Where Is Eugenie Devane Now? Inside The Life of William Devane’s Wife

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    Eugenie Devane is the wife of famous actor William Devane. She rose to popularity and fame after her marriage to the famous actor. Her husband, William is a very famous and respectable figure in the American entertainment industry.

    The couple has been married for five decades. Their relationship is admired and cherished by their fans as well as the movie industry. Besides that, did you know that Eugenie is passionate about horse riding? Interestingly, her husband has talked about their liking for horses in his past interviews.

    Hence, without further delay, let’s dive into the topic and talk about some interesting facts and information about Eugenie Devane. Additionally, we will also be talking about her personal life, family, and her interests.

    Eugenie Devane’s early life

    She was born in May 1940 in Belle Grade, Florida in the USA. Currently, she is 81 years old.

    Her parents were both American citizens and followed Christianity by religion. Eugenie herself has not disclosed details about her parents and her early life.

    What is Eugenie Devane’s ethnicity?

    She belongs to a white ethnical family and is an American citizen.

    Eugenie Devane’s Marriage with husband William Devane

    She married her husband, William Devane in 1961 after dating him for almost a year. The couple has been happy together in their extravagant marriage of more than four decades which is a rare feat in the industry.

    Before marrying Eugenie, her husband William did date a couple of females during his school times. But, none of his past relationships quite worked out as the one with Eugenie.

    Eugenie Devane has been married to her husband William Devane for over 50 years.
    Eugenie Devane and her husband, William Devane who is a famous American actor, posing for the media.

    Besides, the couple has been very happy and open about their relationship. The lovebirds are often spotted in public together.

    Their marriage has been solid for over half a century now and they are still going strong. To be honest, they truly are an inspiration to many young lovers around the globe.

    Eugenie Devane’s husband William Devane is an Emmy nominated actor

    Her partner, William is a popular and well-known actor in American cinema. He started out his career debuting in a revolutionary movie called, In the Country in 1967. He has worked in tons of popular television shows too like Stargate and NCIS.

    Similarly, he has starred in famous roles for various TV shows including The West Wing in which he played the role of a member of the Presidential Cabinet.

    Further, he even starred as the former president John F. Kennedy in the docudrama, Missiles of October. For this iconic role, he even received an Emmy nomination.

    Eugenie Devane's husband William Devane played the role of former US president John F. Kennedy in the movie Missiles of October
    Eugenie Devane’s husband William Devane playing the role of former US president John F. Kennedy in Missiles of October.

    However, his most popular role known and loved among the fans is from the movie, Knots Landing where he played the character of Greg Summer.

    Besides movies, William is also a businessman who invests and owns a lot of companies. Furthermore, he owns an Italian restaurant located in California partnered with his wife Eugenie Devane.

    How many children does Eugenie Devane have?

    In their 59 years of marriage, the couple welcomed two beautiful sons, Jake and Josh into this world.

    Unfortunately, the couple lost their eldest son Jake in a car accident. The couple has rarely talked about this incident or mentioned Jake.

    On the other hand, their youngest son, Josh has followed the footsteps of his father and acted in several movies.

    Her son Josh is an actor

    Eugenie and William’s youngest son, Joshua Devane aka Josh is actively pursuing a career in acting like his father. He graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts located in New York in 1985.

    Joshua Devane has starred in a lot of popular films such as 18 Again, The Preppie Murder, and Blind Witness.

    Similar to his father, his most loved character by the audience is from the series Knots Landing where he played the character of young Greg Sumner. His father, William Devane plays the character of senior Greg Sumner in the series.

    Joshua Devane’s Social Media

    Josh can be found on Social Media, specifically on his Facebook account where he goes by the name Josh Devane.

    Back in 2019, Josh shared a picture of him while shooting for a movie. Looking at his social media briefly, he is also into the Real Estate business partnered with Sondra Andersen. We can find Josh posting advertisements of different houses up for sale on his Facebook.

    Josh also frequently updates his clients and followers on the status of the property he advertised on his social media. He is very active on his social media posting pictures and sharing posts for his followers on Instagram too. But, recently he has not shared pictures of his shoots, rather he posts more about his Real Estate business and his social life.

    What is her Net Worth?

    Eugenie Devane is a celebrity spouse and married to the famous actor, William Devane. We can say with certainty that Eugenie lives a very lavish and exquisite lifestyle thanks to Eugenie Devane’s husband, William Devane, whose net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

    William made most of his fortunes with his movies and investment in different businesses. He is also a spokesperson for a commercial firm, Rosland Capital.

    Interesting facts about Eugenie Devane

    Eugenie loves to ride horses and watch polo sports. In an article published by the New York Times back in 1995, William Devane said he and his wife, Eugenie, live on a sprawling desert ranch in Thermal, California east of Palm Springs, where he raises horses.

    She is very good at the angling methods in fly fishing, also known as an artificial fly. Furthermore, she also co-owns an Italian cuisine restaurant with her husband at Indio and Rancho Mirage, California.

    Is Eugenie Devane on Social Media?

    Well, we can find Eugenie on Social Media. She has a Facebook account and her username is Eugenie Devane.

    Many years back, Eugenie posted a picture of herself with her grandchildren in 2012. However, her last social media post was in 2016 where she shared an article related to mean tweets.

    Where is Eugenie now?

    Currently, Eugenie Devane is living in her lavish mansion at La Quinta, California with her family. She lives a peaceful and prosperous life spending more time with her husband and grandchildren.

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