Who Is Paris Dunn? All About Don McLean’s Girlfriend

By Deepashma Neupane | Updated on March 11, 2022
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    Paris Dunn, aka Paris Dylan, is a famous model and a social media star. She is well known by her name Paris Dylan in the entertainment business. However, her real name is Paris Roxanne Dylan. Meanwhile, she is also famous for dating American singer Don McLean.

    Paris came to fame in 2017, after appearing on an episode of the MTV reality show Catfish. On the other hand, she is a very creative and talented personality as she uses her social media profiles to provide a wide range of original content.

    So in today’s episode let’s dig into the personal and professional life of the famous model Paris Dunn.

    Paris Dunn Belongs to a Racer Family

    Paris Dunn was born on 21st February 1994, Riverside, California, United States. She is 28 years old as of 2022. Moreover, she belongs to a racer family, as her father Jack Crone is a  long-time racer and technician.

    Popular model Paris Dunn celebrates Christmas with her sister Courtney
    Paris Dylan and Courtney Crone celebrating Christmas, via Instagram

    Likewise, her sister Courtney Crone is also a racer and has already won several competitions, and has around 16 racing championships. But the information about her mother is not available.

    Paris Dunn is an Active Social Media User

    Like many other models and celebrities, Paris is also quite active on many social media platforms, where she shares a number of her photos. Paris almost has bagged  523k followers on her primary account. She posts a lot of pictures of her vacation, and shoots. Paris often shares her picture with her current boyfriend Don McLean.

    Model Paris Dunn shares cute picture with her boyfriend famous singer Don McLean
    Paris Dylan and Don McLean

    Likewise, she also has another Instagram account, where she has bagged more than 13k followers. However, on her Instagram, she posts lots of stuff that violates Instagram policies. She uses this Instagram in order to prevent her primary account from being shut off in the event of a sudden infraction.

    Talking about her other social media platforms, she is also active on Tiktok. She has bagged 498.1k followers on her Tiktok account. She often posts her dancing videos with her sister Courtney and others many videos of her following trends of Tiktok.

    Likewise, she also has a Twitter account where she has bagged 57.6k followers.

    Paris Dunn is Dating Singer And Songwriter Don McLean

    Talking about her love life, Dunn is currently dating singer and songwriter Don McLean for five years already. The duo seems to have strong bonds and supports each other a lot.

    Popular model Paris Dylan wishes her boyfriend Don MacLean a happy birthday
    Paris Dylan and Don McLean having quality time at Vince

    Her boyfriend Don is an American songwriter and singer born on October 2, 1945, in New Rochelle, New York, United States. He is best known for his 1971 hit song “American Pie”, an 8 and a half minute folk-rock “cultural touchstone”. Likewise, his songs “Castles in the Air”, “And I love You So”, “Crossroads” are massive hits of the early 70s. McLean has over 40 gold and platinum worldwide since his first charter hits in 1971.

    Moreover, his songs have been recorded by numerous singers among them Madonna( re-recorded American- pie in 2000), George Michaels’s version of “The grave” in 2003. Likewise, he is also the co-writer of the song “Doing it Wrong” by Drake in 2011.

    Popular model Paris Dylan
    Paris Dylan, via Instagram

    Though the singer and the model have a huge age gap of 49 years, they seem to be happy with each other and don’t hide their love in the public. As the couple shares pictures of each other on their social media. The 77 years old singer had told People magazine,

    Paris, is the most wonderful person that I have ever known. I think of her when I sing a lot of my songs.

    “I’m honoured to have her as a girlfriend and a partner and we have noplans to ever break up. We are going to stay together and ride this pony as long as we can.

    Paris Dunn’s Boyfriend, Don McLean Is Married Twice

    Meanwhile, the 77 years old singer and songwriter was married already for twice at a young age. His first wife was an actress Carol Sauvion. She is from Philadelphia. Well, Carol won an Emmy and Peabody Award for her PBS television series “Craft in America”. The duo was married from 1969 to 1976.

    Later, he married a Canadian woman named Patrisha Shnier. The former couple got married in the year 1987 and got divorced in 2016. The former couple had one son together named Wyatt McLean.

    Meanwhile, their reason for divorce as mentioned by an anti-domestic violence campaigner is that the singer was trying to shove open the locked bathroom door. Behind that door, Patrisha Shnier had barricaded herself. As it was splintering she pushed the numbers 911. She added that she believed that if he broke the door he would have killed her.

    What is Paris Dunn’s Net Worth?

    Talking about the net worth of Paris, she has approximately $500,000. All this money she earned through her modeling career, brands deals, and advertisements.

    On the other hand, her boyfriend Don has a net worth of $150 million. He earned this money through his singing career.

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