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    Sage Florence Galafassi is the elder daughter of Toni Collette. Her mother Toni is an Australian actress who first grabbed attention following her breakout role in The Sixth Sense (1999). She gained further acclaim after her work in the comedy-drama Muriel’s Wedding (2004). Over the years, the actress has also won several prestigious awards including a Golden Globe award and a Primetime Emmy Award.

    While Sage’s mother is a renowned actress, her father has remained low-key. So, who is her dad? Are her mom and dad still married? Well, here are several unknown facts you are looking for about Toni Collette’s daughter Sage including her date of birth, siblings, and more.

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    Sage Florence Galafassi’s Birth Details: Her Mom Played in Movies During Her Pregnancy

    The star kid Sage Florence Galafassi was born on 9th January 2008, in Sydney, Australia. She is 14 years as of 2022. She is the eldest daughter of Toni Collette (mother) and her husband Dave Galafassi (father).

    The Australian-born actress Toni Collette revealed her pregnancy in July back in 2007. At the time, the actress told the duo was “very happy. We are completely over the moon.”

    She further added the actress did three film projects during her pregnancy,

    “It is strange the last three films I’ve done I have been pregnant. I’m just like, ‘what is the universe trying to tell me?'”

    After Toni gave birth to her daughter (Sage Florence Galafassi) in early 2008, a spokeswoman talked to the Australian Associated Press and said,

    “Both mother and baby are very well and very happy.”

    Besides, while talking about the reason behind her name Sage, her mom Toni told People in 2017 that she, “named my daughter Sage because I felt like she was already teaching me in the womb, and she has continued to do that.”

    Who is Sage Florence Galafassi’s Father?

    Sage Florence Galafassi’s biological father is Dave Galafassi. Her dad Dave is a drummer by a profession. Born in 1978, in  New South Wales, Australia, Galafassi was interested in music from his early years.

    He is now one of the co-founding members of a pop rocks genre band called Gelbsion. He formed the band along with his three friends, Pete Farley, Edo, and Nadav Khan, where Dave was a drummer, Pete was the bass guitarist, and two brothers Edo and Nadav Khan were vocal and keyboard respectively.

    Toni Collette husband and Sage Florence Father
    Sage Florence’ Father Dave Galafassi is a Drummer By Profession

    The group also performed in various places around Sydney. They released many albums as well as songs like Homelands (February 2003), and Good God (May 2003). The most popular album of their band is 1704 was released in 2003 and helped them to be recognized around Australia. The album has also read number 20 on ARIA Heatseekers Albums chat and got good reviews.

    In addition to his musical career, Dave featured in the 2013 movie, Lucky Them.

    Florence Welcomed Her Brother Arlo in 2011

    Sage is blessed with a younger brother Arlo Robert Galafassi, born on 22nd April 2011. Dave and Galafassi were too excited to have a second child. They also revealed that they were excited to be parents once again. Toni said,

    “He was born on Good Friday making it the greatest Friday!”

    Like his sister, Arlo was also born in Sydney, where Toni was filming the movie Mental with P.J.Hogan.

    Sage’s Parents Formed Their Own Band Toni Collette & the Finish

    In 2006, her parents Toni and Dave formed their band Toni Collette & the Finish. Since then, Sage’s dad is very active in the band. From 2006 to early 2007, the band continuously toured around Australia. The band performed last time in 2007 at The Vanguard at Newton as a secret show, in which tickets were sold out within a minimum of days.

    In the band, Sage’s mother Collette was a vocalist and frontwoman while her father Dave was the drummer. Similarly, other band members, Glenn Richard is the guitarist, Pete Farley is the bassist, David Lane is the pianist, and Amanda Brown is a multi-instrumentalist.

    Furthermore, the band has also released an album Beautiful Awkward Pictures in 2006 and a single Look Up in 2006. The band was also nominated for Most Outstanding New Independent Artist in 2007.

    Sage Florence Galafassi’s Parents Are Married For Almost 20 Years

    Sage’s parents Toni and Dave first met at a Sydney barbeque party in 2002. At the time, Toni already had an established career in the acting world while her then-beau Dave was a struggling musician. A few months after their meeting, the two also began dating. While the duo was still dating, Collette described her future husband as a patient with an overwhelming personality.


    Dave Galafassi with his actor and singer wife Toni Collette
    In the Sixth Sense, Actress Toni Collette(On the left)And her Husband Dave Galafassi(On the right)

    Talking about their wedding, Toni and Dave married at their country house in South-coast Broughton, near Berry in 2003. Their ceremony was conducted as per the Buddhist traditional format which was completed in a week. They performed dancing and firework.

    It’s been over two decades since the two married and both couples are still having a healthy relationship.

    Sage’s Dad Dave Galafassi Serious Bike Accident

    Sage’s dad Dave Galafassi had a serious bike accident in 2019 in New South Wales on the day of Christmas, which nearly took his life. Following the dreadful incident, Dave was hospitalized for around two months

    While talking about the accident Dave was involved in, his wife Toni thanked the NSW Ambulance and the Toll Rescue Helicopter for saving her husband’s life via her Instagram. She wrote,

    “Recently my husband had a devastating motorbike accident. He’s now recovering slowly but well. We’re so lucky to still have him. It may not have been the case without the work of the incredible folks at @nswambulance and @tollambulancerescue Thank you so very much for your swiftness, clarity, knowledge, compassion and dedication. You saved him and we cannot thank you enough. Yes, it is a very Merry Christmas. THANK YOU!!”

    Dave Galafassi accident
    Toni Collette Husband Dave Galafassi Accident

    Now, her life-partner Galafassi is almost recovered and both of their life goes normal.

    Toni Collette’s Daughter Sage Florence Galafassi’s Lifestyle and Social Media Handles

    Certainly, Toni Collette’s daughter Sage has a luxurious lifestyle. She is just 14 years old, so the star kid doesn’t have any earning source of her own. However, Sage’s mother Toni has an estimated net worth of $18 million.

    At present, Sage resides in Sydney, Australia with her parents and brother.


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