Who Is Tony Beets’ Daughter Bianca Beets? Untold Facts About Her

By Anisha Maharjan | Updated on February 23, 2022
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    Bianca Beets is famous as the daughter of Tony Beets. Her parents and siblings are popular for featuring in the Discovery series “Gold Rush”.

    The series pictures daily life and the efforts that go into operating a mining company. As for the Beets family, Bianca’s father Tony Beets is head of Beets Crew. They are based in the Klondike region of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.

    Unlike her sister Monica Beets, Bianca is not seen in Gold Rush. So, what do Bianca Beets do for a living? Why isn’t Bianca on the Gold Rush? In today’s article, we are going to find more about Gold Rush miner Tony’s eldest daughter Bianca.

    Let’s get into it.

    Bianca Beets: Her early life, age, and education

    Bianca Beets was born in 1991 making her of age 31 as of 2022. She is the first daughter of the Beets family.

    Moreover, Beets hails from the City of Dawson, Yukon. She has Canadian nationality. As for her ethnic background, Bianca belongs to Dutch ancestry. Prior to the marriage, her parents were natives of the Netherlands.

    As for her education, she completed her high school at Porter Creek Junior Secondary School Whitehorse in Yukon, 2001-2005.

    Bianca Beets is the eldest daughter of Tony and Minnie Beets

    Bianca is the eldest daughter of Tony Beets (father) and Minnie Beets (mother). Her parents are famous for appearing in the Discovery series “Gold Rush”.

    Bianca's child photo with father Tony Beets
    Bianca’s childhood photo with her father Tony Beets

    Bianca’s dad Tony is a professional gold miner. However, he started his career as a machine operator. Due to his hard work and continuous efforts, Tony is now one of the most successful miners in the Klondike.

    On the other hand, her mother Minnie is the backbone of the family. She is responsible for all the book-keepings and billings. Minnie oversees the finance, does payroll, pays bills, orders things.

    She grew up in a large family

    Saying that Bianca grew up in a pretty large family means she had many siblings. She has four siblings in total: two brothers and two sisters.

    Her brothers are Michael Beets and Kevin Beets. Both of her brothers are older than Bianca. Whereas both her sisters Jasmine Beets and Monica Beets are younger than Bianca.

    Bianca's mom Minnie Beets tattoo about Jasmine Beets
    Minnie’s tattoo in honor of her late daughter Jasmine Beets

    Unfortunately one of her sisters, Jasmine Beets, passed away shortly after birth. Her mom Minnie has got herself a Jasmine tattoo, in tribute to her daughter who passed away at a very young age.

    Are her parents still married?

    Wedded in 1980, her parents Tony and Minnie are still going strong with their marriage. Being together for more than four decades has made their bond stronger than ever.

    The couple lived next house to each other and spent their childhood at Burgwerd, Friesland. Knowing each other from an age of 6, they began their relationship when Minnie turned 20 and Tony was 21. Only after 18-months of dating, the couple migrate to Canada and later got married.

    Bianca Beets' mom Minnie and dad 1tony
    The power-couple of Beets family: Tony and Minnie

    The couple stayed together despite every hurdle. Now, they are enjoying each other’s companionship while most of their children handle their family business of gold mining.

    Why Isn’t Bianca Beets on the Gold Rush?

    Unlike her sister Monica Beets and her brothers Kevin and Mike, Bianca is not on the Gold Rush. Many fans are left assuming the reason why Tony’s eldest daughter has not made it to the series.

    Upon the question of why Bianca isn’t on the Gold Rush, there seem to be two answers. Either Tony’s eldest doesn’t prefer to be in the media limelight and doesn’t enjoy popularity. Or Bianca may not be interested in the family business at all.

    We can only assume that Bianca loves her privacy and has not chosen to be in the media spotlight.

    Social Media Presence

    As mentioned earlier, Bianca seems to live her life silently. She doesn’t have a strong social media presence.

    Although we can find her account on various social media platforms, she seems not that active in any of them. We found her account on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. However, she has rarely posted any information or photos and details of herself.

    Again, we can say she loves her privacy and keeps her personal life to herself.

    What is Bianca Beets’ relationship status?

    Since Bianca is now in her 30s, fans of Gold Rush are eager on knowing what Tony’s eldest daughter’s relationship status is. Unfortunately, Bianca hasn’t disclosed any personal life details to the media.

    Unless Bianca or her existing family members come forward and say anything, there is no way of knowing anything about Bianca’s husband or children. Also, there are no reports of her having a boyfriend.

    How much is her net worth?

    As Bianca is yet to mention her source of income, it becomes pretty hard to assess her net worth.

    Regardless, her father Tony has a net worth of a whopping $15 million. He collected his fortune through his career as a miner. His additional source of income is from Discovery’s series “Gold Rush.”


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