March 29, 2023
Tucker Carlson & Susan Andrews Daughter Hopie Carlson Bio

Hopie Carlson is a celebrity child who is most famous as the daughter of TV personality Tucker Carlson and his wife Susan Andrews. Her father popular conservative political commentator & TV host most recognized for his talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

Well, born in 1999, in a family of reputed celebrities, Tucker Carlson’s daughter Hopie achieved huge fame from an early age. Now that she is in her early 20s curiosity about her personal life & professional life are making rounds on the internet. 

In that case, what does Hopie do for a living? What about her love life; is she dating a boyfriend? In this article, we are going to explore some interesting facts about her career, relationships, parents, net worth, & much more.

Hopie Carlson’s Biography

Hopie Carlson is a Native American, born in the year 1999. As of 2022, she is 23 years old. Talking of her parents, she is the daughter of father Tucker Carlson, and mother Susan Andrews.

While her dad is a famous TV personality her mother Susan is a former manager at hospitality agencies. She has other 3 siblings named, Lillie Carlson, Buckey Carlson, and Dorothy Carlson.

Besides, Hopie belongs to Swiss ancestry with Caucasian ethnicity.

She Is An Educated Individual

Susan Andrews’ daughter Hopie Carlson has a good academic background. She did her preliminary education at Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Day School. Later, she attended St. Georges School in Rhode Island. After her high school graduation, she joined Virginia University, where she completed her higher education.

During her high school, Hopie not only focused on studies but also involved herself in sports especially swimming. In fact, she has taken part in various swimming competitions. 

Hopie Carlson Has Three Siblings

As Hopie is the third child of her celebrity parents. She has other three siblings, one brother, and two sisters. Lillie Carlson, her eldest sister was born in 1994. The 27-year-old attended and graduated from the University of Virginia.

Hopie Carlson With Her Siblings And Parents
Hopie Carlson With Her Siblings And Parents

Buckley Carlson, Hopie’s one and only brother was born in 1997. He is the second child of his parents. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Government and Political science. He is currently employed as Communication Director for US congressman, Jim Banks.

Dorothy Carlson, born in 2002, is the youngest sibling of Hopie Carlson.

Hopie Carlson’s Parents Are Successful In Their Fields

As mentioned earlier, Hopie is one of the fourth kids of her parents. Her father Tucker Carlson is a well-renowned news correspondent who works for Fox News. He is widely recognized for his nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight. The show airs on Fox News and he has been hosting the show since 2016.

He reportedly began his career professionally as a fact-checker for Policy Review, which is a national conservative journal. Eventually, he went on to work for The Heritage Foundation and then as an opinion writer at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Well, over the years, he has worked for major news networks like CNN, PBS, MSNBC, & Fox News.

Talking about Hopie Carlson’s mother, Susan Carlson is an athlete. She represented her country in the 1992 and 2000 Olympics. She also competed in the 400 meters in Australia.

Her Parents Are Married Since 1991

Hopie’s parents Tucker and Susan have been married since 1991. The couple met for the first time back when they studied in 10th grade at Rhode Island boarding school, in St. George’s School. 

Soon after their first meeting, the duo began dating. Their wedding was held at her father’s school chapel on August 10, 1991. Having been married for over three decades, the couple has set an example of a perfect husband and wife.

Hopie's Father Tucker Carlson And Mother Susan Andrews Are Married For Years
Hopie’s Father Tucker Carlson And Mother Susan Andrews Are Married For Years

Apparently, the two share a great relationship, & their bonding seems to be only getting stronger with the days.

The couple along with their kids currently live in a farmhouse in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. 

Hopie Has To Meet Her Father’s Criteria Before Starting To Date A Boyfriend

In case you didn’t know, Hopie Carlson cannot date any random boyfriend but she will rather have to meet the criteria set by her father. During one of the TV shows in 2019, Tucker Carlson, father of Hopie Carlson clearly mentioned that he’d never permit any of his daughters to date a feminist. Yes you heard it right. No need to be surprised. Tucker regards those who identify as feminists as creeps.

In an interview with a Canadian Journalist, he told “Would you let your daughter date some guy who called himself a feminist? No, ’cause he’s a creep! By definition!” This statement came after the scandal including the Canadian Prime minister went viral.

Well, we hope Hopie finds a partner who meets the criteria.

Is Hopie Carlson single or Dating a Boyfriend in 2022?

There is no evidence of Hopie dating someone yet. The problem is that she has yet to disclose any personal information about herself on the internet. Or maybe the paparazzi are unable to click here with her spouse.

Hopie Is Not Dating A Boyfriend
Hopie Carlson Is Single In 2022

Anyway, we would love to see Hopie with the perfect boyfriend of her choice.

Hopie Carlson Rose to Fame Because of Her Famous Father Tucker Carlson

Since her birth, Hopie has always been in the limelight because of her father. We cannot find any professional details about her on the Internet. So we can assume that she is renowned around the world due to her father who is famous for his time on Fox news.

Hopie Carlson: Is she pursuing Acting?

A star kid, Hopie is still in University. As per the reports, she hasn’t chosen a career professionally yet but there are rumors that she is getting into movies and acting. That said, the speculations have not been officially confirmed.

Further, there is also a high possibility that she may follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue Journalism. Let’s see what the future holds for her.

What Is Hopie Carlson’s Net Worth?

Hopie definitely lives a luxurious life, which also raises the question if she makes a lot of money. Well, since she has not started her career professionally yet, she does not make her own money. Hopefully, we will get to see her as a successful person in the future with a lot of money.

Is Hopie on Social media?

Hopie, the celebrity kid, has kept a low profile her entire life. She has avoided public attention and has lived in private. Hopie uses an Instagram page with the username @hopie.01. However, her Instagram handle is private restricting people other than her followers to view her posts.

Tucker Carlson’s Net worth

Unlike Hopie, her father Tucker Carlson is pretty wealthy with a net worth of around $420 Million US Dollars. Tucker Carlson is the highest-paid television host in the world, receiving more than $35 million per year from Fox News.

Tucker owns approximately 13 houses, 11 cars, and 6 luxury yachts. His assets also include more than $100 million in cash reserves. Further, his $65 million investment portfolio is comprised of 25 stocks. Some of his stock holdings are Pfizer, Walmart, Amazon, Tesla and ExxonMobil.

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