Who is Tara Beane? The Untold Facts About Billy Beane’s Wife

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    Tara Beane is the wife of the former baseball player Billy Beane. The couple who has been married since the late 1990s is still leading a blissful marital life. Also, the celebrity spouse is the mother of twins with her long-time husband.

    Tara’s hubby is now the executive vice president of baseball operations. The former MLB legend became the talk of the town after an author Michael Lewis wrote the book named Moneyball, featuring Billy as a main part of the publication. The book which is focused on baseball economics and a thorough analysis also became the inspiration for making the self-titled iconic biographical sports movie. Brad Pitt played the lead role of Billy Beane in the movie.

    Unlike her spouse, Tara is relatively less in the media and has kept most part of her life entirely off. So, let’s find out some hidden facts about her including her age, love life, and more!

    What Is Tara Beane Popular For?

    Tara is an American celebrity spouse who only came into the light as the wife of Billy Beane. However, the details about what does Tara do for a living? and her professional accomplishments aren’t available.

    On the other hand, her husband Billy is quite a famous face in the media.

    All You Need to Know About Tara’s Husband

    As we said earlier, her spouse Billy is an ex-MLB player who played for several known teams like New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, and Detroit Tigers before his retirement. He also became the general manager of Oakland from 1997 to 2016.

    At present, Billy is the minority owner of the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball. He is also a minor stakeholder in Barnsley Football Club.

    Tara and her spouse
    Tara and her husband Billy.

    But, on top of that, the baseball player made headlines after the sports drama movie Moneyball was released in 2011, featuring Brad Pitt with the main character Billy Beane. The movie which became a huge commercial success, grossing over $110 million was based on the self-titled book written by Michael Lewis.

    What Is Tara Beane’s Age? Her Childhood Details

    Billy Beane’s wife Tara is 57-year-old as of 2022. She was born in San Diego, California in August 1964. Needless to mention, the celebrity spouse spent the majority of her early life in her hometown San Diego. Unfortunately, other details about her early life like family background and schooling are still missing.

    On the other hand, Tara’s husband Billy who was born in March 1962 is the son of Linda Kovac and Bill Beane. Her dad is a former naval officer who also coached Billy about how to pitch.

    He went to Mt. Carmel High School, in San Diego, where the future MLB star got involved in every major sport including baseball, football, and basketball.

    Tara and Her Hubby Billy Beane’s Long-time Married Life

    Tara and Beane who are together for years exchanged their vows in 1999. The two reportedly wed in a family-oriented wedding ceremony in the presence of their family members and close friends.

    Although both of them are highly secretive when it comes to their love life, sources say the lovers first met back in the mid-1990s. Needless to say, Tara and her future-spouse Billy dated for a couple of years.

    However, other than that, there is nothing about their married life nor the couple has updated anything on their social media handles.

    Tara is The Mother Of Twins With Her Husband

    The couple who is married for decades is also the proud parents of twins. Billy Beane’s wife Tara gave birth to their twins, a son Brayden and a daughter Tinsley on 4th January 2008.

    Tara Beane kids
    Tara shares twins with her hubby.

    Like their matrimonial relationship, the lovebirds have also kept their children behind the camera.

    Who Was Billy Beane’s First Wife? Has A Daughter With Her

    Before Tara, the former baseball player was married to his first wife Cathy Sturdivant in Feb 1986. Their big event was held in their hometown of San Diego, where they both grew up too. The childhood sweethearts even went to the same high school. However, their married life didn’t go long and they later divorced.

    Tara Beane's step-daughter
    Billy Beane’s daughter with his first spouse.

    The exes shared a daughter named Casey Beane who attended The Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio. She is currently an associate at Citadel LLC Chicago.

    Tara’s Net Worth in 2022

    The celebrity spouse has an estimated net worth of $500k as of 2022. In the meantime, her spouse Beane’s wealth is $14 million. He made the major portion of his fortune from his refulgent baseball career.

    Tara currently resides in Notch Rapids Ct, Bend, OR with her life partner and children. They also had a 4,836-square-foot mansion in Danville, CA which was on the market for $1.895 million. The couple acquired the house which has 13 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms in 2002.

    Is Tara On Instagram?

    Like many celebrity spouses, Tara also doesn’t have any accounts on social media handles be it Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Similarly, her spouse is also not a social media guy but the former player is only officially active on Twitter with 12.2k followers.

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