Willa Lou Deary: Unknown Facts About Keri Russell’s Daughter

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Willa Lou Deary is the celebrity daughter of actress Keri Russell and craftsman and contractor Shane Deary. She is Keri Russell’s second child with her ex-husband Shane Deary. Their firstborn was a son, named River Russell. Being the daughter of Keri Russell, Willa Lou Deary is often among the media interests. 

But the actress hardly talks about her kids including her daughter, Willa. Keri is also quite absent on social media and hence doesn’t come across as a celebrity who likes to flaunt her growing kids on such sites.

The article henceforth will take a look at every fact about Willa Lou Deary including her birth, her so far life as a celebrity kid, and others. 

Willa Lou Deary’s Birthplace And Childhood

Willa Lou Deary was born on 27th December 2011 in New York City, New York. Willa’s mother Keri Russell is often spotted with her daughter Willa in the streets of New York in Brooklyn Heights. Since her parents, Keri Russell and Shane Deary got separated, Willa apparently grew up in two households.  

Keri seen with Willa after school
Keri spotted by the paparazzi when she came to pick up Willa from school.

Willa has an elder brother, River. He is four and a half years older than her. He was born on June 9, 2007. Willa also has one younger half-brother from her mother’s current relationship with Matthew Rhys.

Willa Mostly Lives With Her Mother And Brother River

Willa mostly lives with her mother and brother in New York, New York. She occasionally stays with her father too. Previously, Willa was reported to be living with her father in Brooklyn as her mother Keri Russell came for a visit during the weekends.

Her Ancestry And Grandparents

Although her paternal ancestry is quite unclear, from her mother’s side, Willa Lou Deary has ancestries including English along with German, Swiss-German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Manx/Isle of Man, Dutch, and Danish among others.

In fact, much of Willa’s maternal ancestry is English, with smaller (to varying degrees) amounts of German, Swiss-German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Manx (Isle of Man), Dutch, and Danish. Many of Keri’s ancestral lines trace back to New England in the 1600s, and to England before that.

She is the daughter of Stephanie Stephens, a homemaker, and David Russell, a Nissan Motors executive. Willa’s great-maternal grandfather was Harold Edward Russell and her great-grandmother was Jewell Laverne Thompson

Willa Lou Deary Parents Keri And Shane Got To Know Each Other Through Mutual Friends 

Willa’s parents Keri and Shane first met in 2002 in New York City through their mutual friends. The couple got engaged in the year 2006. The wedding took place the following year in 2007 on Valentine’s Day in Downtown Manhattan. The reception was held in Harrison restaurant in Tribeca. 

Keri and Shane would have two children from their marriage. The firstborn was their son River who was born in 2007 and their second was their daughter Willa.

However, the relationship took turns when the couple filed for a divorce in the year 2013. Their separation has been reported as amicable.

Willa with her father, Shane and mother, Keri
Shane and Keri together with their daughter, Willa for a photo for Elle’s decor.

Despite the differences, Keri and Shane are doing their best for their children’s well-being. The former couple still co-parents their children as they have shared custody of them.

Willa’s Mother Is Now In A Relationship With Her Ex-Co-Star, Matthew Rhys 

Just some months after Keri split from her ex-husband Deary, the actress started dating her The Americans co-star, Matthew Rhys. The couple apparently fell in love during the sixth season of the series The American.

Two years later, Rhys and Keri would welcome their first child together in 2016.

Matt and Keri seen together
Matthew Rhys and Keri seen together at an event. Getty

On the other hand, Willa’s father and Keri’s ex-husband, Shane Deary is never out in the public eye. He allegedly is still single.

As a contractor and carpenter, Shane owns the company Deary construction. The hardworking father of Willa; Shane was once spotted with his daughter Willa in Brooklyn when her mother Keri came to visit her.

Willa Lou Deary Questioned Trump Administration At Age Five

Back in 2017 while talking to Vanity Fair, Russell revealed even her daughter, Willa who was then five was among the strong critics of the then-president, Donald J Trump.

Keri in the interview said her daughter was getting wise to the constant stream of news reports about Trump and how he often seemed to be talking about rules and norms.

2011 born Willa Lou Deary with her mother and actress, Keri Russell.
Actress Keri Russell with her daughter, Willa.

Reporting her daughter to VF, the mother of three said,

“Our five-year-old said this morning while I had NPR on about some report on whatever Donald Trump was doing at this hour, and she said, ‘That’s not fair!”

Willa ultimately asked her actress mother how come he (Trump) was getting to do everything that he wanted to. According to Russell, her then-toddler daughter then talked about the situation where not even she was getting to do
everything she wanted.

Russell then told her daughter that it really was “a bummer” that the ex-president wasn’t playing by any rules. The actress likewise mentioned raising her three young children in that Era (The Trump’s) was really a daunting task.

Willa Might Get One More Half Sibling

In May 2021, Ok Magazine shared that Willa’s mother, Keri was ready to have one more kid with her now boyfriend, Matthew Rhys thereby giving her daughter and her eldest son one more half-sibling. The news then apparently came from one of the close friends of the couple. The source at the time revealed,

“It’s something they’ve talked about a lot but never felt ready to do until now.”

Willa Lou Deary's mother, Keri Russell and her partner, Matthew Rhys.
The American stars and real-life couple, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. Film Magic

The friend also said Keri was then organizing her schedule so that she can facilitate her fourth pregnancy. The source further added how Keri and Rhys were more in love than ever and that they couldn’t wait to grow their family. The pair apparently has always loved being parents.

How Rich Is Her Mother, Keri Russell; What Is Her Net Worth?

Even before The Americans, Russell was a pretty busy actress and she is still getting a bunch of work all resultantly boosting her net worth at quite a constant speed.

Among her many acting jobs, it might be pretty safe for one to assume Willa’s mother used to draw quite heavily during her time in The Americans. She reportedly raked in the range of $100,000 to $200,000 per episode throughout the time she played the Russian spy.

According to projections and some rough maths, Russell has a net worth anywhere from $10 to $15 million which definitively cements her status as a pretty rich actress.

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