Who is Samantha Hegseth? Unknown Facts About Pete Hegseth’s Ex-Wife

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    Samantha Hegseth is an American journalist, who became famous after marrying Pete Hegseth. Her former husband is an Army National Guard officer and executive director of Vets for Freedom and Concerned Veterans for America.

    The two enjoyed their marital bliss for nearly a decade until Samantha learned about her ex-husband’s extramarital affair with the Fox producer Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet. She immediately filed for a divorce from her then-husband. Talking about their kids, Samantha is the mother of three children with her former spouse.

    Well, regardless of how much we know about Pete, not much is known about his ex-wife Samantha Hegseth. Thus, let’s explore all the interesting facts related to her here today!

    Who is Samantha Hegseth? Her Birth Details 

    Hegseth is a media personality who was born Samantha Deering on 1st January 1970, in Minneapolis, United States of America. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and her nationality is American. Furthermore, her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

    Apart from that, the information regarding her parents and siblings is, however, still missing. She studied journalism at college.

    Samantha Was a Spokesman at Vet for Freedom Company 

    Before meeting her former husband, Samantha worked as a spokesman at Vet For Freedom Company, a politically affiliated company. Founded as the 527 Group by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, it deals with political advocacy.

    The organization was initiated in 2006 in support of Joseph Lieberman, a former senator. The operations of the organization purely rely on donations for the campaign.

    What Does Samantha Hegseth Do For Living? 

    As someone who tied the knot with one of the most recognized faces, it is obvious to be interested in them. Well, talking about Pete’s ex-wife, Samantha is a journalist/co-host at FOX News Channel.

    During her career as a journalist, Samantha was nearly fired by the Fox News channel on May 31, 2018, due to her comments while hosting. She was accused of using vulgar language to describe Ivanka Trump after calling her Feckless C*nt during a long speech about her father’s immigration policies.

    Samantha Hegseth Wedding With Her Ex-Husband Pete Hegseth  

    The ex-couple married for approximately a decade. In June 2010, Samantha and Pete exchanged vows at St. John’s Episcopal Church of Washington D.C. in Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

    Samantha Hegseth husband
    Samantha’s former spouse Pete and their kid.

    Hegseth and her former husband led a happy matrimonial relationship for the next several years.

    How Samantha And Her Ex-Partner First Met?

    The lovebirds first came across through one of their mutual friends in the late 2000s. At the time, Samantha and her future-husband Pete both were working together for Vets for Freedom, an organization that lobbied for more troops in Iraq.

    Though the couple broke the ice on their first conversation, they didn’t start dating right away. Because they worked for the same company, they became good friends at first and started dating.

    They Divorced After 7 Years of Marriage

    As we mentioned above that the couple was in a happy marital relationship for about several before things turned bad between the two. It all happened after Samantha’s ex-husband Pete’s extramarital affair began with Jennifer Cunningham Ratchet, a Fox Channel executive.

    As soon Samantha as learned about his affair out of wedlock, the co-host filed for divorce in September 2017 in Minnesota. Sources say the celebrity spouse filed her petition a month after Pete’s daughter with his then-girlfriend Jennifer was born.

    Pete's new spouse
    Pete and his new-partner Jennifer.

    How Many Kids Does Samantha And Pete Share?

    Samantha and her ex-spouse Pete shared three sons, Gunner Hegseth, Boone Hegseth, and Rex Hegseth. Although Samantha and her ex-spouse Pete parted ways now, they have shared a strong bond with all of their kids.

    Following their divorce, their children often appear on their father’s Instagram profile.

    Where Is Pete’s Ex-Wife Now? Has Samantha Married Again?

    Ever since her separation from her ex-spouse Pete Hegseth, Samantha has remained tight-lipped about her life. She has neither talked about her love life nor her current whereabouts.

    On the other hand, her ex-husband Pete Hegseth is currently in a marital relationship with his third-wife Jennifer Rauchet. They have been together since early 2017. Pete began dating his third spouse while still in a marital bond with his second wife Samantha Deering in 2017.

    As a matter of fact, before Samantha, Pete was married to Meredith Schwarz. The exes married in 2004. However, the couple couldn’t last long and divorced five after years in 2009.

    Her Former Husband Is Also In Broadcasting Industry

    Like Samantha, her former hubby Pete is also into the TV and broadcasting industry. He is a successful American Fox News host and author.

    Alumni of Princeton University and Harvard University, Pete joined contributor of the Fox News back in 2014. In addition to his journalism career, Hegseth is a former Army National Gaurd officer. He also worked as the executive director of Vets For Freedom, the political advocacy group.

    Furthermore, Samantha’s former spouse is also an author who has published books including American Crusade: Our Fight to Stay Free (2020) and In the Arena: Good Citizens, a Great Republic, and How One Speech Can Reinvigorate America (2016).

    How Much Is Samantha Rauchet Net Worth?

    As of 2022, her estimated fortune is $500,000. She has mostly earned her fortune from her media career. On the other hand, her ex-partner Pete is expected to have a fortune of $4 million as of 2022.

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