Violet Moon Howey: Untold Truth About Sarah Shahi’s Daughter

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    Violet Moon Howey is the daughter of Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey. Both of her parents are well-known actors with dozens of acting credits under their belt. Violet is the granddaughter of Bill Howey, a film director.

    As for her parents’ married life, the two married for about eleven years before they went their separate ways in 2021. From their marital relationship, Violet also has two siblings including one twin brother.

    Well, there are always a bunch of fans eager to know about their favorite celebrity kid. Here we will discuss the journey of Violet in the limelight and her successful parents. Let’s find out more about Violet Moon Howey, Sarah Shahi’s baby girl.

    How Old is Violet Moon Howey? Her Birth Details

    The twin child of actors Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi, Violet was born on March 1, 2015, in Hollywood, California. And her age is 7 as of 2022. Her birth sign is Pisces.

    Violet Moon Howey During Time of Her Birth
    Violet Moon Along With Her Sibling & Mom

    The couple gave birth to the twins at their home in Los Angeles due to their belief in the body’s natural ability to give birth. At the time, the ‘Sex/Life’ star also said that the actress wanted to break stereotypes that women cannot give birth without doctors.

    The couple further added that the change they were experiencing due to the birth of their kids was difficult to face due to their busy schedules.

    In fact, at the time of her pregnancy, her mother was filming the CBS crime drama Person of Interest.

    Moon Struggled With Breathing at The Time of Her Birth

    According to Violet’s parents, Moon had the cord wrapped around her neck at the time of her birth which led her to struggle with breathing. Her skin was also pale. In a podcast, Steve’s then-partner revealed that she had an intuition of something similar happening. The Shameless actor further added that he was also having nightmares at that very moment.

    Later on, the doctor rubbed her feet and her first cry echoed in the hospital. Gradually, their daughter’s skin color also changed. After seeing good signs in their baby’s health, the two said they were relieved. Furthermore, Violet and Moon as her name suggest added brightness to her parent’s life after. We wish Violet a great shining future as her name.

    What Is The Meaning Behind Violet Moon?

    Moon was named after her maternal grandmother, who was from Iran. Moon is a translation of her grandmother’s name ‘Mahmonir’. Also Violet is the Latin name for ‘Love’.

    Violet Grew Up With Her Two Siblings

    Violet has an elder brother William Wolf, born in 2009. And her twin brother Knox Blue is two hours younger than her. All of them are incredibly close to each other and often make their appearances on their parents’ social media handles.

    What is Violet’s Ethnicity?

    Sarah Shahi’s daughter Violet belongs to a mixed ethnic background as her father is of Scottish descent and her mother is of Iranian and Spanish ancestry.

    All You Need To Know About Violet Moon Howey Parents

    As we have mentioned above both of her parents are quite successful in the entertainment world. Her father Steve who is of Scottish descent is famous for his descent role as Kevin Ball on the Showtime series Shameless. Starting his career with the role in the TV show Reba, the actor has appeared in a handful of movies and TV shows so far.

    As a matter of fact, if not for his passion for acting, Steve would have been a professional basketball player. In his spare time, Violet’s actor father enjoys riding his motorcycles and playing poker.

    Violet Moon Howey Is The Daughter of Mother Sarah Shahi And Father Steve Howey
    Violet’s Parents Steve and Sarah Howey.

    On the other hand, Violet Moon’s mother Sarah has also a good career as an actress. She hit the media following her role in the TV drama The L Word. In the following several years, the actress has already landed several iconic roles in on-screen projects like Fairly Legal, Person of Interest, Life, and more.

    Furthermore, in 2021, Shahi also played the main role of Billie Connelly in Sex/Life.

    Are Her Father and Mother Still Married?

    Violet Moon Howey’s father and mother first met on the set of Reba in 2004, where Steve was a regular on the show and Sarah had a cameo. During the shooting of the show, the pair fell for each other instantly. After dating for about three years, the couple engaged during their vacation in Hawaii in 2007.

    Talking about their marriage, the former couple married two years after their engagement in 2009 in Las Vegas. It was a close family event.

    However, while everything appeared to be perfect between the two, Sarah filed for a divorce in 2020 claiming irreconcilable differences as the reason behind their split. The couple finalized their divorce on January 29, 2021.

    Following their divorce, the Shameless star and her wife Sarah share joint legal and physical custody of their three kids. Later Steve was also ordered by the court to pay $305,000 to his then-wife to equally distribute their community property.

    Who Are Sarah and Steve Dating Now?

    Violet’s mother Sarah is currently in a relationship with her Australian costar from Sex/Life Adam Demos. Sarah played Adam’s love interest on the project. And they began their romantic reel love affair outside the camera too.

    As of now, we, however, don’t have any information on Violet’s father’s current relationship status. But we will surely update you once we find that information.

    The Lawsuit Against Her Parents

    Back in 2016, Steve and his wife Sarah were in the headlines for negative news. The couple’s nanny Sarah Alaseri claimed sexual and mental harassment against the duo. She further charged them with religious discrimination. Later the couple fired their nanny with allegations of criminal on her.

    But, after some time, Sarah herself dropped her case against the duo. Although the reason for case dismissal is yet to mention, it was maybe due to both parties reaching a settlement.

    Violet Moon Howey’s Net Worth

    As you know, Violet is still a child and her net worth is out of the question. But her parents have a handsome amount of wealth. Steve Howey is worth around $2 million. He also has a beautiful house in Los Angeles worth $1.8 million. He was one of the highest-paid stars in the series ‘Shameless’ charging around $1oo,oo0.

    Besides, Violet’s mother Sarah has a net worth of $3 million as of 2022. She makes around $520,000 per year.


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