Where Is Jan Tarrant Now? All About Al Pacino’s Ex-Girlfriend

By Anisha Maharjan | Updated on March 14, 2022
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     Jan Tarrant is one of many women the legendary actor Al Pacino has dated. Jan has received media attention as Al Pacino’s ex-girlfriend and his eldest child’s mom.

    However, Jan has been in the limelight through her work too. She has been working as an acting teacher for a long time now. However, it seems like she doesn’t prefer to be in front of the camera because of which very little thing is known about her.

    Today’s article is all about Jan Tarrant including her age, career, family, her recent whereabouts, and many more. Tune in to know.

    Who is Jan Tarrant? Her age and education

    Jan Tarrant, full name, Jan Marie Tarrant is an acting coach who is also famous for being Al Pacino’s first child’s mom.

    Coming to her early life, Jan was born in mid-1950. So, we can presume that Jan is in her late 60’s now. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    Jan Tarrant Young
    Young Jan Tarrant with her brother Andy Tarrant

    As for her education, she completed her high school at Tara High School of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1972. Furthermore, she later graduated from Louisiana State University in 1996.

    Her family background

    Her family is natives of New Orleans. Saying so, her parents and grandparents were born and raised in New Orleans.

    Jan grew up with her brother Andy Tarrant. Her brother was adopted by her parents.

    Jan Tarrant Bio Images
    Jan Tarrant is the daughter of John Andy Tarrant and June Marie Catalanotto

    Her father is John Andy Tarrant Sr. He was born on September 25, 1927, in Chicago, Illinois. However, he was raised in Louisiana. Sadly, Jan’s father recently passed away on 29 August 2019 at the age of 91. Jan’s mother is June Marie Catalanotto who too passed away at the age of 66 in early 2013.

    Jan’s paternal grandparents are William J. Tarrant Sr. andMyrtle Tarrant. Her grandfather used to serve in the Navy.

    Jan Tarrant is a famous acting coach in Hollywood

    After graduating from University, Jan moved to New York. Ever since then, she has been hosting seminars and workshops for aspiring actors and writers.

    Furthermore, she also worked as a coach in The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Here, she guided and coached some of the prime-time actors’ Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Keitel, Drew Barrymore, and Al Pacino. Moreover, while she was working under Lee Strasberg Theatre, Jan became the acting coach of 12-yr old Angelina Jolie.

    According to her LinkedIn profile, Jan is now working as an acting teacher in Class Act Studios since September 2013.

    She dated the legendary actor Al Pacino

    As mentioned earlier, Jan came into the limelight after dating actor Al Pacino in 1988. Many assume that the former couple met through work and started getting closer as Jan had started her career as an acting coach in 1986.

    After dating for a year, the couple split up in 1989. From their relationship, the former couple was blessed with a daughter Julie Marie Pacino on October 16, 1989.

    Her daughter Julie is a famous director/producer

    Although Jan’s relationship with Al couldn’t last long, she was provided a lifelong gift a daughter. Moreover, her daughter has always made her proud.

    Jan Tarrant Father
    Jan with her late dad and daughter Julie

    Her daughter Julie has made her name as a successful director/producer. Some of her notable works are Abracadabra, Billy BatesShifting Past, Nowhere To Go, Nadia Jaan, and so on.

    Furthermore, Julie is also co-founder of the company, Poverty Row Entertainment.

    Jan’s brother Andy became her daughter Julies’ Godfather

    Jan and Al broke up the same year their daughter Julie was born. So, Jan took her daughter to her parent’s home to live with them.

    Growing up, Jan’s daughter Julie was adored by her whole family. But, Jan’s brother Andy adored her niece more than anyone and he became her Godfather and someone she could rely on.

    Jan Tarrant Brother
    Jan’s brother Andy is the Godfather to her daughter Julie.

    From Andy’s Facebook profile, we can see how much love there is between the two. We love the uncle-niece bond, don’t you?

    Her daughter was arrested over DWI

    Jan’s daughter Julie was arrested and charged under “Driving While Intoxicated” in July 2011 while driving in Manhattan.

    At the time of arrest, Julie was just 21. The traffic stopped her on suspicion of intoxication which eventually turned out to be correct. She admitted to drinking three beers and consuming marijuana at the time and lost her license for three months as a result of the non-criminal plea.

    Julie admits that it was her life’s biggest mistake and vows never to do the same again.

    Jan’s daughter Julie shares great relation with her father Al Pacino

    The relationship between Jan and Al was over after they broke up. However, Jan’s daughter is still close with her father Al.

    Many times, she is seen attending award ceremonies and events with her father. Furthermore, since both Julie and her father are in the same profession, the father-daughter duo bond well. She takes and learns ideas/advice from her legendary “Oscar” winning actor and dad Al Pacino.

    Julie is close with her half-siblings too

    After breaking up with Jan, her ex-boyfriend Al was in a relationship with actress Beverly D’Angelo.

    From their six years of union, they have twins: Anton James Pacino and Olivia Rose Pacino born on 25 January 2001. But unlike many other half-siblings who aren’t on good terms with each other, Jan’s daughter Julie likes her half-siblings.

    Jan Tarrant Wikipedia Today
    Jan’s daughter Julie (right) with her father Al Pacino and twin siblings Anton and Olivia Pacino

    She is close to the twins. In addition to that, Julie is also seen commenting in her sister Olivia’s Instagram posts. Julie also attends several events with the twins’ mother Beverly D’Angelo.

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