Is Vivian Lightfoot Adopted? Untold Facts About Lori Lightfoot’s Daughter

By Anisha Maharjan | Updated on February 27, 2022
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    Vivian Lightfoot is the daughter of Lori Elaine Lightfoot. Her mother Lori is an American attorney and politician serving as the 56th mayor of Chicago since 2019. She became Mayor of Chicago in April 2019 making her the first openly gay mayor of Chicago, US.

    Being the only child of a famous politician, Vivian has learned to be in limelight. However one knows that alongside the fame comes critics and rumors. In the case of Vivian, rumor has it that she is not the biological child of Lori.

    So, let’s find out if there is any truth in the rumors. Also, explore more about Vivian’s early life, parents, and other details.

    Vivian Lightfoot Age, Height and School

    Vivian was born in 2008 making her of age 14 as of 2022. She celebrates her birthday every November. As for her body proportions, Vivian stands at the height of 4 feet and 8 inches (142cm). She weighs around 35-38kg.

    Given her age, she may be attending high school. However, Vivian’s school is a private school. In an interview with Chicago Suntimes, Lori talked about how her daughter starts her day with a Zoom conference call from her teacher and ends it with a virtual “board game night” with her friends.

    Vivian Lightfoot With Her Mother Lori Lightfoot And Amy
    Lori Lightfoot with wife Amy and daughter Vivian

    She added:

    “But it’s hard. This would be a time when she’d be out running track. She’s an athletic kid. She missed a lot of her basketball season because of a broken leg, so was very looking forward to track. And then, COVID hit”.

    From this, we know that Lori’s daughter Vivian is an athletic kid and likes Basketball.

    Her Nationality And Ethnicity

    Vivian was born in the United States. So Vivian, by default, holds an American nationality.

    As for her ethnic group, she belongs to mixed ethnicity.

    Is Vivian Lightfoot Adopted or The Biological Daughter of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot?

    The rumor of Vivian Lightfoot’s adoption by Lori Lightfoot is absolutely true. As a matter of fact, Vivian was adopted when she was just a child by her moms Lori Lightfoot and Amy Eshleman.

    Vivian Lightfoot's Adoptive Parents
    Vivian Is Close To Her Mothers

    Yet, the details of her adoption haven’t been further revealed by either of her parents. Also, Lori Lightfoot has not disclosed anything about Vivian’s biological parents.

    Her Mom Lori Lightfoot Is a Mayor of Chicago

    Vivian’s mom Lori Elaine Lightfoot is the 56th Mayor of Chicago. Lightfoot ran for Mayor of Chicago in 2019. With the majority of votes i.e 70%, Lori defeated Toni Preckwinkle in the runoff on April 2, 2019. She joined her office as a Mayor on May 20, 2019.

    Before serving as a Mayor, Lori was president of the Chicago Ploce Board and chair of the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force. Lightfoot also practiced as a partner at Mayer Brown law firm after graduating from law school. Additionally, she was also deputy chief of the Chicago Department of Procurement Services.

    Vivian's Mother Lori Is The Mayor of Chicago
    Lori Lightfoot: Mayor of Chicago

    Another achievement for Vivian’s mom Lori, she is the first LGBT black woman to be mayor of a major city in the United States.

    Does She Have Two Moms?

    Yes, you heard it right, Vivian indeed has two moms. Both of them are pansexual.

    On May 31, 2014, her mom Lori married Amy Eshleman. Lori’s wife and Vivian’s mom, Amy is a former Chicago Public Library employee. She is from a small city in Illinois called Sterling which is about 110 miles west of Chicago.

    Vivian Mother Is a Lesbian
    Mayor and First-lady of Chicago

    In May 2020, Amy reposted Lori’s post which goes:

    53 years ago, marriages like ours were illegal. Today, I’m raising an incredible child freely and openly with the love of my life. But it’s not lost on us that we still live in a world with too much hate. There’s still much work to do. Let’s all do more in this fight.

    Now, they both are happily married and living a great life with their daughter. Also, Amy is now a full-time mom to Vivian and the first lady of Chicago.

    Vivian Was In Her Mother Lori’s New Ad For The Mayoral Campaign

    Lori Lightfoot’s latest ad utilizes humor and her daughter to entice Chicago residents to support her mayoral campaign. In the ad, we can see Vivian being a playful child behind her mother Lori.

    Her mom says:

    “My name is Lori Lightfoot, and I’m running for mayor for our daughter’s future and the future of all Chicago children”

    Vivian also shows support to her mother by saying, “It’s time to bring in the light”.

    Vivian Lightfoot’s Mom Lori’s Journey To Chicago’s Mayor

    Born in Massillon, Ohio, Lori was the youngest child of her parents. Her mother, Ann Lightfoot, was a nighttime healthcare aide, and her father, Elijah Lightfoot, a local factory worker, and janitor.

    The future Mayor of Chicago had leadership qualities ever since she was in high school. The fact that she was elected high school class president three times and her campaign name for the presidency “Get on the right foot with Lightfoot” proves it.

    Vivian Lightfoot Mom and Grandfather
    Vivian’s Mom Lori And Granddad Elijah

    Furthermore, Lori enrolled at the University of Chicago Law School on full scholarship. She graduated with her Juris Doctor degree in 1989. After graduating, she became a practicing attorney at the Mayer Brown law firm. 

    Lori then made her way to Mayor step by step. She was president of the Chicago Ploce Board & Chair of the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force. Lightfoot also practiced as a partner at Mayer Brown law firm after graduating from law school. Additionally, she was also deputy chief of the Chicago Department of Procurement Services.

    Finally, in May 2018, Lori announced her candidacy for Mayor of Chicago. And to everyone’s surprise, Lori won the runoff election on April 2, 2019, by the majority of votes against Toni Preckwinkle.


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