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    Reina Capodici is a housewife and tarot reader by profession. Moreover, the actual reason behind Reina’s increasing popularity is her marriage with the first American Idol runner-up, Justin Guarini. Although the winner of the season was then-20 years old Kelly Clarkson, Guarini has also managed to gain a huge fan following from the show.

    Capodici and her husband Guarini are now married for over a decade and are successfully enjoying their marital relationship since then. How did the sweetest duo meet? Do they share any kids? Besides, did you know Reina has a daughter from her first relationship? Who was her baby’s biological father?

    Here in this article, we will try to summarize all the queries regarding Justin Guarini’s wife, Reina Capodici.

    Who is Justin Guarini’s Reina Capodici Wife?

    Reina is a tarot reader and writer if we talk about her career. Nevertheless, other details about her professional endeavors are yet to be revealed as the primary reason for her stardom was getting married to a highly praised personality.

    Justin Guarini's wife, Reina Capodici
    Reina Capodici is a tarot reader

    Sources reported Reina, for the past few years, spends most of her time raising her kids and is engaged in providing the best parenting possible.

    Early Life And Birth Details

    Reina Capodici was born on 31st December 1981, in America. She spent most of her childhood days in Buckingham with her parents. The details of her parents and siblings are yet to be revealed. But, we do know that her mother was an English teacher at Central Bucks High School.

    Talking about her ethnicity, the celebrity spouse belongs to a white ethnical background and is an American by nationality. She attended the same high school where his future husband Justin studied, Central Bucks High School.

    On other hand, Reina’s hubby Justin was born on 28th October 1978 in Columbus, Georgia. Following high school, the actor went to the University of the Arts. He then enrolled in the School for Film and Television in New York.

    How old is Reina?

    Justin Guarini’s wife, Reina Capodici is 41 years old as of 2022.

    Justin Guarini Got Down on One Knee To Propose Reina Capodici

    Many might not know but Reina and Justine Guarini were batchmates from the same high school and had good bonding since they were in high school. Even after knowing each other for a long, the duo only started dating in 2007.

    While hosting his show, Blog Talk radio Show, Justin opened up about his engagement with Reina in 2009. He said that he bought a wedding ring while he was in Afghanistan,

    I’d gotten the ring when I was in Afghanistan

    Justin also said, “I had to hide the ring for quite some time because I knew I was going to propose to her sometime soon.”

    After a few months, Guarini got down on one knee and asked Reina to be his wife at Disney,

    And then I got this gig at Disney. So, I’m like, Dinsey’s the place where dreams come true.

    Reina Capodici and Justin Guarini Wedding

    The beautiful couple exchanged their vow on December 26th, 2009 in the private estate in Justin’s hometown of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. At that time, Reina was 27 years old and Justin was 30 years old. The wedding lasted for around 25 minutes where Justin’s stepdaughter and Lala another 50 guests were present.

    Guarini addressed his new wife in his wedding toasts and said,

    Both of us were very emotional too many times to count. But one of the moments that sticks out most is after we left as man and wife, we had some alone time, and we just wept in each other’s arms. It was beautiful.

    Justin Guarini is still married
    Justin Guarini and Reina Capodici wedding day

    The reception was held in Guarini’s parent’s estate and people who attended were served salmon and asparagus for dinner. Along with guests and family members, the newly married bride and groom danced to music deejayed and organized by Cutting Edge Entertainment.

    The couple decided to have their honeymoon in their newly bought house in Doylestown. While talking about the wedding, Justin said to PEOPLE he was very excited to start a new phase in his life. He said,

    The house, the new puppy, the wedding – we’re just getting it all done at once! I am also returning to the studio this winter to record my third album. “It’s awesome. I’m so excited.

    Does Justin Shares Kids With Her Wife Reina Capdici?

    Well, the sweetest couple together shares two sons. Back on 26th April 2011, the duo welcomed their first son, William Neko Bell Guarini. William was born at 6:26 A.M and weighed about 7lbs 2 oz at the time of his birth.

    Reina Capodici and Justin Guarini share two kids
    Reina Capodici and Justin Guarini’s second son, Asher

    Likewise, the duo welcomed their second son, Asher, on 25th February 2013. He was born at 6:40 P.M and weighed 7 lbs 8 oz.

    Reina Has a Child From Her Previous Relationship

    As we said previously, Capodici had a daughter named Lala Mae from her previous relationship. However, the queries regarding who is Lala’s biological father will remain a mystery until and unless Reina herself doesn’t come forward to answer the queries.

    Like many celebrity spouses, Reina also seems uninterested to talk about her past affairs and relationships. She has already moved on and started a new life with the first American Idol runner-up, Justin.

    Is Reina’s Husband Justin and Kelly Clarkson Friends?

    Well, from the first day of Idol to the finale, both Justin and Kelly were together on the same journey. While sharing the same stage, they also share quite good bonding and the audience also loved the chemistry between them. Both of the finalists also appeared in the 2003 movie, From Justin to Kelly, which showed how much close bonding they share.

    Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson in a movie
    Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson started in a 2003s movie, From Justin to Kelly

    In the meantime, there were also some rumors regarding their dating. In an interview with Clarson Guffawed, when Kelly was asked about her dating Justin, the artist replied,

    We didn’t date during Idol, which everybody thought we were dating. We did date during…I feel like we weren’t dating during the movie. But I feel like maybe we did. We did date a little bit. I think any two people who are thrown together that much would eventually date.

    Reina Capdici’s Spouse Worked In Ads For Dr. Pepper

    Many people might be familiar with the taste of Dr. Pepper’s soft drink, but did you know Reina’s life-partner Justin was featured in one of the commercial ads for Dr. Prepper in 2015? He appeared in the advertisement as a comic character of Lil Sweet which everyone loved.

    How Much Money Does Reina Capdici Make?

    Undoubtedly, the celebrity spouse has quite a good amount of earnings and enjoys her life in quite a luxury manner. Reina Capdici has an estimated net worth of around 500k as of 2022.

    On other hand, her spouse Guarini’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

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