Shawn Michaels’ First Wife Theresa Lynn Wood: Her Marriage, Career, Children

By Anisha Maharjan | Updated on January 31, 2022
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    Theresa Lynn Wood is the ex-wife of Shawn Michaels. Her husband Shawn is famous for being a professional WWE wrestler and actor. He is regarded as one of the greatest ring performers of all time.

    Although the former couple is now divorced, not many know Theresa was the first love of her ex-husband, Shawn. Ever since her divorce from her former husband, she has chosen to stay behind the cameras.

    So in this article, we will find out where Theresa is as of now and other little details such as her relationship status, net worth, and more.

    Theresa Lynn Wood Is The First Wife of Shawn Michaels

    As we said already Theresa is a married woman. She is married to her husband Shawm Michaels. Theresa and her hubby tied the knot on 28 May 1988, in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Needless to say, a lot of their close friends and family members attended their wedding.

    Well, it was only after their marriage that Theresa gained fame in the media. However, unfortunately, things between didn’t last for very long. Their conjugal life could only last as long as six years.

    The former pair got separated in August 1994. However, both Lynn & Shawn have maintained silence on their divorce.

    Why Did Theresa Wood & Shawn Divorce?

    Although it’s only speculation, rumor has it that Lynns’ ex-hubby Shawn was in a relationship with fellow WWE team member Sunny. Having her husbands’ name taken along with another woman may have been a reason behind their separation.

    Also, Shawn was into drug addiction in the late 1990s’ which may have affected the relationship as well. That said, none of them have pinpointed the exact reason for their Divorce.

    Theresa Lynn Wood Ex-Hubby Shawn Is A Wrestler

    Popularly known as his stage name Shawn Michaels, he was born on 22 July 1965. His birth name is Micahel Shawn Hickenbottom. Theresa Lynn Wood’ ex-husband Shawn Michaels is a professional WWE wrestler. He is a four-time world champion.

    Besides that, he has won WWF Championship three times and WWEs’ World Heavyweight Championship once. Shawn has held the Royal Rumble championship twice.

    Shawn with his second wife Rebecca

    He has been in and out of the ring several times and he had to retire twice because of his back injury. He played his final match in 2018 before fully retiring as a professional wrestler.

    Did Theresa Lynn Wood Remarry After Divorce?

    Even though, Theresa is famous as a former celebrity wife, she has kept her personal life and relationships out of the media radar.

    Even so, there is no clue on whether or not Theresa got remarried, we can only assume she is living a content life either by herself or with her new family. We hope, Lynn someday comes into the media to talk about her relationship status at present.

    Theresas’ Ex-Partner Shawn Walked Down The Aisle With Rebecca Curci

    After separating from his first wife Theresa, Shawn has moved on. He later married his second wife Rebecca Curci.

    Theresa's Ex-Husband Married For The Second Time To Rebbeca
    Theresa’s Former Husband Shawn With His Second Wife Rebecca On Their Marriage Ceremony

    They tied the knot on 31 March 1999 at Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las in the presence of Elvis impersonator only. Rebecca is a member of the famous dance team “The Nitro Girls” in World Championship wrestling.

    Unlike his first marriage, Shawn has maintained a harmonious relationship with his second wife Rebecca.

    Theresas’ Ex-Partner Shawn Is The Father of Two Kids From His Second Marriage

    In six years of marriage, Theresa Lynn Wood and Shawn Michaels didn’t get blessed with any children.

    However, Theresas’ ex-partner Shawn is a proud father of two children from his second marriage. Shawns’ second wife gave birth to his first son Cameron Cade on 15 January 2000. Whereas his second-born Cheyenne Cade was born on 19 August 2004.

    Shawn's wife, son and daughter
    Shawn with his son, wife and daughter (from right to left)

    Shawn was blessed with his firstborn in six weeks of his second marriage

    Only after six weeks after his second marriage, Shawns’ wife Rebecca was pregnant with their son Cameron Cade.

    In his autobiography named Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story (WWE), Shawn mentioned that he was dealing with a severe opioid problem at the time when Cameron was born, and routinely abused painkillers.

    He writes:

    I remember thinking: “I’ve always known there was a God, and I’ve screwed up in life, but please, Lord, don’t let anything happen to my baby”.

    Similarly, the WWE champion mentioned in his other book Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar that his son was beginning to see who he was, and that would influence him. Therefore, he told himself and Rebecca that if they had another child, he would kick the drug habit and be there for his wife during the entire pregnancy.

    Theresa Is Not On Social Media

    Theresa has moved on with a simple life after separating from WWE world champion Shawn Michaels.

    Upon further research, there are no official social media handles by her name. She has distanced herself from all media limelight as well as social media.

    What Is Shawns’ Ex-Wife Theresas Lynn Wood’s Net Worth?

    Theresa has lived a luxurious life from the beginning. Further, during her marriage with Shawn, she enjoyed a beautiful and luxurious life. In fact, she also reportedly received a decent sum in the divorce settlement.

    However, she has so far not revealed the exact sum of her net worth. On the other hand, her ex-husband Shawn Michaels has an estimated net worth of $17 million as of 2022.

    Theresa Lynn Wood Early Life, Age, & Parents

    Theresa was born in the United States of America. However, she has not shared her birth date with the public. The ex-wife of Shawn holds an American nationality.

    Since she likes to keep her personal life private, she has neither revealed her age nor her parents’ details.  The former celebrity spouse has kept her parents, siblings, and her educational journey away from the eyes of the media.

    Theresa rose to stardom only when she got married two-time Royal Rumble winner Shawn.

    Theresas’ Professional Career

    As previously mentioned, Theresa is mostly famous for being the first wife of Shawn Michaels. She has lived a simple life after her separation from her husband. So far, she has maintained a low life and hasn’t revealed what she does for a living.

    Hereby, her professional career is limited to herself and her close ones.

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