eric Jude Crewe on Social Media

Although, Eric’s father might have been a rock star and a public icon back in the days’ Eric Jude Crewe has never been in the spotlight of any media or public outlets.

He is not active on any form of social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He has lived a very quiet and private life managing to keep things to himself only which is quite impressive.

The net worth of Eric Jude Crewe: Rick’s refusal to include Eric in his wills

Furthermore, no details and data related to Eric have never been disclosed to the public so his net worth is rather unknown but According to Celebrity Net Worth, Eric’s father Rick did have a whopping net worth of $500 thousand at the time of his demise back in 1985.

Rick didn’t want Eric or his mother to be included in this will and they were always seen as an unwanted outcast.

On the other hand his mother, Georgeann was a successful model and dancer which might have helped her to give Eric a decent childhood and now aged 40, we all hope Eric is doing just fine in his life.

Eric Jude Crewe’s siblings: What are they doing now?

Eric is the youngest among his brothers and sisters. He has 3 half-brothers and a half-sister. The eldest of the siblings, Tracy Nelson is an American actress, writer, and dancer. She was born on 25th October 1963.

Gunnar Nelson and Mathew Nelson are his twin brothers who were born on 20th September 1967. They both are in the music industry and formed a rock band named Nelson together.

Eric Jude Crewe, Rick Nelson's youngest child had four half siblings including three brothers and a sister
Eric Jude Crewe’s brothers Matthew Nelson, Sam Nelson, and Gunnar Nelson all work in the Hollywood and music industry.

Sam Nelson is the final sibling of Eric Jude Crewe and Sam like his other brothers and sisters is an American singer and also an actor who was born on 29th August 1974. Except for Eric, all his siblings are in the movie or music industry.

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